Does Warzone Pacific Season 2 have a Weapon Meta?

With the new update rolling out today, gamers want to know exactly what’s changed and if there’s a new Warzone meta to follow in Pacific Season 2.

The patch notes released today by developers Raven Software confirms some drastic changes have been made in the game. Not only are new weapons added to the official arsenal for use on Rebirth Island and Caldera, but gamers will notice that many of the most popular weapons have been tweaked.

As confirmed by Raven in the patch notes, Attributes can be increased and detrimental, or decreased and beneficial.

And when trying to follow through with all the changes, you should focus on “deny” or “above” language. “Bottom up” will always indicate a negative impact, while “top down” will always be a positive.

Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone | Game trailer part two



Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone | Game trailer part two





It has been confirmed that all Pioneer Weapons have had their ballistics behavior adjusted to better match the MW and BOCW Weapons. And then there are plenty of other changes listed in today’s Warzone patch notes that cover most weapons. And while we can’t say for sure if anyone will be demoted in the official meta, we can offer a few caveats.

The K98K, one of the top weapons and reload options for Caldera, has been tweaked. Talking about the change that reduces ADS Speed ​​to 0.455, down from 0.29, Raven explained to fans: “There are two parts that include Kar98k’s Stats (VG): Basic Weapons and Optics.

“In the case of Kar98k (VG), most of its ADS Speed ​​stat comes from Optics. “We decided to take that ADS Speed ​​and spread it out more evenly among its Attachments. The result is a more consistent ADS Speed ​​range that won’t vary unduly depending on the Optic alone. When considering the changes made to Optics and other Attachments, this resulted in an increase in Kar98k (VG) ADS speed. ”

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Other notable changes include adjustments made to incendiary ammunition, a type of ammunition found only on Vanguard weapons. Raven has confirmed that Base Burn Damage has been reduced to six, down from nine, while Damage is reduced by 10% (3% for Sniper Rifles). This is an area where Raven is expected to reduce usage, telling fans today: “Trading Damage Now for Damage Later will have many players still equipped with the Incendiary wondering at where why do they lose an even battle or gain a little bit more.

“For now, Incendiary will provide a niche use for specific Weapons where shots are fired continuously or fired without return. Players with above-average goals will want to find a new Ammo to lock and load. ”

There are also new guns to use, which could help shape the way the Warzone Season 2 meta evolves. They can be listed below and are all free guns that can be unlocked through Battle Pass.

KG M40: Assault Rifle (VG) – Workhorse Assault Rifle. Naturally stable and precise. Unlocked at Level 15
The Whitley: Light Machine Gun (VG) – Heavy, bulky but consistent long-range machine gun. – Unlocked at Tier 31.

Both guns have the potential to change the meta dramatically, but we’ll have to wait a few more days until there’s concrete evidence of what could be the next meta weapon. Meanwhile, the Swiss K31 appears to be intact, although that depends on the type of attachment you use.

Other changes include Light Machine Gun Charlie having a slight stat reduction, while Sub Machine Gun Charlie sees its maximum damage range drastically reduced from 422, down from 473. These effects are expected to increase up and may cause the MP40 to drop. list for other options.

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