Destiny 2’s Witch Queen Can Unknowingly Make Guardians Face Their Allies

Live service games are often not as consistently relevant as Fate 2, and Bungie has proven time and time again that they care enough about the space magic shooter to plan content for years to come. Recent release 30th Anniversary Package is a perfect example of this: Bungie has honored its legacy through one of the best releases in the history of Fate 2, with loot as a reminder of the developer’s past work. For now, however, Bungie is looking to the future, with Witch Queen The expansion is slated for a February 2022 release.


Therefore, The Game Awards 2021 is the perfect occasion for Bungie to share something new and exciting with fans. A new trailer aired during the event hinting at Fate 2 put Mars back as a location, at least for the first mission of Witch Queen campaign. The trailer features a fight scene between the Guardians and the Hive Knights using the powers of the Travelers’ Light, something Savathun has been aiming for for a long time, although players are still in the dark as to how. awake. There are also hidden frame in Witch Queen intro videoand some of them may detail some interesting facts about the expansion.

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Caiatl’s Red War and “Blue Legion” in Cabal

Among the aforementioned hidden frames, there are several that show regular Cabal Psions, with their usual red tint, eventually having their armor turn blue when the player kills them. This may not seem like much, but there’s a lot of depth to this choice as the “Red Cabal” are often seen as the enemy because of their outfit, which is what they wear during and after the events of the Red campaign. War word Fate 2Year 1. This is the only type of Cabal Fate 2 player known for a long time.

That changed with Season of the Chosen, about the new leader of the Cabal – the fierce daughter of the former king of Calus, Caiatl. Caiatl leads another type of Cabal, known as the “Green Legion”, and when she is introduced, the player has no idea if she will become a troublesome ally or foe. This is part of Fate 2Season of the Chosen narration, saw an attempt at Zavala’s life as he refused to bow to Caiatl and pursued a diplomatic approach to persuading the Cabal leader to work for the greater good.

In Fate 2Cabal knew only brute force and the show of power, which created an impenetrable language barrier between the two leaders. This ultimately resulted in Zavala and Caiatl having a head-on using their chosen champions, which for Zavala being a team of three Guardians meant completing the Base Assault. Just Prove. The Vanguard was victorious, and Caiatl became humanity’s invaluable ally in the war against the forces of Darkness: the Despicable, the Huntsman, and the Slayer.

Before the treaty was officially implemented, another attempt at Zavala’s life was thwarted with Crow’s help. The perpetrators were discovered to be Psions from Caiatl’s Blue Legion, and they were dealt with, prompting the Cabal leader to pledge allegiance to the Last City. This alliance was even active during Season of the Chosen, with Caiatl battling Xivu Arath’s forces as they attempted to disrupt the Guardians’ operations. exorcism of Savathun with the help of Queen Mara Sov.

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How the witch queen can turn the tide

fate 2 hidden frame new trailer awards game 2021 witch queen savathun deception illusion osiris zavala cabal mars

inside new trailer for Witch Queen, showing how Cabal Psions turning green after being killed is not a coincidence. It could have been a faction left by the Psions trying to dissuade Caiatl from pledging allegiance to the Vanguard, but that wouldn’t explain why they wore red armor before being killed and then changed color after death. One possible explanation is that Savathun is tricking people into seeing something different, causing both the Guardians and other forces – like Caiatl’s Blue Legion – to see each other as enemies to create chaos.

This kind of manipulation is exactly what Savathun would do, and the live-action portion of the trailer showing a Human Guardian talking to Eris Morn even mentions that the location feels eerie and has something is not right. If Savathun is manipulating reality to turn the Guardians against Caiatl’s Cabal, it proves that the Witch Queen is either buying time for herself. she is the villain Fate 2 players are always led to believe. This could be the outcome, as Savathun is shown fighting the Guardians in the trailer, which is not something she would do if she wanted to be an ally.

However, it’s also important to note that the expansion’s tagline is “Survive the Truth”, which means it’s possible that Savathun isn’t showing her true colors in the trailer, but rather Caiatl’s army. Maybe Savathun didn’t cheat Fate 2 the player accidentally kills their ally, but rather she’s trying to show them who they really are in the first place. In that case, it would be a big event that could reveal Caiatl as the enemy instead of Savathun. This is still speculative as of now, but it’s interesting to think what the reasoning behind Psions changing their armor color is in a franchise that’s always been geared towards seeing things from another point of view.

Fate 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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