Did Arwen Lose Her Immortality?

What was occurring with Arwen in Return of the King? Why was her destiny tied to the Ring, and are elves actually able to selecting a mortal life?


In The Lord of the Rings, Arwen (an Elf maiden) and Aragorn (a human man who was one of many Dúnedain—a descendant of the Númenóreans), have been in love. Although the Dúnedain have been blessed with long life and slow aging, they have been nonetheless mortal. Then again, Elves are immortal beings that by no means succumb to outdated age. They’ll even recuperate from wounds that will be deadly to Man. Though they are often killed in battle, all Elves’ spirits go to The Halls of Mandos after they die.

Within the books, Arwen possesses a stone known as the Elfstone, which was a inexperienced gem on an eagle-shaped brooch that had the sunshine of the Solar inside it. Wanting by way of the gem would trigger the viewer to see all that was now outdated as younger and new once more. However within the films, this stone was changed by the Evenstar (which was not within the books, besides as a nickname for Arwen) to indicate how Arwen was one of many final Elves to stay in Center Earth, and he or she was as bright and light as the star. The Evanstar was more than likely used to switch each the Elfstone and the “white gem like a star” on a silver chain that Arwen offers to Frodo after he lastly destroys the Ring as a present to comfort him through troubling times (within the books).

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However in the movies, the Evenstar was given to Aragorn by Arwen to indicate how she would forsake her immortal life to be along with her one real love—saying, “I’d fairly spend one lifetime with you than face all of the ages of this world alone.” Many first-time viewers might need thought that this necklace was the supply of Arwen’s immortality, and that by giving it to Aragorn, she was giving him an immortal life and giving up her personal. Aragorn even says “you can not give me this” to which Arwen replies “it’s mine to present to whom I’ll, like my coronary heart.” However this isn’t the case, and the necklace is only symbolic of Arwen’s determination to remain in Center Earth with Aragorn and never sail to the Timeless Lands along with her folks.


So though freely giving this necklace was not Arwen freely giving her immortality, it was symbolic of it. Did Arwen lose her immortality? The reply is sure. Arwen’s father was Elrond. Elrond has solely Half-Elf, and he was as soon as given the selection to be counted amongst Man or Elves. When he selected to be counted as Elven variety, he was then given immortality. As a result of Arwen is Elrond’s daughter and in addition Half-Elf, she too has the selection to be a mortal girl or an immortal Elf. In Arwen’s thoughts, there’s nothing that may separate her from Aragorn, as she would fairly die pleased with him than regret her decision to leave him for all of eternity. That is particularly so when she has a imaginative and prescient of the kid they’d have collectively if she stayed.

When Arwen selected to remain in Center Earth due to the hope she had for a brighter future, she additionally selected to be counted among the many race of Man. Elrond confronts Aragorn in The Return of the King and says that Arwen is dying, her destiny tied to the Ring. Arwen isn’t necessarily dying because of the Ring, however now that she is mortal, she is dying through the slow decaying of time. Arwen additionally faces the identical destiny as all these in Center Earth ought to the Ring Bearer fail his mission. So in that means, her destiny is tied to the Ring. Elrond believed the world of Males would quickly fall and that there was no hope, so he selected to not combat of their battle.


It is just after Arwen makes her determination to change into mortal that Elrond mended the blade that reduce the Ring in The Reforging of Narsil. This sword would permit Aragorn to command people who dwell within the mountains—the Military of the Useless—in order that the Free Peoples of Center Earth would have a preventing likelihood. If Arwen had not stayed, Elrond wouldn’t have reforged the blade, nor would he have confronted Aragorn and told him to gain command of the dead. Elrond helped not for Man and even all of Center Earth, however for Arwen since she can be doomed too if they need to fail and Sauron ought to regain management.


Although Arwen would not get a lot display time, she is probably the explanation the war took a turn in favor of Mankind. With out her determination to stick with Aragorn, her one real love, The Battle of the Pelennor Fields might need been misplaced. This battle was the final battle earlier than The Battle of the Morannon (fought in entrance of the Black Gates in The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King) and with out its victory, Frodo and Sam wouldn’t have had the wanted distraction from The Nice Eye as a way to full the mission.

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All the achievements and accolades of the LOTR’s franchise owe a debt to the Fellowship of the Ring, as do subsequent popular franchises.

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