Digimon Survive: All Agumon Digitations

Along with Gabumon, Agumon is one of the most recognizable Digimon in the entire series. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the little orange dinosaur serves as a partner Digimon in Takuma Digimon survive. However, it does not retain this form for the entire game due to Agumon’s ability to digitize into up to 11 different Digimon Digimon survive.

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Because of the way Digimon survive‘s karma system works, players can only access four of these forms on their first playthrough of the game. With each subsequent playthrough, however, they have a chance to unlock more of Agumon’s Digitations, with the last one being exclusive to New Game+ mode.


Every Agumon evolution in Digimon Survive

Agumon will evolve within four times Digimon surviveThe main story of , with her first evolution fighting Dokugumon at the end of Part 1. The next two evolutions take place in Parts Five and Nine, with the last one coming towards the end of Part 11. However, only so The points in time where Agumon’s evolution takes place are fixed, that does not mean that the forms into which it will develop are completely set in stone.

The first three of Agumon’s digitations depend on which of the player’s Karma stats is highest when the evolution occurs, although players are obtained Omnimon regardless of their karma score. It is also possible to unlock a special fifth evolution, Fanglongmonalthough this requires players to keep everyone alive and then complete the True Route, defeating the four Celestial Megas in the process.

Free Digimon differences

For those who want to experience all nine of Agumon’s karma-based Digitations without having to play through the game multiple times, the good news is that they can all be befriended in Free Battles and Random Encounters if players are lucky enough to encounter them . It’s also possible to obtain them by befriending an Agumon and then digitizing it with Enlightenment Slabs, although there are a few things to keep in mind when doing it that way.

A Free Agumon can be evolved into Cyclonemon, which can then, much like a Free Tyrannomon, evolve into SkullGreymon with the help of a Perfect Enlightenment Slab. Finally, SkullGreymon, Triceramon, and non-partner MetalGreymon can all digitize into Spinomon, effectively giving Agumon a fourth Mega Form that cannot be obtained from Takuma’s partner Agumon. With that in mind, players should consider seeking out some of these other forms to further bolster their teams.

Digimon survive is available on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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