Difference between ancient, mythical and artificial Zoan-type Devil Fruits

Devil Fruit is known as the treasure of the sea in One mouthful world, and they’re some of the biggest powerhouses in the series, if not the biggest. Introduced fairly early into the story, Devil Fruits has only grown more complex over time. Although Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi is said to be one of the very few of these powers, over time a whole new world of abilities has opened up. By the time the Straw Hat Pirates entered the Grand Line, it was clear that there was more than one type of Devil Fruit.


During the Alabasta arc, it was established that Devil Fruits are divided into three main categories – Paramecia-type, Zoan-type, and Logia-type. While all devil fruits are special in their own right, none of them show up. as diverse as the Zoan class, its power is based on transforming into an animal.

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The Zoan class was first introduced in the Drum Island section of One mouthful, with Dalton and Tony Tony Chopper being the first two to use the fruit. It is clear from their power that these Devil Fruits allow the user to transform into an animal at will and as such, Zoan Devil Fruits provide immense strength, strength, speed, recovery speed and every other kind of physical enhancement one can think of. Zoans’ special ability is to be able to transform into Hybrid or Man-Beast form. As the name suggests, this form allows the user to retain their human body but with the beastly features and power provided by their Devil Fruit.

When compared to other Devil Fruits, the Zoan class is quite unique in that there are special subtypes of this class that are introduced slowly as the story progresses. In Sabaody Archipelago, fans were introduced to the first subclass, known as the Ancient Zoan, through none other than X Drake, one of the members of the 11 Supernovas.

What is the Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit?

X Drake Of The Beasts Pirates One Piece

Ancient Zoan is a special Zoan-type Devil Fruit function like regular Zoan systems, however, instead of providing the power of any animal, they provide the power of ancient beasts. Ancient Zoan system is quite rare in the world One mouthful and is known to be much more powerful than regular Zoan systems. As expected, these Devil Fruits provide much more power in battle, and even more surprising, their recovery rates are said to be off the charts. The ancient Zoans were able to recover from any injury fairly quickly, and their incredible stamina allowed them to keep fighting for longer. X Drake’s Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus is the first Ancient Zoan to be introduced in the series. In Wano Country, fans get to see many other Ancient Zoans among Kaido’s Beast Pirates. All-Stars and Tobiroppo are both made up of Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit users.

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What is the mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit?

Marco the Phoenix One Piece

Known as the rarest Devil Fruit in the whole world One mouthful, The Mythical Zoan is up there with the strongest power to stay in the story. As the name suggests, these Zoan Devil Fruits provide the power of mythical creatures, which is what makes them so unique. Fans first got to see them in action in Marineford, where Marco demonstrated the power of the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix, a Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a Phoenix and its hybrids according to wish. The bow also gives fans a glimpse of another Mythical Zoan user in Sengoku, the Navy Admiral of the Fleet. His power, known as Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu allows him to become a giant golden Buddha at will.

In addition to having all their physical attributes boosted to sky-high levels, the Mythical Zoans also offer a unique ability to their users. Marco’s Phoenix Power grants him the ability to use blue regenerative flames whereby he can heal himself. Similarly, Sengoku’s Buddha has the ability to generate shock waves from the palm of his hand. Only a few other mythical Zoan users in the story and they include Kaido, Yamato, Orochi, Catarina Devon, all of whom have special powers bestowed on them.

What is the artificial Zoan-type Devil Fruit?

devil fruit user smile

In addition to having two tame subclasses, the Zoan-type has another man-made subclass, hence the name “Artificial Zoan Devil Fruit”. To date, attempts to create artificial Zoan Devil Fruits have been made twice. Vegapunk, a genius Marine scientist, created an artificial Zoan-type Devil Fruit using Kaido’s Lineage Factor. By using it, he was able to create an artificial Zoan-type Devil Fruit with the exact same strength as Kaido’s Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu (the only difference being the dragon’s color). Surprisingly, Vegapunk considered the fruit a failure, however, Momonosuke seems to be able to make good use of all of its powers.

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The second attempt to create an artificial Zoan Devil Fruit was made by Caesar Clown. By using a chemical called SAD, Caesar was able to mass produce this fruit, called SMILE, with the power of various animals. However, the power provided by them is much different from that of regular Zoans. Instead of allowing the user to transform into animals and hybrid animals, these fruits transform their bodies into animals or animal parts. For example, Holdem of the Beasts Pirates has a lion head lying on his stomach for independent thinking and he can’t turn it off. Others, such as Sheepshead, can turn their arms into sheep’s horns instead of the sheep themselves. Obviously, Caesar’s artificial Zoan is quite risky, which is why Kaido only uses it with lower-ranking members of his crew.

Furthermore, the SMILEs that Caesar created only had a 10% success rate, meaning that only one in 10 people who ate it reached its power. The 9 people who haven’t gained any strength are still affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, such as being unable to swim and having a weakness for sea rock. On top of that, they can’t show any emotion other than joy, meaning all they can do is laugh even when they don’t want to.

Apparently, the Zoan system is still the most diverse and is said to be The most underrated Devil Fruit in One mouthful. With their incredible powers fully explored in Wano Country, fans are finally getting to see what makes them truly special and why the best of them are out there. the strongest of the Logia and Paramecia systems.

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