Dot Esports Global League of Legends Strength Ranking: Preseason 2022

Global League of Legends The landscape has changed a lot in just two months, with the season bringing in countless roster changes around the world. Since EDward Gaming won the Summoner’s Cup just over two months ago, the international scene League definitely changed. Whether those changes have crossed international boundaries or not, it is clear that every sector of the profession is League The scene was feeling the rippling effects of a vivid season.

From legendary players switching teams to longtime veterans creating superstar squads, the 2022 season has turned into one of the most competitive campaigns yet. League have seen. High-octane, world title lists are being assembled in every region of the globe.

To celebrate the start of the professional 2022 League season, we asked our team League Written to evaluate dozens of teams participating in competitive competitions around the world. We have ranked teams worldwide across all regions based on the strength of their roster, their previous recorded results, and the state of the global professional environment. According to the results of our assessment, we have come to a consensus and ranked the top 10 experts League teams around the world ahead of the 2022 season.

Places Team home area
first) Edward Gaming LPL
2) Geng LCK
3) T1 LCK
4) Royal Never Give Up LPL
6) LNG Esports LPL
7) Weibo Gaming LPL
8) Team Vitality LOTTERY
9) Bilibili Gaming LPL
ten) Top eSports LPL

ten)blankTop eSports

The top eSports haven’t lived up to expectations in 2021. The 2020 World Championship contenders and LPL dominance made just one change a year ago that was, in theory, supposed to increase. strengthen their weakest link in a support role. Now, the team is looking ahead after an even bigger roster overhaul.

Veterans Zoom and Tian have joined the starting lineup and are sure to elevate TES’ gameplay. The main elements of the team are once again the knight and JackeyLove. Both are LPL’s standout players in their respective roles. The mid laner ended the 2021 LPL Spring/Summer regular season in the top 5 in terms of K/DA ratio, (6.9 and 6.3). The AD carry, on the other hand, has the highest damage to champions per minute in both splits (623 and 676). With an experienced backup team, they will have the space to once again make TES a top contender in China and the rest of the world, just like in the Demacia Cup 2021, declared by the organization. dad.

9) blank Bilibili Gaming

As the transfer madness was ramping up during the season, no one expected the name Bilibili Gaming to eventually resurface as one of the winners. The organization has invested heavily in League roster by delivering a mix of fresh blood and one of the oldest names in gaming history.

Bilibili invests in top lane with a lot of potential. FoFo finished his 2021 season in Rare Atom with 5.1 K/DA across 94 games, while Breathe’s time with Team WE proved him to be a solid top laner (165 difference). gold after 10 minutes and 62.8% homicide participation rate). The team’s biggest stars — and most likely the LPL — could be the team’s new bot lane. Uzi, one of the most famous marksman in the world, and Crisp, the 2019 world champion, are names that speak for themselves. They are joining forces to guide the remaining three to become the best in the world in their respective roles, and make Bilibili a team that only a few have the courage to take on on the international stage.

8) blank Team Vitality

If teams like Cloud9 and MAD Lions – who are relatively weaker on paper than this season’s Vitality team – make it to the top eight at Worlds last season, there’s good logic behind the belief that Vitality could be top 8 team this season. Vitality’s European “fab five” are pragmatic shots to lead in a waning LEC, but international success remains the most prominent goal for a team of historic winners. With the most proven roster in the West, Vitality has the ability to stand on par with the best teams in the world. Out of those five, Perkz, Alphari, and Carzzy all led three separate teams to Worlds as recently as last year. Wherever they went, it was obvious success that followed.

7) blank Weibo Gaming

Remember when the Suning Gaming team made it to the 2020 World Finals? Then you seem to be in the minority. Was Suning hit by lightning in a bottle during that run? Sure. But if the best players are the umpire of the truth they are supposed to be, then beating the second and first seeds from the deepest region in the world as third seeds is impossible. is an accident. The only difference between 2020 and 2021 for Suning is the absence of one of the greatest supports ever to do so in SwordArt. But in 2022, Huanfeng brought his winger back. And if a rookie ADC duo and a veteran support helped get Suning to the world finals in 2020, a tougher version of that, plus the same roster (other than the replacement Bin for TheShy), properly should set the bar very high for Weibo Gaming in 2022.

