Don’t Fire Whoopi Goldberg For Her Silent Deadly Disaster Comments, Educate Her

Above Monday afternoonWhoopi Goldberg said something It’s so stupid I can’t understand about the Jews and the Holocaust, it does spinning mind.

In a discussion on ABC See regarding the recent decision by the Tennessee School District to removed from its curriculum graphic novels Maus, it’s about the HolocaustGoldberg said that the Nazis’ murder of six million Jews was “not because of race”.

According to Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony (EGOT) -winning comedians and actors, “These are two groups of white people. This is white people doing it to white people, so you guys are going to fight each other. “

There is some rather surprising irony in the fact that Goldberg and her co-hosts are discussing Maus because this is the end of the book: “‘There is no doubt that the Jews are a race, but they are not human’ ‘- Adolf Hitler. ”

Jews will argue among themselves about whether they are a race or not, but for those who oppose it, there is not much of a question.

Following her comments and a subsequent disastrous interview on Stephen Colbert’s show, in which Goldberg focus on how the controversy has harmed herthere are some predictable call let her get fired See.

But instead of canceling Goldberg, it might be better to educate her.

First, we can start with the fact that the Holocaust was not a war between “two groups of white people”. Most (but almost not all) European Jews had “white” skin, but the Nazis certainly did not consider Jews to be white. Instead, the Nazis believed that the Jews despised the Aryan race.

That’s why they enacted the Nuremberg Laws to separate Jews from non-Jews, and to encourage Jews to migrate to Palestine. That’s why they ended up rounding up the Jews and sending them to concentration camps. And that’s why 1942 they decided on a “Final Solution” to the Jewish problem — the systematic extermination of the Jews in Europe that claimed the lives of six million people.

That is also why they killed the descendants of Jews who had converted to Christianity. For the Nazis, even a little bit of Jewish blood was grounds for rejection.

If Goldberg needed a more recent example of how the Nazis viewed Jews, she might consider the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, in which white supremacists marched through the streets and chanting “The Jews will not replace us. “Race is a social construct — and so is whiteness. And these structures consistently and ostentatiously excluded Jews.

Second, Goldberg’s words are symbolic of a disappointing Jewish confusion – that somehow our white skin makes us uncomfortable and favors us.

In the US, the fact that Jews are considered white can give us certain cultural and social benefits for people of color. But the American Jewish experience is not the norm for Diaspora Jews, and increasingly, we are being attacked by dissident violence. Jews represent 2 percent of the American population, but we are victims of what the FBI classifies as nearly 60% of all religion-based hate crimes. Last month a man held worshipers in a Texas Synagogue hostage. This weekend in Orlando, Florida, two dozen neo-Nazis stomped on the Israeli flag, shouted profanity and saluted Heil Hitler—And the state’s Republican governor has so far refused to condemn it.

As a Jew, I consider myself “white,” which means I enjoy many of the benefits of white skin, but, in the American white hierarchy, I’m closer to the bottom than the top. together.

Indeed, one of the ironies about the Jewish experience in pre-fascist Germany is that many German Jews believed that if they integrated into German society, they would be protected from anti-Semitism violence. Nazi.

Finally, not emphasized in Goldberg’s comment is the view that the Jews see us first and foremost as a religious group. If you asked 10 Jews how we define ourselves, you would probably get 11 answers. But many Jews, especially those who are not religious, will use the term Am Yisreal, which means the nation of Israel, or the Jewish people, and one nation among all the others. .

The enemies of the Jews did not distinguish between these types. It wouldn’t matter if my father only stepped foot into the synagogue under threat of coercion or that my grandfather taught himself Greek so he could read the Septuagint (one of the earliest translations of the Hebrew Bible) different from Nazi Germany. They will still send them both to the gas chamber.

So should Goldberg be fired for saying stupid and insensitive things?

I could argue in favor of that if she was the exception to the rule. But lack of knowledge about the Holocaust and about the Jews is a society-wide problem. It’s amazingly popular even among famous artists like Goldberg, who in the past have been — and I’m kidding you not—define yourself as a “Jewish-American princess.”

Mistakes of this kind happen all the time and are often the fault of people, including cultural icons like Goldberg, who should have known better.

Honestly, it would have been better for Goldberg to take the time to educate himself on these issues — and use his forums. See to educate her viewers. Indeed, today the show brought in Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the Anti-Defamation League, to explain, in part, what Goldberg went wrong.

The dismissal of Goldberg will provide her critics with a glimpse of moral superiority, but it won’t help American Jews or enlighten those who hold their own. Jews, like Goldberg, are shrouded in misinformation.

The response to stupidity doesn’t always need to be undone—sometimes it can and should be educated. Don’t Fire Whoopi Goldberg For Her Silent Deadly Disaster Comments, Educate Her


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