Developers upload original Final Fantasy 14 trailer, which could give clues to Endwalker’s story

This is a good time to be a Final Fantasy 14 fan. After a disastrous start, the game is – literally – rebuilt from the ground up and released as A realm of rebirth in August 2013, version 2.0 of the game. Any remaining content from the original Eorzea has been explicitly replaced to accommodate this new world, as the player base has no way to access the supposedly better, old content. While continuing with Hydaelyn and Zodiark’s story, introducing its prologue through A realm of rebirth – and now end the fiery finale with Endwalker – Square Enix uploaded the official cinematic trailer for Final Fantasy 14’s Original version of the game.


Under normal circumstances, one would not consider this decision too deeply, but if the developers of Final Fantasy 14 anything has taught their audience, it’s that they make very deliberate choices about how they tell the story of their top MMO.

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NS intro for Final Fantasy 14 depicts the future Warrior of Light, the game’s protagonist, receiving a stack of levels (equivalent to the game’s repeatable quests) for his teammates sitting on the table, and when looking at card leve, his mind is flooded with visions of him fighting the morbol – a key monster in the franchise’s premise – with a group of adventurers.

The more engaging part of the trailer and the part that can be related to EndwalkerThe backstory of the story is that the vision turns into the Battle in the Sky of Silvertear, an event that takes place 15 years before the beginning. A realm of rebirth. The aftermath of the Battle of Silvertear Skies serves as the driving point for much of the game’s story involving the invading forces of Garlean Empire, one of Final Fantasy 14’s main antagonist.

After the fall of Ala Mhigo, the Garlean fleet was ready to conquer the remaining cities of Eorzea under the command of the mighty ship Agrius, but as their airship flew over Lake Silvertear, they encountered a series of dragons led by their father, the great god Midgardsormr. With the dragons considering themselves above Eorzean politics, it’s a mystery as to why Midgardsormr released his Dravanian Horde to the Garlean invaders, losing his life in the process, and though that reason ultimately ended As revealed throughout the game’s story, one final mystery remains: what exactly lies beneath Silvertear Lake, at the heart of the crystal-distorted lands of Mor Dhona.

A popular theory among fans is that Hydaelyn herself lives beneath the lake, just like the Zodiark has a real presence of her own. This theory has some merit, as Silvertear Lake was described in lore as “the heart of the world” as early as the original 1.0 version of the game. Square Enix decided to upload this trailer to the official channel for Final Fantasy 14 very close to Endwalker’s release precisely because it wanted to highlight this connection, possibly alluding to the player eventually discovering what lies underneath Endwalker.

Whatever the case may be, the developers of Final Fantasy 14 not one to leave plot threads permanently unresolved, and players may only get the answers they seek this December.

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