Directors who helped make great games

Just because someone is a genius in one creative field doesn’t mean the same magic will work in another medium. Video games and movies are completely different ball games. However, the filmmakers listed below manage to make some great contributions to famous video games.

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That doesn’t mean they were coding and coding full-time, but their ideas and active involvement helped make these games what they are. Some of these directors have popularized their love of gaming throughout their careers, while others will surprise readers when they find out who was involved in which games.


8th Trey Parker and Matt Stone – South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park Games existed before this 2014 RPG, but they were often mocked by critics. With The Stick of Truth, the developers made sure to capture the heart of the show with a near-endless tribute to their best jokes and episodes. Trey Parker and Matt Stone South Parks Creators were involved in many aspects of the production, including writing and voice acting.

What’s more, the whole project started because Trey Parker contacted developer Obsidian with the idea of ​​making a game together. The game not only feels like the show, but is an interesting and short RPG experience.

7 Josef Fares – It takes two

Many people reading this may only know Josef Fares for his games like A way out and It takes two. Before founding Hazelight Studios and filming two co-op adventures, Fares had a long career directing films in Sweden. A way out is a deeply cinematic experience, so it makes sense that a director designed it.

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It takes two has a greater focus on optional environmental interactions and a variety of new and interesting gameplay mechanics with each chapter, making it feel more like something only possible in games.

6 Vin Diesel – The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

Vin Diesel’s love of games and science fiction is well documented. When it came time to create a game based on his popular character Riddick, Tigon Studios, a company founded by Vin Diesel, took on the project in partnership with Starbreeze. At a time when most movie-based games have been universally panned, Escape from Butcher Bay actually impressed both fans and reviewers.

The first-person game relies on stealth instead of bombastic action. Upon release in 2004, the graphics were impressive for the time and the slow-paced gameplay was unique to the genre, especially when it came to consoles.

5 Spike Lee-NBA 2K16

Basketball fans will play basketball games. Everyone else will largely ignore it. NBA 2K16 but might have gotten a few more people on board when it introduced a story mode written and directed by Spike Lee, who is famous for both classics and movies She must have it and do the right thing.

Even if someone is unfamiliar with the sport, putting characters with motivations in the middle will encourage many to see it through to the end. The game received mostly rave reviews, and the story mode was largely approved.

4 John Woo – chokehold

If anyone were to name some of the best Hong Kong action movies, some of them would probably have been directed by John Woo. One of his most famous films is Hard boiled, with Chow Yun Fat. In 2007, Midway released a video game sequel called stranglehold in association with Tiger Hill Entertainment.

John Woo served as a producer on the third-person shooter and also lends a voice to one of the characters. True to the original film, stranglehold is a marathon of shooting galleries and contains highly destructible environments.

3 John Carpenter – FEAR 3

Unlike the previous two games in the franchise, FEAR 3 focuses on slightly asymmetrical cooperative gameplay. One player controls like a traditional FPS while the other is able to own enemies.

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It sacrifices the horrors of the first two entries for a greater emphasis on action. Despite this, the developers tapped into the master of terror, John Carpenter, to direct the game’s cinematics. Carpenter made classics like Halloween, the thing, you liveand Escape from New York.

2 JT Petty – Survival

Inspired by the found footage horror craze, Survive makes good use of night vision and its VHS aesthetic to amplify the scares.

The game was written by JT Petty, who has a number of horror films under his belt. His most interesting work is S&Man, a documentary about underground horror that also meddles with a fictional subplot about the genre, making it a part of the genre it explores. Happily, Surviveis entirely fictitious, although even knowing this won’t help some people fall asleep at night.

1 Steven Spielberg – Medal of Honor

You don’t have to be a movie lover to know the name Steven Spielberg. He has numerous classics under his belt, including ET and The soldier James Ryan. Considering the latter, it only makes sense that he came up with the idea Medal of Honor and helped develop his story.

The idea was to use a video game to educate young gamers about WWII. There are few quality first person shooters on the original PlayStation and Medal of Honor is perhaps the most notable. The game spawned a franchise, including a reboot, set in 21st-century Afghanistan.

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