Dr Fauci came under fire again for the ‘Dumbass’ advice he gave to Biden on the Omicron variant

Dr Fauci is the world record holder for stupid Covid tips that make no sense or are proven false inside month, sometimes week, sometimes dayand on rare occasions, hour.

The latest head-smasher is Biden’s core story about racist, xenophobia, a travel ban is entirely acceptable for South Africa and seven other African countries.

Biden claims Dr Fauci told him Not implement such a travel ban shortly after the first news broke about a Xi Omicron variant discovered in Botswana and then in South Africa.

“President Biden said on Friday that he delayed the implementation New ban on travel from southern Africa on the advice of his medical advisors, headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci,” NY Post report.

A reporter asked Biden why the emergency precaution was delayed until Monday, rather than immediately if Omicron poses a threat to public safety.

“Why not do it now like other countries have done?” Biden was asked in Nantucket.

“Because it was an offer from my medical team,” he replied. Dr. Fauci, Biden’s chief medical adviser, gave the president a half-hour introduction to the variant on Friday.

“We don’t know much about the variant except that it is of great interest and it seems to spread quickly – and I spent about half an hour this morning with my COVID team led by Dr Fauci and that was the decision. decisions we make. ,” Biden added.

Of course, this is not the first time that both Dr Fauci and Joe Biden have been wrong about restricting travel from countries that pose a threat from Covid – even as the future president calls his predecessor. is “xenophobic” because of such a ban.

Biden also accused Trump of being hysterical and fearful.

Biden also mocked Trump about building a wall to prevent potentially contagious immigrants from crossing the southern border, while claiming that “bans all travel from Europe – or any anywhere else in the world – won’t stop it.’

An Outkick columnist noted that “racist Trump” tended to follow the China travel ban, but not the same “racist Biden” trend that emerged after his Africa travel ban. grandfather.

Ironically, Biden also condemned Donald Trump’s “Africa ban”, which happens to be about another national security issue, not Covid.

Dr Fauci opposed the travel ban on China when Donald Trump was president, but changed his stance on policy under the Biden presidency.

“That’s going to create a lot of disruption economically and if it doesn’t and it won’t necessarily have a positive effect,” Fauci said of Trump’s proposed China travel ban at their January 24 meeting. .

As usual with Dr Fauci, he changed his tune again, giving Biden the inexplicable advice to wait to impose a travel ban on South Africa and seven countries other Africa.

“There is always the possibility of doing what the UK has done, namely blocking travel from South Africa and the countries involved,” Fauci said in an interview on Friday on CNN.

“It’s definitely something you think about and prepare to do. You are ready to do everything necessary to protect the American public. But you want to make sure there are grounds to do that,” he added.

“It is clear that as soon as we learn more information, we will make a decision as quickly as possible.”

Even if Fauci means ‘as quickly as possible’ is after one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. Not surprisingly, Fauci now think Omicron was in America

Such incompetence of the ‘experts’ is one of the reasons why the Covid pandemic continues to go on relentlessly. This is what Dr Fauci had predicted earlier, which seems like a pipe dream because of the never-ending ‘variations’.

“If things go the way we want… and we really get the majority of the population vaccinated, I think as we get into the fall and winter, we can start to really take control. Take control of this as we head into 2022,” Fauci said in an August 23 interview with NPR.

Throw that in the dustbin of history, along with the Omicron variant and all of Fauci’s other false predictions. Meanwhile, a disciple of Fauci in New York is showing the US what the confusing Covid policy looks like.

New Governor Kathy Hochul is declaring a “state of emergency” over the Omicron variant that will give her unwarranted authoritarian power, despite the fact that it is correct. there is no such case in New York. This comes after New York City essentially pretended to be Florida for a day and suspended its worthless mask, vaccine passport, and social distancing policies for the Thanksgiving Day parade. Macy’s grace. (Florida, incidentally, still has lowest Covid rate in the country despite being free.)

For his part, President Biden appears to be clueless about his own Africa travel ban.

“Biden seems to have a poor grasp of travel rules,” the Post reported. “He misrepresented the number of countries affected and said the policy would ban people from traveling ‘to and from’ within the region, although official communiques only note restrictions on travel from – but not to – southern Africa.”

“I have decided that we will be cautious and ensure that there is no travel to and from South Africa and the six other countries in that region, with the exception of US citizens who can return,” he said. Biden said.

The eight countries subject to the ban are Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

“Biden has also tried to reassure bewildered financial markets,” the Post added. “He called the sharp drop in equities over the shortened holiday weekend ‘expected’ because of previous drops following the bad news about the pandemic and said he was ‘not at all’ worried. quiet.”

It appears Biden is also taking economic advice from Dr. Fauci.

https://smartzune.com/dr-fauci-is-under-fire-again-for-dumbass-advice-he-gave-to-biden-on-omicron-variant/ Dr Fauci came under fire again for the ‘Dumbass’ advice he gave to Biden on the Omicron variant

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