Digimon Survive: How to Get MarineAngemon

Digimon Survive players hoping to farm Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs should definitely keep an eye out for MarineAngemon.

Although the process for Digivolving Digimon in Digimon survive is pretty easy, figuring out where to find the enlightenment plates you need to do this can be far from easy at times. These rare evolution items can occasionally be found in chests or obtained through main story battles, but without the help of guides it can be difficult to find a reliable source for them.

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Those looking for Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs have a few different options, the best of which is arguably speaking to MarineAngemon. Not only can you befriend the cute little Pixie Digimon, Digimon survive Players can also ask it for an Ultimate Enlightenment Slab, but only after first answering some of its questions correctly.


How to make friends with MarineAngemon in Digimon Survive

Unlike some other Mega Digimon like WarGreymon, each of MarineAngemon’s questions and statements has an answer that fills two of the bars above the Digimon’s head. This makes it one of the easiest Mega Digimon to befriend Digimon survivewhich bodes well, considering it’s one of only a handful of Digimon to give players an Ultimate Enlightenment Plate when asked for an item.

As his cute and happy appearance suggests, MarineAngemon is a fairly passive Digimon with very little interest in fighting or violence. It responds well to like-minded people, so players should choose positive, non-confrontational responses if they want to befriend the Digimon. Of course, those struggling can just check out the best MarineAngemon answers in the table below.

question / statement best answer
Is there something you want to tell me? Come on, don’t be shy. You are super cool!
It’s better to do something than just sit around and worry. I will do the same!
The aim of this fight is to test the strength of the other. Fighting sounds scary.
What do you think is the most important thing to build trust? Trust your partner.
By the way, why exactly are you here? I’m trying to get home.
What kind of person are you? A cowardly person…
Are there stronger bonds than family? There must be.

Where to find MarineAngemon in Digimon Survive

Players will first encounter MarineAngemon in Part 11, with the cute little Pixie Digimon appearing in various Free Battle locations. It often spawns alongside Zudomon and allows players to farm both Ultimate and Perfect Enlightenment Slabs from a single battle. With that in mind, players should keep an eye on MarineAngemon, especially if they still have a lot of Digimon to evolve.

Digimon survive is available on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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