Doctor Strange 2 needs to give this character due date

A key part of Stephen Strange’s story, Mordo was influential in defeating Dormammu, Kaecilius, and making Strange the best wizard that ever lived. However, his roles in the movies are pretty small compared to the massive impact he’s had in Marvel Comics. The first installment offers some brief insight into how Mordo became a close ally of the Ancient One, but the depth of his MCU character pales when stacked up against the original version. His is present in the comics.


Even though he was Strange’s ally in the first Sorcerer Supreme movie, the two actually had a bitter rivalry in the comics that resulted in Mordo turning to the dark side. Mordo abandoned the Ancient One after realizing Strange had become a pupil of the new star, and eventually, Mordo began to study black magic under his grandfather’s tutelage. After some time, Mordo attempted to take the Ancient One’s life, but was defeated by Strange, which was only the first of many battles between the two witches.

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Mordo banished Strange to another dimension, stole his body, and teamed up with other villains in a fight that competed with Strange in the comics, making him his biggest rival. witch. So far, a glimpse of Mordo’s bad side in the MCU has been seen in the original Doctor Strange’s post-credits scene, where he asserts the problem with the world is that there are too many witches out there. This heavily implies that Mordo will continue to kill a witch to try and shape the world in a way he sees fit, closely mirroring his actions. villains like Thanos, who believe they know what’s best for the good of the universe.

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Mordo has been confirmed to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is set to take place after the events of Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home. In the comics, Mordo confronted Strange after he and Peter got involved in a timeline-related incident, much like the Spider-Sorcerer duo would face in the comics. There is no way home. This could mean that Marvel is finally gearing up to turn Mordo into the villain he used to be in the comics, which would spell trouble for Strange in the upcoming sequel. Given the fact that MCU Mordo believes that too many wizards in the world are using their powers for the wrong reasons, it’s safe to assume the catastrophic magical catastrophe in There is no way home would fool Mordo and make him see Strange as someone who doesn’t care about his magic.

Strange is arguably one of the most powerful characters in the current MCU, so giving Mordo the chance to become a villain will certainly make the conflict more intense in the future. Fans already know it Wanda Maximoff will join forces with Strange in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessand as of right now, she’s one of the only Marvel characters that can help Strange make money. Given the fact that Mordo is a wizard of equal strength and even more magical experience than the two of them combined, he would make a worthy opponent for Wanda and Strange.

Mordo is MIA since Sorcerer Supreme was released in 2016 and he certainly didn’t play well during his absence. Fans have seen him stripping power from Pangborn, the Ancient One’s old Kamar-Taj patient, in post-production, but it’s unclear what Mordo did with the magic he regained. Perhaps he was hunting down others with magic and then using it to power his own magic, or maybe he was studying the art of black magic as he did in comic. Either way, his reappearance as a villain is sure to shock Strange.

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Although his character will back as a villainMordo’s new role in the MCU will give him an opportunity to be as important to the plot of the movies as it is to the plot of the comics. He plays a huge role in Doctor Strange’s story, so skipping that part of their relationship would be wasted potential and missed out on a huge part of their journey to becoming the greatest wizard of all time. Strange lived.

There are theories that Mordo won’t really become a villain, but based on his actions in the first film and his history in the comics, it doesn’t seem like Marvel will pass up the opportunity for him and Strange to usurp their throne from page to screen. wide. There is still much to come Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in theaters, but things don’t look good for Strange going forward. Now one of the MCU’s focal heroes, Strange will have plenty of challenges ahead of him before his time is up.

Doctor Strange 2 is set for release in 2022.

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