Devil May Cry doesn’t know what to do with Dante

In spite of Devil May Cry The series helped invent the spectacular fighter sub-race and laid the groundwork for modern hack-and-slash games, it may be best known for its stylish protagonist Dante. Dante’s white hair, red jacket, and iconic smug attitude made an impression on fans from the start. His attitude and his flashy weapon combine very well with Devil May CryThe high-octane and risk/reward gameplay made him an important part of the game’s history. Even so, Capcom won’t stop trying to reinvent the wheel.


At its core, Dante is a simple character: a loud, rude man with a secret philanthropy, rolling around with punches. As the half-demon son of Sparda, who bounced back his own kind to save humanity thousands of years ago, Dante often finds himself facing power-hungry humans and angry demons alike. Dante rarely goes out to start a fight, but he will go through hell and back to end a battle, especially if the fate of the world – or his estranged brother – Vergil – is in balance. Dante is a pretty simple but engaging main character who reflects on the complexity of his world while adapting to any new situation. However, it seems like every new game sets a different trend as to who Dante is supposed to be.

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A History of Dante

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Dante seems to be a different character in most of the series and this is not a new game – the trend has been going on since the first title. Original Devil May Cry shows Dante as a relatively outspoken anti-hero hired to defeat the evil Mundus, whom it turns out he has personal reasons for fighting. Devil May Cry 2 famously downplayed Dante’s attitude, resulting in a more stoic character that many fans felt was unrecognizable. Reply, Devil May Cry 3 released as a prequel featuring a younger, more optimistic, and even more ironic Dante struggling to save Vergil from a self-destructive mission.

Devil May Cry 4 has started where its predecessor left off but Dante is a decade or so into the future. The result is that an older and wiser Dante has taken on the role of mentor to the new protagonist Nero. Then the series restarted DmC: Devil May Cry tries to re-imagine Dante as an impoverished orphan living on the fringes of society. More recently, Devil May Cry 5 returns Dante as the shared protagonist, where he plays a troubled, cynical veteran who becomes more of an ideal hero than Nero.

Dante might be too cool to write

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All versions of Dante have one thing in common: they’re designed to be great. Devil May Cry is a lively and stylish series, and Dante serves as an extension of that. Dante’s character design is bold, bright and colorful; his fighting style defies physics; and he refuses to take anything too seriously. It’s clear he’s always intended to be something of an escapist fantasy, encouraging fans to step into his shoes and leave the dull parts of reality behind. However, the problem with writing a character to be cool is that the definition of cool changes.

Early gamers loved Dante’s design and attitude less because of the red coat and white hair that was popular in 2001, and more because his positive attitude and colorful lifestyle contrasted with the world. the dark, horrible world he lives in. This contrast culminated in Devil May Cry 3, billed as a coming-of-age story for Dante. This is also the only game where Dante clearly fails – he was able to save humanity, but his brother Vergil got lost in the demon world. This installment changed the course of the series somewhat scatteredly. As one New Devil May Cry cartoon Dante’s approaches, mutable background as a character seem to have left Capcom at a loss for what to do with him. If the recent titles haven’t changed, the company wants Nero, a character with a simpler motive and personality, to take over Dante’s torch.

Devil May Cry currently under development.

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