Digimon Survive News, Gameplay Q&A reveal details similar to Persona

Bandai Namco held a Q&A with Digimon game maker Kazumasa Habu at Digicon 2022 on February 27 (26 EST) and the first segment focused on Digimon Survive game with a trailer and a lot of details, revealing quite a lot Shin megami tensei (or Persona) game.

Digimon Survive New Game Details Revealed During Digimon Con 2022 Q&A With Kazumasa Habu

As we have known for many years now, Digimon Survive is a darkness Digimon game for adult fans. We’ve learned a lot more about the game now, most notably about the gameplay, story chapters and different endings, difficulty, New Game+, and tactical RPG battle system .

Digimon Survive will be released soon, please wait “just a little longer” said the manufacturer

Kazumasa Habu explained that although he couldn’t announce a release date yet, after moving to the new development team, Digimon Survive is getting closer and closer to completion. It is expected to take longer for the release date as adjustments are still being made internally. Kazusama Habu apologized numerous times for the delay and asked fans to wait “just a little longer”.

New Digimon Survive Trailer Coming Soon

The new trailer was shown at the beginning of the Q&A, but has yet to be officially uploaded. The trailer introduced the entire main cast and showed off some new gameplay. We’ll update this story with a trailer as soon as it becomes available.

Supported Digimon Survive Release Languages ​​and Platforms

PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Steam are the release platforms of Digimon Survive. Then in the Q&A, outside Surviving waves , it has been confirmed that the game will be localized in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. (Bandai Namco was announced these languages ​​in 2018 but it has been reconfirmed now). Many other languages ​​are also being considered. This is thanks to feedback from unsatisfied fans that Cybersleuth Only translated into English.

Fall of Babylon | Combat 101 . Trailer



Fall of Babylon | Combat 101 . Trailer






Digimon Survive is part text, part strategy, new storylines

Digimon Survive Set in a world where Digimon are not yet digital but are actually awesome monsters.

Digimon Survive is about 70% text adventure and 30% tactical RPG battle. The game progresses through conversations, moving around the map, and investigating the setting and environment just like in a typical Japanese ADV game (Bugs Explosion Eve, Attorney Ace, Danganronpa).

There are 12 chapters in Digimon Survive, and each is split between Free Exploration and Exploration. Free Expedition allows you to select destinations on the map and your time is limited. Every time you talk to someone or trigger an event, time will pass, like in many ADV games and similar combo games like Sakura Taisen. It is quite similar to Social Link in Persona for a prime example.

During Free Exploration, you can increase Intimacy with characters, and gain new items and Specifications. Friends with a high degree of intimacy will also help you in the Free Battles.

Finally, you can also look through your phone’s camera to see things that are invisible to the naked eye.

Lines branching out in the story and the secret ending

Digimon Survive There are 12 chapters, and the story branches into 3 lines starting from chapter 8: “Moral”, “Harmony”, “Rage”. When you complete any of the three, a new fourth secret route will appear. Again, it looks like the Legally Neutral Chaos lines of Shin megami tensei.

Digimon Survive tactical RPG gameplay explained

Digimon Survive uses a tactical RPG system similar to Goblin Tactics, Final Fantasy Tacticsand coming Triangle Strategy. This means that the direction your character is facing is just as important as the altitude of the terrain.

You can choose up to ten units to deploy in each battle. Battles are turn-based, with the order determined by unit speed.

Each Digimon has different mobility and can only overcome certain heights up to a limit. Each Technique they can use has a different scope. Damage dealt varies depending on whether it’s a side or rear attack, height, etc. That’s typical. Goblin Tactics small items.

Your monster can use SP to Digivolve in battle into previously unlocked forms. When a monster is decomposed, it will continuously consume SP each turn. They will regenerate SP every turn if they are in their base form. You can also recover SP by talking to friends or using items. SP management is vital.

Difficult Mode in Digimon Survive

There are four different difficulty levels that you can choose in battle: Hard, Normal, Easy, Very Easy.

How long does it take to beat Digimon Survive, official answer from the manufacturer Kazumasa Habu

Kazumasa Habu explains that it will take about 40 hours to complete a route and 80 to 100 hours to complete all routes and remove all of the optional, challenging content of Digimon Survive. Those estimates will change if you skip dialogues or use the turbo feature in battle.

Digimon Survive: How many monsters there are, how to recruit new monsters and unlock new monsters

There are different Digimons, from the original toy to Digimon Pendulum appear in Surviving waves. Mostly people who look like wild animals to match the theme of the game. There will be 113 monsters in total, including monsters.

During the Free Battles, you can use Chat to talk to monsters. If you choose the right dialogue options, you can recruit them, just like in Shin megami tensei. You can unlock digivolutions for monsters by finding specific items.

For the main characters’ monster partners, you unlock new spells through events. The destination of the spins depends on the Karmic point, depending on the choices you make in the dialogues with the characters. You won’t be able to unlock all the changes in one playthrough. These digivolution unlock events appear to be very similar to the individual awakening scenes in Persona 5, as illustrated here with Aoi saying “I want power!!” with a frenzied expression.

New Game + in Digimon Survive explained

After completing the game once, you will continue in New Game Plus:

  • Monster Level
  • Unlocked digivolutions
  • Items and equipment
  • The wild monsters you have obtained

Special Dungeons of high difficulty appear in New Game+ and contain high rewards, such as powerful skill equipment not found in the main story.

About the anime cutscenes in Digimon Survive, and if the game is fully voiced

The game has no anime cutscenes beyond the prologue and it is not fully voiced. The main story is only partially voiced.

There are no multiplayer games in Digimon Survive

No online multiplayer or cooperative battles Digimon Survive. It’s a completely single player game.

Those are all new details for Digimon Survive. Digimon Digicon 2022 stream with Q&A section included below. Your thoughts on all that’s new Digimon Survive detail? Let me know in the comments below!

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