Did Gyutaro die in the latest episode of Demon Slayer?

In the recent episode of Demon Slayer, Gyutaro finds himself in the difficult position of having to fight Tengen, Tanjiro, and Hinatsuru at the same time. At the end of the episode, Tanjiro’s sword is close enough to cut Gyutaro’s neck, and that’s when the episode ends. Now, does Gyutaro die or survive the attack? Well, let’s find out.

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba | Arc KV 2 Entertainment Park Trailer






If you watched the latest episode of Demon Slayer, you know how it kept us all at the edge of our seats. The sibling demons are very powerful and overpower our sound Hashira, Tengen. But Tengen and Tsugukos nor are they worms. All of them constantly surprised Gyutaro and his sister Daki with powerful attacks.

In the last scene of episode 8 of Demon Slayer In the arcade, Hinatsuru attacks Gyutaro with Kunai Darts, and Tengen takes the opportunity to cut off the demon’s legs. Tanjiro took the opportunity and hit Gyutaro’s head. But that’s when the episode ends.

Is Gyutaro dead?

Gyutaro is definitely in a situation of scarcity. With his legs amputated, a Kunai dart attack, and a sword that nearly slits his neck, it seems Gyutaro has no choice but to submit to the Demon Slayers. But we also know that it won’t be that easy. After all, they are the 6th rank of the Twelve Kizuki.

Alert: This section includes spoilers from the manga.

What happened next was that, despite being hit by darts impregnated with Wistaria extract, Gyutaro regenerated his legs once more and dodged Tanjiro’s attack. Not only did he dodge his attack, but he also used his Bloodbending, the Blood Slash that flew the Blood Crescent. However, Tengen saved Tanjiro from this deadly attack, but in the meantime, Gyutaro was held back by Hinatsuru.

So the picture is pretty clear that the Demon Slayers’ struggle is not over yet. We still have a lot of battles to enjoy. But this does not mean that Gyutaro has to live forever. After a long struggle and continuous fighting for many hours, Zenitsu and Inouske were finally able to decapitate Daki. And at the same time, Tanjiro won against Gyutaro by beheading him.

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