Details you might have missed in the new trailer

After nearly three months of waiting, the second trailer of Spider-Man: There’s no way home finally here. And with everything the new trailer shows off, it’s safe to say it’s worth the wait.

The trailer of course doesn’t show everything – all of the villains saving Doctor Octopus are only seen in glimpses and their goals are not revealed. And despite the constant rumors and leaks that hinted at Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s return, they’re not here. However, the trailer is still provide many interesting details, some may not be obvious at first glance.


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The trailer offers a look at the aftermath of the “Hello, Peter” scene from the first trailer that set the Internet on fire with hype. After catching a maskless Spidey in his tentacles, Doc Ock declares “You’re not Peter Parker.” This may seem like an insignificant line, but it makes a lot of sense. Otto does not recognize Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, further reinforcing that he is in fact a variant of the same Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2. Even if Tobey Maguire’s Spidey doesn’t appear in this trailer, he’s sure somewhere in the multiverse.


This trailer offers a closer look at one of Spider-Man’s new suits for the movie – the black and gold suit appears to have been created (or at least enhanced) with the Doctor’s help. Strange. While the background is too dark to make out the finer details of the suit, one shot shows Spider-Man conjuring up a golden mark around his wrist, like the one Doctor Strange uses when he does. permission. While the full capabilities of this suit are still unclear, it looks like Spidey is getting a magical upgrade.


One of the biggest surprises of Away from home to be the return of JK Simmons, reprising his role from the Raimi Trilogy, as the MCU variant of J. Jonah Jameson. Although he only appeared live for a brief scene, this confirms that he will indeed appear to a larger capacity this time around, not just being relegated to the Daily news. Bugle.


Another shot features Doctor Octopus’ robotic tentacles that look a bit different than usual. The claws are much larger, and covered with red plating. Needless to say, Otto has received some upgrades of his own. However, if you look closely, it doesn’t appear that these are new tentacles – rather, the red coating is slowly spreading throughout the normal tentacles and transforming them. Same effect as nanotechnology used by Iron Man’s armor in Infinity War and Endgame, suggesting that Doc Ock may have integrated technology from Peter’s Iron Spider suit to power his tentacles.


This trailer provides the first official look at Jamie Foxx’s Electro, back from Super Spider-Man 2. The character is almost unrecognizable from his last appearance, trading in his original blue skin for a more basic design (no pun intended), reminiscent of the page. Electro’s costume from Spiderman PS4 games. Sharp-eyed viewers will notice, however, that although the MCU’s Electro abandons the traditional super god costume, there are still many scenes in which lightning rapidly gathers around his face in the form of Electro’s classic comic mask.


After being revealed in the final trailer, we now have a look at the Green Goblin in all his frenzied glory. And while Willem Dafoe is yet to appear in the flesh (although his distinctive voice is heard in the dub), his costume is exactly the same as how it appeared in the first season. Spiderman movie.


However, attentive fans will notice that the trailer features another brief look at the Green Goblin, seemingly throwing his trademark Razor Bats. And while the setting is too dark to make out any details, the Goblin is definitely wearing a different outfit than the classic Raimi version. And judging by the apparent lack of masks and goggles, most likely the same suit as in a recent leak.


This dramatic shot features not one, not two, but three villains lined up to take on the role of wall-crossing. Electro makes another appearance, along with Sandman from Spider-Man 3. The third villain is none other than Lizard from Ultimate Spiderman, the stage stood right next to Sandman. And while it’s hard to see him clearly from this distance, he appears to be identical to his original counterpart. That said, since both Sandman and Lizard are only depicted via CGI in this trailer, it’s still unclear whether Thomas Haden Church and Rhys Ifans will reprise the role.


The trailer also offers a glimpse of what appears to be Spider-Man’s Final Costume for the movie – like Away from home, the film introduces a mostly black variant outfit before entering the finale with an updated version of the classic red suit. This time, red and black Away from home the suit gains some gold highlights, reminiscent of the Iron Spider armor.


At the end of the trailer, Zendaya’s MJ falls off the Statue of Liberty while Peter rushes after her, echoing Gwen Stacy’s famous death scene in both the original comic and Super Spider-Man 2. And of course, the same installer was used before with MJ at the peak of 2002 Spiderman. While the villain responsible for the deadly origins of MJ not shown, would be surprised if the Green Goblin wasn’t behind it as usual.

No-Way-Home-The Statue of Liberty

The final scene of the trailer depicts glowing cracks in reality forming around the Statue of Liberty, while Doctor Strange says “They’re starting to pass, and I can’t stop them.” Considering the film’s premise, it’s very possible that these cracks are multiverse rifts. And while it could be a coincidence, these cracks look a lot like the image of the branching timeline from the final episode of the series. Loki Season 1. Where they lead and who “starts through” remains unknown – it could be more villains, or it could even be Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Variations. But while the context of this scene is unclear, it is clear that the final battle of There is no way home would be a sight to behold.

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