Download Call of Duty League for MP-40 and Automaton

Present Call of Duty Tournament meta in Vanguard includes only three main weapons: MP-40, Automaton and Kar98k sniper rifle, used only in Search and Destroy.

The MP-40 is considered the most powerful weapon in the meta, as well as the most popular. Automaton is a suitable weapon for assault rifle players. On a map like Gavutu, you’ll often see up to three people on each team.

Downloading for pro players is not always the strongest setup for public matches as many attachments are restricted in the official build Call of Duty Tournament Rules or banned in unofficial Gentleman’s Agreement list. But if you’re a competitive player or want to get into the competitive scene, these are the MP-40 and Automaton feeders for you.


Screengrab via Activision
  • Muzzle: 3 . rifle brake
  • Bin: Krausnick 317mm 04B
  • Optics: Krausnick IS01M
  • Share: Krausnick folds 33m
  • Lower bin: SMLE pistol grip
  • Magazine:
  • Ammo type: Prolonged
  • Rear handle: Hard handle
  • Ability: Brace
  • Kits: Fast

Downloaded above is the setup most used among SMG players in the tournament. Shotzzy, Pred, CleanX, Neptune, etc all use this exact build.

Envoy’s setup is a bit different. Instead of Brace as his Proficiency, he uses Nerves of Steel which, at his Twitch command, gives increased accuracy and recoil when injured or suppressed.

Simp, Nastie, Nero and Bance are all using Fabric Grip as their Rear Grip, but over the weekend they noticed a noticeable bloom on LAN versus online and most have switched to Stipled Grip .


Screengrab via Activision
  • Muzzle: Stabilizer F8
  • Bin: Anastasia Sniper
  • Optics: Slab Reflection
  • Share: Zac Skeletal
  • Lower bin: Hand stop M1941
  • Magazine:
  • Ammo type: Prolonged
  • Rear handle: Fabric handle
  • Ability: Sleight of Hand
  • Kits: On hand

The upper class is run by Methodz of the Boston Breach. Unfortunately, not many major AR players have updated their Twitch commands in the last two months, so this is the only recent command I could find.

Judging from the older, still valid Twitch commands though, some players have preferred running the G28 Compensator Muzzle instead of the F8 Stabilizer, as well as the Particle Grip as their Rear Grip on Cloth Handles, Fully loaded as their Kit in place of On Hand, and Grip as their Mastery instead of Hand Vision.

FMJ is another possible option as well as your Ammo Type.

This article will be updated throughout the 2022 CDL season if and when the download for the most popular MP-40 or Automaton changes. Download Call of Duty League for MP-40 and Automaton


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