Dr. Rob Davidson blames Fox News for unvaccinated patient

An emergency physician in Michigan noticed a spike in Covid-19 infections among unvaccinated patients and blamed Fox News and other conservative media outlets specifically. Dr. Rob Davidson explained his views Monday morning on CNN’s New Day after writing a column published over the weekend at NBC News’ Think’ website.

Davidson explains his experience as an emergency physician and the anger, indignation, and denial of patients when being told they have an illness that “not so long ago was the cause of death leading death in the United States”. But he doesn’t blame his patients for their refusal to vaccinate. He blamed “Fox News and other right-wing media outlets for poisoning the minds of millions of Americans with deceptive propaganda truyền they spray into the living room 24/7”.

From Him column:

A patient entered, having difficulty breathing, complaining of pain, and symptoms consistent with Covid-19. We recommend testing. Patients sometimes refuse, saying they don’t care if they have a disease that was not so long ago the leading cause of death in the United States. When we ask patients to self-isolate to prevent the spread of Covid-19, they sometimes refuse. When we tell some patients and their families about a positive Covid-19 diagnosis, the response we get too many times is anger, indignation or denial. Just a few days ago, an elderly woman came to our emergency department, refused by hospital policy to wear a mask and flatly refused – like so many people in our community – to have an injection. strains.

I don’t blame my patients for their refusal. What breaks my heart, as someone who has taken an oath to prevent harm, is that my patients choose to forgo the science and evidence that could save their lives. I blame Fox News and other right-wing media for poisoning the minds of millions of Americans with deceptive propaganda truyền they spray into the living room 24/7.

This is not just my experience. As executive director of the Health Care Defense Commission, an organization of health professionals from around the country, I hear members tell stories like this every day.

Brianna Keillar asked his guest, “Is there any particular misinformation they are citing? Or is it vague like you just described, that you ask someone, you probe their interest, and it turns out they don’t really have a particular interest? “

“It is extremely vague,” replied Dr. Davidson. “With a disease like this, we have a large number of people getting their information in so many other places, including Fox and others, which is completely against what we, as a person, are doing. are healthcare professionals, are asking them to do.”

Keilar later noted that, according to columnist Dr. Davidson, one predictor of vaccine rejection is Fox News viewership. “You also note that they should listen to their GP for medical advice, no Sean Hannity, which the researchers linked to higher infection rates. “

Davidson quoted his wife, who is also a practicing medical professional. “Listen, just like I recommend mammograms and other screening tests, if I don’t talk to you about this and then you catch it and get very sick or die, I’m going to lose sleep because it. I would feel bad about it and feel like I didn’t do my duty,” he relayed her words to Keilar.

According to the CDC, almost all Covid-19 deaths currently among the unvaccinated Americans, so they are almost All deaths are preventable.

See above via CNN.

Is there a trick we should know?

. | Dr. Rob Davidson blames Fox News for unvaccinated patient

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