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In the universe of Dragon ageMaker is the name of the god Chantry and its Andrastians believe in. Chant of Light. It is believed that the Creator is almighty and created everything from mortals to souls, as well as the world and the Fade.

In Dragon age‘S Chantry, it is believed that the Maker has turned his back on his creations and will be of no help until humanity proves they are worthy of his affections once again. Therefore, spreading the Light of Light and getting all the people in Thedas to believe in the Creator is a priority for the followers of the religion. However, there are many questions that arise as to what the Creator might really be, or whether there is more to this almighty god than what is pleasing to the eye.


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What The Chantry believes about The Maker

Inside a Chantry.

According to Chant of Light, the first world that the Creator was Fade and his first children were souls he had created in his own image. However, in the end, the Manufacturer abandoned these creations because they lacked soul and could only imitate whatever they saw. The Maker’s second world is Thedas and its inhabitants (although Chantry believes the dwarves are not among his creations). He separates it from Fade by creating Veil.

It was believed that the spirits were jealous of the Creator’s love for humanity, so they tricked the humans into believing in the old gods instead of the Creator. This act became known as the “Original Sin” and it caused him to create the Old Gods who imprisoned them underground and abandoned humanity. He left mine golden city, leading to the Second Sin, when the directors of the Tevinter Imperium used the knowledge given to them by the Old Gods to storm the Golden City. Their actions turned the city black and created Darkspawn.

The Maker fell in love with a mortal woman, a human named Andraste. He asks her to come to his side, but instead she expects him to draw her attention back to humanity. In his name, she took the lead Magnificent March but ended up being betrayed by her husband and burned alive. This betrayal caused the Creator to turn his back on mankind once again.

Chantry continues Andraste’s mission to make the Creator fall in love with humanity again, believing he would do the same if they could. people in Thedas believe in the Bible. However, they believe that the Creator has kept an eye on true believers and brought them to his side when they died. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the Creator, when they die, their souls are trapped wandering in the Fade forever.

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Doubts about The Maker

Statue of Andraste in Chantry.

While the Chant of Light is the dominant religion in Thedas, there are many who do not believe it. Elves, quanri and human tribe have their own gods and do not want to give up their beliefs, traditions and culture for the Chant of Light. Chantry only made their enemies more bitter by trying to stage the Religious Parades, a religious crusade against groups as diverse as elves and qunari.

In Dragon Age: Awakening, the player can talk to the spirit, Justice, and he mentions that the spirits have no idea if the Creator is real, while the devil doesn’t care. He also theorized that some souls may only believe in the Creator because they have seen him in human dreams. Many demons have claimed the Creator is a lie and that there is no Golden City, although it is impossible to distinguish what is true from what is false to the devil.

Of course, the biggest doubts are fact player of Dragon age. Throughout the games and books, at least most fans believe that Chantry’s version of Maker isn’t real. This is especially so since it is revealed in Trespasser that it was Solas who created the Curtain separating Fade from Thedas, not Maker.

The Maker Theories

Andraste meets the Producer.

There are many theories about what the Creator is, his story, and his motives. One popular theory is that the Visitor of Andraste was just a spirit of the Faith (as it would be attracted to her because she prayed often). It’s also possible that the Maker still exists, and Andraste has just met a spirit posing as him in order to gain adoration. Others believe Andraste has never come into contact with a spirit or Creator and is in fact an Old God Baby like Kieran since she was born the same year Dumat was killed in the First Blight.

Some fans believe that Maker can be like a piece of Eldritch horror, something too ancient to be understood, and that it wants Chant of Light to spread so it can become more and more popular. more power. According to that theory, fans have come to believe that Golden City is not his throne, but a prison from which he escaped. Another idea fans have is Evanuris that Solas is trapped in Fade could have contacted Andraste, and made her believe they were the Makers.

To protect Maker is real, many fans turn to events of Dragon Age: Origins in the quest Urn of Sacred Ashes. Much of what happened during that mission seems to support the fact that Andraste saw the Maker, and that the Maker was indeed real. However, Tevinter believes that Andraste is a real magiciansupports another theory: That everything that happens in the temple is from powerful magic.

According to many theories, most believe that BioWare will not take any stance when it comes to Maker. In the past, game developers have mentioned that the Generator will never be shown as completely right or wrong. However, there is always a small chance that they might change their mind.

Dragon Age 4 is in the process of development.

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