Destiny 2’s Twilight Weapon Will Return With Three Major Exceptions

To remain relevant, Fate 2 brings new content to the board every few months with its seasons, as well as annual expansions such as Beyond the light or coming soon Witch Queen. Because there are so many different elements in the game, Bungie often has to tweak things to make room for more, or at least to let some of the more neglected elements shine again.

This is what most sandbox patches are for, such as one coming next Tuesday in the 30th Anniversary Pack. What Bungie decided to do a while ago was “sunset” some Fate 2weapons of, including most The ultimate weapon, which greatly reduces the player’s choices when building. Many popular weapons have been removed from the game, some due to their excessive power, and now would be a great time for Bungie to restore the twilight of everything except the three breaking guns. game.


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Destiny 2’s Most Problematic Twilight Peak Weapon

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With the sandbox patch of the 30th Anniversary Pack, Bungie aims to create Fate 2 players are more involved in building customization. As such, it only makes sense for the game’s iconic weapons to return, as well as other weapons that have fallen victim to the sunset, to open up more options for players. However, there are a lot of Pinnacle weapons that no longer work because they are simply too strong despite the nerf, and Bungie can’t let the meta stay stuck forever.

The first of these guns is The Mountaintop. The peak is one of the most powerful mountains Fate 2 weapon for a long time, so much so that it has gone through many nerfs and is still too delicious compared to many other weapons. This Kinetic grenade launcher has amazing range, bullet speed, and it reliably hits the target thanks to the Micro Rocket perk, which enables it to fire grenades in a straight line. If The Mountaintop appeared in the Season of the Splicer, it could have destroyed the Anarchy and any other weapons with Violation and clarity. As a result, it won’t come back, as there probably won’t be many nerfs or changes that make it worthwhile.

The second gun that shouldn’t come back is Revoker, a Kinetic sniper rifle with a unique perk called Reversal of Fortune that allows it to return ammo to the magazine if the player misses. The reason why this is so powerful is that it broke the bullet economy in the game, making it a great choice in PvP for players who are very good with snipers or those who are not. Reversal of Fortune is Mulligan on steroids and Mulligan is currently only available on a sniper rifle not at dusk, which says a lot about Revoker and how it will break in the current meta thanks to the ability short zoom and Snapshot point of view.

Final match Weapons should not be brought back Fate 2 is reclusive, one of the most powerful guns in the franchise. Recluse is an Energy SMG that outperforms both Breakneck’s damage and overall performance before being nerfed, which says a lot. It comes with Feeding Frenzy and a unique perk, Master of Arms, which helps it deal more damage after killing. The recluse can take out pretty much anything or anyone without much effort, both in PvE or PvP. Many players believe that it was Recluse that gave Bungie the idea to stop using weapons, as there were never enough nerfs. In Fate 2Recluse’s current sandbox will be many times stronger thanks to the infinite Beginner ammo.

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Why Un-Sunsetting Destiny 2 Weapons Are a Good Idea

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Ideas about diving equipment is never well receivedand the same is true for Bungie that hosts past content to make room for future expansions. Shooter shooters shouldn’t lose gear, instead create something new to compete with it for a precious place in player downloads. The counter-argument to this logic is that powerful weapons like the aforementioned Pinnacle gun simply set new standards for developers and new expectations from players.

That’s why cancel them all Fate 2 guns are a good idea, but getting rid of the most problematic ones is still necessary. This way Bungie can still replay old classics from Life like Eyasluna and Gjallarhorn, and it can also have enough room to create new exciting weapons without making the same mistakes of the past. Overall, there’s no reason to keep most Fate 2Guns are off now, and reverting the changelog would be good for the community and Bungie.

Fate 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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