6) blank LNG Esports

LNG’s 2021 campaign ended in the most dramatic way possible, with a last-minute skirmish against the MAD Lions in a life-or-defining Worlds group game that turned their season upside down in the past few weeks. fleeting moment. LNG took the lead in that game for 45 of the 46 minutes played, and it makes no sense to claim that in a multitude of alternate universes, they held on to that lead and advanced to the quarterfinals. Results aside, LNG has further enhanced its budding player pool with the signing of former JD Gaming support Lvmao and former FunPlus mid laner Phoenix Doinb. If they only make it to the top eight in 2021, the arrival of two of the pros Tournament of all the top individual talents will strengthen LNG’s position at the top of the competitive landscape by 2022.

5) blank DWG KIA

Former world champion organization DWG KIA is bringing in some new promising faces that could potentially give the team its second world title this year — something the team will almost certainly have in 2021. Though most of the team remained unchanged, but the big changes to bot lane stood out after losing both BeryL and Ghost to other teams. In their place are deokdam and Kellin, who both join Nongshim RedForce – a team that has risen to massive success in 2021, winning matches against LCK giants like DWG KIA. While we still don’t know how this new botlane will merge with the rest of the team, knowing that they’ve achieved success together before that gives a lot of hope to the fans waiting. wait for DWG KIA to once again hold the Summoner’s Cup.

4) blank Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up is back from the ruins of 2020 and the post-Uzi era. In 2021, the organization claimed its second MSI title with another win over an LCK giant. In 2018, when they won their first championship, Xiaohu was the team’s mid laner. He was back in the saddle and the team brought Bin into the 2020 world finals from Suning (now Weibo) to replace him. This team will be higher octane than ever, if possible a little less flexible. Former mid laner Cryin is a standout player, but if there’s a weakness to the team, he’s the player. Like EDG, RNG won’t try to mess with a good roster. If Bin can regain his 2020 form and the rest of the team’s consistency continues from 2021 to rise above the LPL’s continued chaos, RNG will be ready for another competition. very good year.

3)blank T1

Once again, T1 is crowned champion of not only the strongest teams in the LCK but also in the world. This iteration of the T1 roster maintains the look that made them successful in 2021, with Zeus, Oner, Faker, Gumayusi and Keria all returning to the two-time world champion team. With major changes rocking the rosters of some of the most notable LCK teams this year, T1 is boosting the roster that went far in last year’s LCK as well as at Worlds. Although the LCK competition is still fierce, especially at the top, T1 has the tools to cement a place as a driving force in the pro. League of Legends Again.

2) blank Geng

The Chovy Church has finally found its way to the promised land, and its followers now don the black and gold robes of Gen.G. The organization has always been a top contender in Korea, but it never really had an X-factor that could push them past second place. But now, it has selected one of the best players in the world. How is that for the X factor? During his time with Hanwha Life Esports, we watched the “Chovy Show” after he had to drag his team to victory on multiple occasions. But now, the protagonist may have found the perfect co-stars to share the burden of responsibility, with veteran jungler Peanut, Gen.G AD Ruler’s longtime ADC, Doran and Lehands as the solid, reliable pieces for success.

first) blank Edward Gaming

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Finally, after winning the Summoner’s Cup, EDward Gaming fans will be pleased to know the team has completed its 2021 roster well. We have seen many League teams are too ambitious looking for more success and eventually they have to make changes for the sake of change. But EDG has the best lineup in the game, as evidenced by the new hardware in their trophy case. Now, it’s time to prove last year wasn’t a fluke, and that they’re here to stay at the top of the mountain in one of the most competitive regions in the world.

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