Digimon Survive: How to get WarGreymon

As well as being incredibly powerful, WarGreymon is one of the few reliable sources of Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive.

Given that it’s one of Agumon’s three possible Mega forms Digimon survive, many players will likely be fairly familiar with WarGreymon long before they encounter it in Free Battle. That doesn’t mean they should avoid it if they do though, as engaging WarGreymon in conversation can be useful Digimon survive players in different ways.

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First and foremost, WarGreymon is one of the most powerful Digimon in digimon survive, and having an already evolved one on hand can sometimes be a lot more useful than having Agumon. WarGreymon is also one of the few reliable sources of Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs in the entire game, making it a great Digimon to encounter if you have Ultimate Digimon to spare to evolve.


How to befriend WarGreymon in Digimon Survive

WarGraymon is one of the most difficult Digimon to befriend Digimon survive due to the fact that players can only score a single point for each of his questions and statements. This means they have to react perfectly to end the conversation with the bar half-filled over the Digimon’s head. It’s definitely worth it though, as not only is WarGreymon incredibly powerful, but it will also hand over Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs when asked for an item.

The best WarGreymon reactions are a little hard to predict as there aren’t too many patterns that players can spot. However, they should refrain from choosing confrontational answers, as this would completely ruin their chances of befriending the powerful Agumon Digivolution. With that in mind, they should probably check out the best WarGreymon answers in the table below just to make sure they don’t miss anything.

question / statement best answer
I don’t want to do anything but fun things! you too, right? Even more than you! (+1)
This is my territory! Leave something to eat and get out of here! I’m thinking about it. (+1)

i need this food (+1)

arrrgh! Graaaargh! Everyone else just gets in my way! This is crazy talk. (+1)
Did you know? Napping after stuffing your face is just the best! thanks for the lesson (+1)
I will pulverize you! Gwaaahahahaha! Nice, tough nut! (+1)
Uurrgh… waiting around is driving me crazy! Have more patience! (+1)
Aren’t you a fragile looking thing. are you eating enough meat I eat everything. (+1)

Where to find WarGreymon in Digimon Survive?

Although players will be able to obtain WarGreymon through Digivolution a little earlier in the game, the first chance they make friends with it is in Part 11 in the Free Battle zone in the school area. It will also appear in the latter part of the game, ensuring players have a steady supply of Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs until the end of the game.

Digimon survive is available on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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