Details Only die hard fans know about Republic

Star Wars features one of the most expansive lore of all the sci-fi series out there, thanks to the hundreds of talented creators who have worked on it over the years across every type of entertainment medium. Because of this, there are many events and factions in Star Wars has been greatly expanded. However, only die-hard fans will notice certain details when they are cut.

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The Republic has been a central part of the universe for decades now, existing both before and after Darth Sidious’ Empire came to power. They are one of the most consistent elements of Star Wars legend. There are many details about the Republic that extend their importance to the general rule.

7 They have known each other for a long time

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The Republic was founded in 25,000 BBY; that is, 25 thousand years before the events of A new hope. It has stood the test of time and has long been a key player in the Star Wars universe as a whole, with the planets it’s part of prospering while the Separationists. have an accident. Newcomers to video games Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic would love to learn more about the Republic in this ancient period.

It is because of this long history that many people who inhabited the galaxy around the time of the Clone Wars began to doubt its effectiveness. They therefore sought a change in the structure of government, paving the way for the Imperials to take control.


6 Alderaan & Chandrila are founding members

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The planets Alderaan and Chandrila were the founding members of the Republic, giving them space at the highest levels of Republic society. Every fan will remember when Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star at the behest of Darth Vader and Moff Tarkin in A new hope. The move was influenced in part by Alderaan’s history with the Republic, as a way for the Empire to break the spirit of the Republican Party.

When the new Republic was founded in 5 ABY, this meant that the new capital was established in the name of Chandrila, the other surviving founding member of the original iteration of the Republic.

5 It has judicial force

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Before the Clone Army was revealed and activated, the Republic had a law enforcement agency known as the Judiciary Force. The Justice Force has their own Academy where the Justices will be trained and then sent to keep the peace across the galaxy. Some fans consider this one untapped Star Wars plot with the potential for great stories.

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Jedi Commanders will often assist these Justices in their training and assist them in their missions across the universe, in the event a threat proves to be overwhelming to the agency. law enforcement. This law enforcement training will be replicated in a similar way when the Empire established academies to train Storm Warriors.

4 They have fostered 1000 years of peace

Star Wars Ahsoka Mandalorian

With a name like Star WarsIt doesn’t take a genius to realize that a big part of the story is about the wars taking place between the different factions, planets, and people living in the galaxy.

While old history depicts the Mandalorian Empires, Zygerrian Slave Empires and various Sith Empires at war with the Jedi and Republic, the government actually managed to oversee 1000 years of peace. This ends when Clone War broke out, and it became clear that 1000 years of peace had left the Republic too soft to deal with the growing dissent.

3 The Chiss Ascendancy considers them weak

Star Wars Rebels Grand Admiral Thrawn

As detailed in the official Thrawn novel, Thrawn is sent from the Unknown Region by Chiss Ascendancy on a secret mission to investigate the Republic and assess whether they are the right allies. with me or not. The character and novel Thrawn is a great example of things Star Wars canon taken from Legends.

Despite working with Anakin Skywalker and learning a lot about the Republic and its influence across the galaxy, Thrawn and Chiss Ascendancy decided that the Republic would not be strong enough to be a legitimate ally. When the Republic was formed into the Empire, this view changed.

2 They banned the Sith language

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The Sith ur-Kittat language was outlawed by the Republic after the battles between the Jedi Order and the Sith Empire during the days of the Old Republic. This happened thousands of years before the events of the movie.

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This is why C3PO, one of the the best characters of the original trilogy, can’t translate dagger to The Rise of Skywalker, as it has Sith language transliteration. The Republic firmly opposes the Sith because of the evil they have suppressed in the past. Therefore, by banning this language, they sought to prevent its spread and teachings to the inhabitants of the galaxy.

first The Sith Temple is located in its center

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Coruscant was the capital of the Republic for thousands of years, and the Jedi Temple is one of the most important sites on Coruscant. It regularly sees visits from the tallest politicians around. However, the Jedi Temple was built on top of a Sith temple, built by Shadow hero.

For some fans, this could be seen as an odd decision for the part of the Jedi Order, as the Sith temple will cause Jedi vision to be blurred – something viewers often saw with Yoda in his day prequel period. The Sith will eventually reclaim the site of their temple as Palpatine uses his power as Supreme Chancellor to establish the Republic as an Empire, leading it as its Emperor. .

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