Digimon Survive: How to get Okuwamon

Unlike other insectoid Digimon in Digimon Survive, Okuwamon doesn’t drop Enlightenment Plates, but it can still be a worthwhile addition to your team.

When it comes to well-designed Digimon, they don’t do much better than Okuwamon. Already at a glance Digimon survive Players should be able to tell this is a creature that means business, with its crimson markings and gaping jaws helping to cultivate a level of intimidation that very few Digimon can match.

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Players will encounter Okuwamon in several places Digimon survive‘s main story, although they don’t get a chance to befriend one until near the end of the game. Those looking to find all of the game’s Digimon will likely jump if they get the chance, but they’ll need to find the best answers to Okuwamon’s somewhat unusual actions first.


How to befriend Okuwamon in Digimon Survive

By the time they’re able to befriend Okuwamon, players should already have a pretty good idea of ​​how to befriend Digimon Digimon survive. However, if for some reason they don’t, they should start by selecting the Talk option in a Free Battle or Random Encounter, then selecting Okuwamon from the list of enemies. They then have to answer three of his questions or statements, with the answers they choose affecting the bar above his head. The best Okuwamon answers fill two segments, with players having to fill three or more by the end of the conversation to ask the Digimon to become their friend.

Like some of the other insectoid Digimon in Digimon survive, knowing how best to respond to Okuwamon can be a bit difficult since it speaks so few words. Fortunately, however, it still shows something of a pattern. Okuwamon respects those who assert their dominance, and that’s what players should do if they want to become his friend. For those having trouble figuring out how to achieve this, below are the best Okuwamon answers.

action best answer
(The monster has assumed a threatening posture.) [Take a stance.]
I… eat you… okay? I’m afraid not.
(The monster looks away as if bored.) [Lure him with food.]
(The monster seems perplexed at the sight of a human.) sigh at him
(The monster thrashes on the spot.) [Calm him down.]
(The monster appears to beg hungrily.) [Give him water.]
Man… not good! You are in my way.

Where to find Okuwamon in Digimon Survive?

Players can encounter Okuwamon in the last two parts of Digimon survive, both in free fights and in random shadow encounters. It usually spawns alongside Kuwagamon and GranKuwagamon, although unlike its insectoid Digimon, it doesn’t hand over an Enlightenment Plate when asked for an item, nor does it have a chance of dropping one after being defeated.

Digimon survive is available on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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