Don’t Let This Anime’s Weird Title Stop You From Watching It

Princess Tutu is a 26-episode anime series made by Hal Film Maker that debuted in 2002. The show was created by Ikuko Itoh, the animation director for the original. Sailor Moon. However, Princess Tutu less known Sailor Moon despite being a powerfully written magical girl story. One of the biggest reasons for the show’s obscurity is its title, which misleads anime fans into thinking the show is a show aimed solely at a younger audience.

That’s the truth Princess Tutu, while actually focusing on a young girl in a ballet school, focuses more on gender-neutral and gender-neutral themes of free will and destiny. The main antagonist of the story, a supernatural narrator, wishes to write a tragedy in which the characters die, heartbroken, and have a miserable fate. As the characters gradually become aware of this cycle, they try to escape this fate, even if that means some of them won’t necessarily get the ending they want.


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Story versus title Princess Tutu


The anime title that pushes many viewers away also serves as the main character, who mocks the magical girl Ahiru. Unlike other magical girls, Ahiru is actually an animal that can transform from a human to a magical girl. She really is a duck and her biggest wish is to be with the prince at ballet school. Due to her true nature, she is normally very bad at ballet and only as good as princess Tutu changes her ego while using it to fight evil. In other words, Princess Tutu is not even a character in the series but a character that Ahiru can use to fight evil.

What the title cursed the show for was the expectation of childish fantasies, when Princess Tutu really tries to be a love letter to ballet and fairy tales, which can make the series quite dark and sickly. Each episode even begins with a “once upon a time” story and tells an ominous fairy tale that questions the well-being of the characters and their agency. The main ballet Princess Tutu be based on, Swan Lake, which ends with Odette dying instead of remaining as a swan after her prince falls in love with the black swan. A similar fate hangs over Ahiru’s head throughout the course of the anime, and the black swan character itself is a human being abducted by crows and brainwashed to think she’s a crow trapped in an ugly human body.

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While the program has more dancing than violence, the dark theme has lost its way to younger audiences and is loved by older anime fans who watched the film without being convinced by its title. There is a disagreement in art style with the presentation of the setting and the fact that it is ultimately a playground for a writer obsessed with unhealthy tragedy who indulges in such misfortunes. . The ending is also bittersweet, stays true to its theme and doesn’t diminish itself by pleasing the viewer.

In the end, the title makes the audience expect a typical magical girl show along with the usual clichés. Princess Tutu despite much magic girl tropes, has a well-written romance, a light color palette that doesn’t fall for stereotypical features, and indulges in long sequences of transformations. Therefore, even those who don’t like magical girl shows can appreciate it Princess Tutu.

Theme of the show

Separated image of Princess Tutu protecting Mytho, and Mytho in her princely attire.

Princess Tutu ask a lot Storytelling questions, separates narrative elements and calls into question when something is a choice and when something is forced upon a character. The themes and stories are subversive and seek to defy fate, and do so while not falling into the narrative traps that many other shows have done when it comes to the same tune. As proof of this, one of the show’s key quotes is “Those who accept their fate will find happiness; those who defy it, glory”, which puts both sides of the story. coins into the positive light.

The theme of music and dance is not so tied to the story but to the way the characters express their emotions. All music and dance is associated with fairy tales and ballet, which are at the heart of many beloved tragic stories. This is perfect for Princess Tutu, as it’s about how the characters have self-determination and whether they accept the tragic fate that was written or fight against them.

The Legacy of Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu hugs Fakir.

In addition to the show and manga, Princess Tutu had little media coverage and little recognition for its story. Anime has a cult following, one person put the anime up there with amazing magic girl like Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Many assumed that the series was perfect and that no sequel or any other media was made. The complete narrative and any other that can complicate the characters and the story. However, it’s a show that’s also not worth getting into obscurity as it’s a great modern fairy tale for audiences of all ages.

Princess Tutu about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Years later, loyal fans still cosplay the company’s characters, drawing fanart, buy the small merchandise available and watch the series from time to time. It is these fans who keep the show alive and try to get others to watch and look beyond its humble title.

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