Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier On Netflix, A Docuseries That Chronicles The Mysterious 1989 Vanishing Of A German Woman

Now available on Netflix, Digging Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier, chronicles the mysterious disappearance in 1989 of a woman from her home in Lüneburg, Germany. It follows a tried-and-true formula when it comes to telling us the story of Birgit Meier and what happened after her disappearance, but stands out from other true-crime documents by its eloquence. join the Meier family. We are here to let you know if Dig deeper To be worth adding to your queue, or if you should leave this one buried below.

Opening scene: Two elevators move up and down.

Gist: August 14, 1989 was just another day. Or at least until Birgit Meier disappears into thin air. The 41-year-old had spoken to his daughter Yasmine the night before, and everything seemed to be fine. But when Yasmine called the next morning and didn’t hear from her, she knew something was wrong. The girl’s mother could not be found, and police only treated the house as a crime scene because a policeman – Birgit’s brother, Wolfgang Sielaff – made a request. While there were certainly some things amiss in the house, they didn’t find much suggesting that foul play was involved, and with their hands on the Göhrde murders, Birgit’s case quickly became a a low priority. It will take about 28 years for them to get a real answer.

In the first part of Dig deeper, Wolfgang, Birgit’s brother, Harald’s husband, and daughter Yasmine all reflect on the mysterious circumstances of the case and the police’s failure to investigate properly. Harald recalls that he was once the prime suspect, as Birgit was arranged to receive an unusually large settlement in their divorce. Wolfgang considered whether she was captured by someone in the criminal world to get revenge on him – but all of this went nowhere. They received about 105 tips and managed to follow up on all the leads, no matter how far-fetched they might seem; they all just want Birgit back home. Behind closed doors, however, it is revealed that Birgit is struggling with alcoholism and perhaps met a local gardener – a relationship that has most likely cost her her life. life.

What shows will it remind you of? Dig deeper can remind you of other real crime series like Unsolved Mysteries, Ordere Holder, Sick Be Gone in the Dark, and Crime Scene: The Disappearance at Hotel Cecil.

Our Take: Dozens of TV specials and documentaries about missing women are broadcast on streaming platforms and broadcast monthly; From familiar stories and theories to evolving cases, there is sadly no shortage of unsolved mysteries out there for us to see on a small screen. Digging Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier generally following the same format we’re used to seeing, bought thanks to her family’s extensive involvement with the series, the whole thing feels a little more meaningful. They take us through each harrowing day after her disappearance, and their perspective has changed about the days leading up to it. They let us examine their own theories, expressed their frustrations with the investigation, and revealed personal aspects of the whole thing that many of them could never grasp. Okay.

In spite of Dig deeper quite engaging from the opening moments, it falls into familiar stereotypes and uses some sometimes cheesy performances. These dramatic scenes unfortunately detract from the overall impact of the series, although the choice to interweave them with anecdotes from interviews is significant – it can be a bit difficult to fill all the space. start talking about it. Reenactments aside, however, are all perfectly watchable, parts equally chilling and utterly frustrating. In just four hours, this series manages to tell Birgit’s tragic story and also expose the sad truth about a lot of cases like this. There’s something particularly unsettling about missing person cases like these, which are only resolved because those closest to the victim refuse to give up, even after decades. This is exactly what Dig deeper want to show us; what it looks like when conventional channels fail and an enthusiast’s determination remains.

Gender and Skin: There is some discussion about the scandalous nature of premarital sex, but not much else.

Farewell shot: A man carries the limp body of a woman away from us in the dark as we learn that there may eventually be a cause for Birgit’s disappearance.

Most Pilot-y routes: There aren’t any special pilot-y lines in the first part of Dig deeper, although Wolfgang’s frank observations about his sister’s mishandling of the case are quite memorable: “after two months, even the dumbest cop had to realize that she could be a victim of crime. criminals.”

Our call: INSTRUCTIONS IT. Digging Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier could follow a very familiar true-crime documentary formula and use occasional goofy re-enactments, but thanks to a gripping case and her family’s involvement in the series, Dig deeper feel more than your worth in time.

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