Doctor Stuns CNN By Delivering ‘Bad’ News: Omicron ‘Mostly Mild,’ No ‘Red Flags’

CNN has invited Dr Salim Abdool Karim, a South African physician, to discuss the latest medical information on the Omicron variant, which is being used to justify increasingly stringent government mandates and embargoes in many countries that were once not free.

Omicron’s impact on patients has been “mostly mild” so far, but there could be “severe” cases later, the doctor said.

CNN host Brianna Keilar began by asking her doctor about Omicron’s transmissibility. In a sign that “experts” have abandoned “vaccine-blocking” variants like Delta and Omicron, she tacitly admitted that they are not “effective” against these mutations.

“Is this more contagious and do you see it evading the vaccine?” Keilar asked.

“Yes,” replied Dr. Karim. “When we look at the virus itself, it has some mutations that make it capable of transmitting faster, but of course we need to know if it is doing so. So now, looking at the epidemiological data, we’ve compared the previous three waves and their rate of increase during the first seven days after the wave threshold. And what we have found is that the Omicron variant is doubling faster than any of the previous three waves.”

The growing problems with this for extremists in blocking passports and vaccines are manifold: First, the potential for transmission is higher, with “mild” symptoms, which means there is likely to be a rapid increase in previous Covid cases. This has the potential to exponentially increase natural immunity, which is being demonstrated in states that have experienced a third wave from the Delta variant (e.g. southern states like Florida).

Second, vaccines are once again recognized Not prevent the spread (CNN calls these ‘evasion’, but it may be more appropriate to call them ‘vectors’ for variations). This means that the “mission” and “passport” of the vaccine are debated. And if symptoms continue to be less severe, the argument for reducing hospitalizations (people may remember “15 days to slow the spread”), then public health reasons for The extreme response policies of Covid will disappear.

“And we’re hearing, of course we’re concerned about the possibility of transmission, we want to know how serious it is, and there are some South African scientists saying that the breath doesn’t really seem to be problem for infected patients. Is that what you are seeing? Can you explain this?” Keilar asked breathlessly.

“So we have two data sources,” he replied. “The first is anecdotal data from our doctors on the front lines. I talked to the president of our medical association, she collects this data from all the doctors, and basically what they’re telling us at this stage is the cases say generally mild, seems to be a little more in younger people. age group, but the presentation was essentially the same as that of the patients in the previous episodes”.

“Now, one has to be very careful in over-interpreting that, because it’s still very early, in severe cases it usually takes longer, they happen by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week, so it is possible that severe cases will occur later. , but certainly at this stage, with the data that we’re seeing on these reports, there’s no red flag,” he added.

Dr. Karim then solved report on children affected and confused many parents. It should be noted that the mainstream media had previously exaggerated such reports about the Delta variant, then proved wrong.

“The second is the data we get from our admissions database,” he said. “There’s a bit of a delay now, so it’s running a few days behind, and what we saw early on was we saw an increase in hospitalizations in children under the age of 5. is now compensated in that it may have been just an initial aberration. It is now easing and perhaps the admitted rate has now corrected itself. “

“It is also entirely possible, because schools have opened and preschools have been opened, we may have seen those cases emerge. But even the children admitted to the hospital mostly had mild conditions. So no – we didn’t have many serious cases. But again, I want to be cautious, we’ve only known about this for a week so it’s still early days,” he said.

“So most of the cases are mild. Have there been any serious cases in children? What can you tell us about that?” she asked.

“Yes, we have seen some severe cases in children. We will expect to see that. ICUs have reported hospitalizations of children and adults, so we are seeing severe cases, but it’s very different from previous waves in that in previous waves there was this cataclysm and we were becomes overcrowded because only so many patients arrive early. above. Although this virus is spreading faster, we are not seeing the same initial pressure. Part of this may be due to the vaccine and some may be due to the actual clinical features of the virus itself. So I think it’s a mixed bag.”

One of the interesting final points is that even when the symptoms of the Omicron variant were acknowledged to be “generally mild”, the doctor stated that “natural infection” did not seem to prevent “reinfection”. “.

“What could be of concern is regarding whether a vaccine will work against it, and what we have seen in the latest information available from our National Institute of Infectious Diseases is that we are seeing an increase in reinfection, so there was an initial analysis from one of our centers… that looked at rates of reinfection with new infections and what we’re seeing with omicrons is an increase increased re-infection. ” he said.

“The ratio is 2.4, which is higher than what we’ve seen in our previous batches,” he added. “Now, we expect some increase because we’ve had more infections before, but this increase is out of range, so that means it’s like a natural infection. in the past does not appear to be protected to any appreciable degree from Omicron infection. On the vaccine side, we really don’t have the data yet. That will still happen. We are seeing breakthrough infections in vaccinated people, but so far they are mild. But I don’t want to do too much on that, there are still too few cases to make any comment.”

So there is no data to prove that innate immunity does not reduce symptom severity due to Omicron, but it can be speculated that it does prevent reinfection (whatever that means – Natural immunity, like immunization immunity, means the body’s ability to fight infection)? It is a known fact that the first Omicron patients discovered were “fully vaccinated” and a large number of Omicron patients were among those vaccinated.

There is no basis for hysteria. But since this is CNN, a state propaganda network, alarmists are raising hopes. Doctor Stuns CNN By Delivering ‘Bad’ News: Omicron ‘Mostly Mild,’ No ‘Red Flags’

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