Door of Death: How to save the game

Door of death is a dense game, filled with shortcuts, secrets, and collectibles. A thorough run of Door of death will keep players engaged for over a dozen hours.

Now then Door of death hit the Playstation and Switch stores, there will be a lot of players experience Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital’s Zelda-like the first time. However, unfamiliar players may worry about losing their hard-earned progress.

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It’s an understandable fear, especially considering how it is difficult to achieve some Door of deathShortcuts. Thankfully, the game’s save system is easy to understand and use.


Floating Door of Death

Death’s Door’s Autosaves

Like most modern games, Door of death has an automatic save system. As expected, the game will occasionally flash an icon in the corner of the screen, letting the player know that the game is being saved. As long as they don’t force close the game in the meantime, which can mess up the save, they shouldn’t have a problem.

However, there is a question as to when the game automatically saves. The most obvious example is when crossing Door of deathmain door. These not only connect the different areas of the game, but also do triple missions like respawn and save points.

Every time the player makes some obvious progress, such as upgrading spells, defeating bosses or unlock one of them Door of deathdifferent weapons, the game will also automatically save. However, keep in mind that the respawn point is still the last door the player entered, not the latest progression.

Death’s Door Manual Savings

For players who aren’t sure when their last autosave was, there’s a way to force the game to make a new save for them. Similar to Wild outside‘save system’, the player can manually initiate a save by stopping the game.

They should not do so by shutting down the playing machine or stopping the entire application. Instead, they’ll go to the pause menu and select “Back to title screen”. Before the session ends, the game will save. When the player reopens the game, they will still be on the last door they touched, but any progress they made before will still be there.

Door of death imperfectand hope that future updates will fill in some of the missing areas, but fortunately major glitches, loss of progress and unstable saves are not problems that players need worried.

Door of death Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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