Dr. Bruce Boros and six others from Florida COVID Summit Fall Sick

To hear fringe doctors gather at a horse breeding facility for COVID Summit in Florida in the first day of this month, ivermectin effective against human viruses as well as against equine worms.

“I have been taking ivermectin for 16 months, my wife and I,” announced Dr. Bruce Boros at the end of a meeting at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala. “I’ve never felt healthier in my life.”

Two days later, the 71-year-old cardiologist fell ill with COVID-19, according to the one-day meeting organizer and two others with first-hand knowledge.

The organizer, Dr John Littell, further reported to The Daily Beast that another six of the 800 to 900 participants also tested positive for COVID symptoms or developed “within a few days of the conference.” .

“People are looking at whether it’s a more super-spreading event,” said Littell.

In the next breath, he dismissed the thought with an emphatic “No”.

Littell conveniently decided that people with COVID were infected when they arrived at the summit, where there was no evidence of masks or social distancing.

“I think they got it from New York or Michigan or wherever they went,” he said. “It’s actually people flying in from other places.”

Littell added, “Everyone has responded so far to treatment with ivermectin … Bruce is doing well.”

Boros remains gravely ill at his Key West home, according to people who know him but who requested anonymity. Boros himself did not respond to phone messages and emails.

Still, Boros is concerned, there is still the question of why he was so ill in the first place if ivermectin is the miracle drug that the anti-vaccination crowd thinks it is, rather than primarily a parasite treatment. infections and lice in humans, as well as dewormers for horses. He has been taking the drug since last summer for what he describes as a personal research project.

“I hope to quickly conduct my observational study of ivermectin,” he announced in a July 28, 2020 Facebook post. “It is working where it is used around the world. .”

He went on from that falsehood to some violent MAGA nonsense:

“Fauci is a scammer – the big pharma companies are playing us for bloodsuckers. Dr. Boros. ”

His hometown newspaper reported that a post by “one of Keys’ most recognized doctors” had caused a “type 5 social media storm”.

The majority of the response was negative.

“It breaks my heart that a town like this has created something so political and obnoxious,” said Boros. Florida Keys Weekly. “What’s wrong with everyone? I just want to help patients and keep them from dying.”

He reports the use of ivermectin to a man who is battling COVID.

“Within six hours he was talking without coughing,” Boros is quoted as saying.

Health authorities say there is no evidence that the drug protects or cures COVID. The FDA and CDC warn that it can, in fact, be dangerous. The FDA famously tweeted this year: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, guys. Stop it. ”

But Boros was still so convinced of the drug’s value that he put his 97-year-old father, Carl Arfa, with himself. Then his father, logically, decided to do something proven to work against COVID: a vaccine.

“He was brainwashed,” Boros said at the conference. He recalls, “He understood. He didn’t tell me. I was very upset. I want to give him a whip. He was stabbed by both. “

Arfa contracted the virus, which officials say is still spreading because so many people refuse to get vaccinated. While the injection has been shown to prevent serious illness and death in the majority of people who become infected, Arfa – like some elderly patients or those with underlying health problems – was seriously ill with COVID.

He fought as expected of a World War II vet who received the Bronze Star with the 271st Anti-Tank Regiment of the 69th Combat Infantry Division and helped liberate a concentration camp in Leipzig. Boros continuously drove four hours from Key West to his father’s home in Boca Raton, intravenously injecting whatever he thought was best. Boros last saw him on November 1. The father finally lost his battle with the virus five days later, hours before Boros attended the summit.

“My father passed away this morning from complications of COVID,” he told the gathering.

Boros loudly wondered if he had made a mistake by forcing his father to leave the ivermectin after the stabbing.

“I feel a little guilty,” he allowed.

He was so lost in the facts that he assumed the vaccine had actually contributed to his father’s death.

“We are seeing large numbers of deaths among people who have been vaccinated, especially older people,” he said.

There is no evidence that vaccines are unsafe, but the majority of people who die from COVID today are unvaccinated. CDC data released Monday shows that unvaccinated people are six times more likely to contract COVID-19 and 14 times more likely to die than those who have been vaccinated. The CDC bluntly states that “the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective,” adding, “Millions of people in the United States have received the COVID-19 vaccine under the most intense safety scrutiny in American history. ”

But such a fact is too inconvenient for the fringe doctors who put their faith in the unproven ivermectin. The summit organizer, Littell, told The Daily Beast he has prescribed ivermectin to about 2,000 people around the country, with what he describes as good results.

“I’ve had one or two people who didn’t really respond,” he said. “Some people don’t do well with a bad virus.”

He said that all summit attendees showed up well when they arrived and when they departed. “Those who come have good conditions to travel,” he said.

But the Florida Department of Public Health in Marion County, which oversees Ocala, did not respond to a request for comment on the new cases that occurred after a meeting at an equestrian center swarming with doctors with plenty of dewormers. for horses, but no. an ounce of horse feeling.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/dr-bruce-boros-and-six-others-from-florida-covid-summit-fall-sick?source=articles&via=rss Dr. Bruce Boros and six others from Florida COVID Summit Fall Sick


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