Destiny 2’s Masterwork System Needs Change If The Goal Is More Custom Builds

Because Fate 2 is a loot shooter it also comes with distinctive features of the genre like multiple gear options each with different reels and stats that make them unique to a degree . Players can also customize their constructions in different ways thanks to Fate 2Weird items of and the fact that each character can carry up to three weapons – one in the Kinetic slot, one in the Energy slot, and one in the Heavy slot. There are also mods to factor into the equation, and they can dramatically change the way Fate 2 is played if the gamer combines different mods belonging to the same category, like the Elemental Well mod and the Warmind Cell mod.


Another reason why mods are so important is Fate 2 features a seasonal pattern that regularly features new storylines and content. With each new Season comes a slew of mods that rotate, including Champion mods and those that provide other beneficial effects or effects on enemies, like Violation and clarity or grain structure. However, each mod in Fate 2 consumes a specific amount of armor energy, which each piece of armor has depending on its upgrade level. How armor works in Fate 2 is that each piece of armor has a certain elemental attribute that determines what mods can be added to it, and that can make it difficult to customize the build.

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What is the relationship of Armor in Destiny 2

Solstice of Heroes armor from the 2020 event in Destiny 2

Armor relationship in Fate 2 is what every piece of armor in the game has, and every new piece of armor that drops comes with a random elemental attribute – be it Void, Solar, Arc or Stasis. This relationship can change at any time outside of the activities in which the device is locked, but it has a cost that depends on the armor piece’s energy, since the more materials and currency it costs, the more energy it costs. of the higher armor piece. Since players will always try to Masterwork the armor piece due to their passive +2 bonus for each stat in the game, it’s important to note that changing the elemental attribute of the armor piece at that point will costs an Ascendant Shard, among other things.

Ascendant Shards relatively common among players who repeatedly perform Master and Grandmaster’s Night Attacks in Fate 2, but they are limited to 10 in repositories and 10 in Postmaster. Furthermore, not all players are into premium PvE content and many struggle to snag any gear for Masterwork, let alone change it up to their liking depending on the requirements. other build changes. It’s also important to note that changing the elemental properties of an Exotic armor piece will cost three Ascendant Shard shards instead of one, making it even more expensive for every player.

This is important because Master a specific piece of armor It seems fine until the player has to make some tweaks to their character, because then they’ll realize they have to pay a rare, limited coin to experiment with something or have a better build. The current system is not friendly to anyone, maybe Fate 2 Neither does veterans or new players, and that should change before December’s big patch drops.

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Why Masterwork Gear Relationships Will Matter in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 player god scrolling protocol starfire weird max stats discipline recovery masterpiece armor protect shadow

With 30th Anniversary Package going on for over a week, Bungie is working towards making cooldowns for skills and Supers differentiated based on strength and level, and the ultimate goal of increasing variety in Fate 2 construct. This means that changing one’s build on the fly in the game will be an issue, as even picking a different grenade or Super will likely require mods and armor shards different to make it work smoothly – with the main issue being the affinity of the armor. If the player prefers to use a grenade that typically has a low cooldown compared to others as a way to create an Elemental Well, switching to a different grenade has a longer cooldown because of any for whatever reason means that those Elemental Wells will be generated less reliably.

As such, it may be necessary for those Fate 2 players change their build in a way that focuses on something else, such as Warmind Cells or Charge with light mods, or stop caring so much about grenades. This example is particularly useful as it highlights how important armor affinity can be for both options, as most combat style mods (Elemental Well, Charged with Light, and Warmind Cells) ) both require a different element type based on what they do and which type is meant to be used. For example, stacking Elemental Well mods like Well of Ordnance, Bountiful Wells, and Explosive Wellmaker is a solid strategy, but it requires three pieces of armor with affinity for the Sun.

If a player has to change armor pieces due to switching their build, or if their mod needs to be changed to different elements, three Sun shards can do more harm than good. Thus, the Masterworking device in Fate 2 should not be punitive to some extent on all players. Instead, it should be freely available at all energy levels to promote diversity in construction. In the end, it’s always a good thing to give players another tool to generate more variety of refills, and in this case, it’s even more important because of how constrained the system feels. .

Fate 2 Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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