Digimon Survive: How to get Spinomon

Spinomon is one of Agumon’s three Mega Forms in Digimon Survive, although players can befriend one if they get Machinedramon or WarGreymon instead.

Depending on which route Digimon survive players have selected, they may already have access to Spinomon before actually encountering him. This is because it’s one of Agumon’s three Mega Digivolutions, and one of the most powerful at that. Even if players already have it, Spinomon is still worth friendship, especially if players encounter it early in Part 10.

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One of the most frustrating things about Digimon survive is that Partner Digimon will pretty much always be the last to act once players reach a certain point in the game. This is because they always enter a fight in their rookie form, so their speed stats are usually pretty poor. However, befriending Spinomon can help players avoid this problem while also providing their team with strong firepower.


How to make friends with Spinomon in Digimon Survive

Spinomon will likely be one of the first Mega Digimon most players will encounter outside of the main story. Befriending a Mega Digimon can sometimes be a little different than befriending a Rookie, Champion, or Ultimate Digimon, as they don’t always have answers that fill up two segments of the bar above their heads. In these cases, players often have to choose the perfect answer to all three questions, making them a bit more difficult to befriend.

Spinomon responds best to strong and assertive replies, but is also a bit flattering here and there. Players should definitely acknowledge its strength and wisdom when given the opportunity, but also make it clear that they could beat the Digimon when it came down to it. For those who are still struggling to figure out the best Spinomon answers, the table below should be of great help.

question / statement best answer
I don’t want to do anything but fun things! you too, right? You know your way! (+1)
This is my territory! Leave something to eat and get out of here! you give me food (+1)

i need this food (+1)

arrrgh! Graaaargh! Everyone else just gets in my way! [Let it simmer.]
Did you know? Napping after stuffing your face is just the best! Thanks for the lesson!
I will pulverize you! Gwaaahahahaha! Creepy! But I will win.
Uurrgh… waiting around is driving me crazy! I know what you mean. (+1)
Aren’t you a fragile looking thing. are you eating enough meat you look strong (+1)

Where to find Spinomon in Digimon Survive?

Spinomon can be first encountered in a random shadow encounter while exploring the library in Part 10 of specific routes. It will then appear in Free Battles in the last two parts of the game, so players shouldn’t worry too much if they miss it the first time. When asked for an item, Spinomon presents a super-powered pineapple that can be used to increase a Digimon’s physical attack stat.

Digimon survive is available on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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