Donald Trump supporters will love the new anti-Biden fantasy film My Son Hunter

Hunter Biden’s life has made it to the big screen — or at least the computer screens of anyone willing to pay $21.99 to watch My son hunter, a dramatization of the president’s son’s shady dealings and drug abuse, was released on Wednesday. distributed by Breitbart, My son hunter is probably the best conservative film to come out of the right-wing media in recent memory.

That does not mean My son hunter all is well.

Despite having a plethora of dirty deals to work with, the film focuses more on dropping references to Biden mini-scandals that had no impact outside the conservative media bubble than telling a compelling story.

Still, it seems destined to be a hit among Donald Trump’s supporters. The ex-president has already endorsed producer Phelim McAleer’s earlier play on the FBI’s Russia probe, praising McAleer’s work in a nearly hour-long meeting at the White House in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak.

My son hunter makes it clear early on how deep she’s delved into anti-Biden lore. The film begins with Joe Biden swimming in a pool next to a Secret Service agent played by former action star Gina Carano, who ended up making movies like this after being booted The Mandalorian. That appears to be a reference to a long-forgotten eight-year-old claim that Joe Biden swam naked in the presence of female Secret Service agents. And then this surrogate Biden, who embodies the most vicious image of the President in right-wing media, embodies deep on Carano’s hair.

Aside from the pool scenes, the actual main plot begins with a TV crew interviewing two left-wing anti-fascist activists. One of those antifas, a woman named Grace, is leaving the protest to go to her job as a sex worker (and a connection to Hunter Biden), but not before her friend convinces her to delete footage of antifas beating up Trump supporters .

“I think I have a viral video,” Grace says. “I’m trending!”

“You see, most people are too ignorant to understand complex moral issues,” says the friend. “Some things you have to hold back for their own good.”

This line is subtle compared to those to come. In a lengthy gag, one of Hunter’s procurers explains her pronouns before introducing the next stripper. Later, after making sure revelations about his dealings are dismissed as Russian disinformation, Hunter cheers.

“It’s going to be an absolute ‘Orange Man Bad!'” he exclaims with delight.

Right-wing British actor Laurence Fox plays Hunter’s drug excesses with a kind of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Madness, introduces himself with happy eyes and declares it’s “time for a damn party”. The film even features a cartoon of Hunter’s heart beating faster while snorting cocaine.

“My brother would never have fucked my Woman,” Fox moans at one point, referring to Hunter Biden’s relationship with his late brother’s widow.

Acting elsewhere is worse. The film was shot in Serbia for its Ukraine-like terrain and access to beautiful women, according to the filmmakers, and several actors appear to have dubbed their lines in English.

John James, the actor who plays Joe Biden, would be more impressive if you didn’t know he was supposed to be playing Joe Biden. As reviewer Ben Sixsmith notes on the Conservative ViewersIt’s not clear if James knows how Biden acts. Instead, he plays Biden like some sort of late-era sinister Kelsey Grammer character, snarling at Hunter to bring it together.

“What idiot forgets to pick up his laptop from a repair shop?” the elder Biden fumes and only gets more angry when he discovers his son has lost more than one laptop.

in other moments My son hunter goes for the cheapest laugh possible. A crack-mad hunter whose real-life analogue has spoken about his struggles with drug addiction takes advice from a talking dog. The film version of Joe Biden is prone to unfortunate propositions, like interrogating his son about the contents of his laptop.

“I need to know everything about this laptop that can ruin mine erection‘ says the film version of Joe Biden, complete with a ‘Boing’ sound effect.

The film draws on Hunter Biden’s real-life legal troubles. The president’s critics have questioned his son’s dealings with companies in Ukraine and China. Hunter Biden is currently facing a reported federal investigation into those deals and other aspects of his finances.

The film version of Hunter tells this life story of the likeable Antifa sex worker Grace in the posh Chateau Marmont. An endless stream of Ukrainian and Chinese businessmen strike shady deals while elder Biden takes a stake. While the film sacrifices its narrative to detail every foreign business venture the younger Biden was involved in, it seems to sacrifice some accuracy – a murderous Biden associate in Ukraine named Ivan Dollarevsky, for example, appears to be entirely fabricated .

Biden’s alleged corruption is underscored by the film’s supporting characters, such as Carano’s Secret Service agent and a security guard named Tyrone, who hates mainstream media and hates Biden, who quips that he’s the “black face of white supremacy.” Like Hunter Biden, they frequently address the camera directly when Carano’s character says she could be jailed for spilling the beans on the Biden family.

“I might even get canceled,” says Carano’s character.

At the end, Tyrone gives Grace secret footage of Hunter ranting about his crimes. She tries to pass them on to a reporter Washington Post who is inexplicably typing on a typewriter and dressed as if reporting in the 1940s, complete with fedora.

However, instead of pursuing her story, the reporter declines the offer, fearing the story could undermine Biden’s presidential campaign. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani swoops in via direct message to save the day, ensure the Bidens are brought to justice and re-elect Trump. Hunter is arrested in his bathrobe.

Unfortunately for My son hunterTurns out, for the likely audience, Trump’s re-election is all in Grace’s imagination. When she realizes that Biden is President, she must consider what it means to live in a world where Hunter Biden’s laptop hasn’t changed the course of history.

“Perhaps in the end the truth itself has become a fairy tale,” she muses.

The most interesting story about My son hunter could be what happened behind the cameras. According to the filmmakers, a Hunter Biden lawyer and his associates infiltrated the set, claiming to be producing a documentary, which shot much of the production in Serbia. That means there could be more content for Hunter Biden, this time from his perspective. Donald Trump supporters will love the new anti-Biden fantasy film My Son Hunter


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