Destiny 2’s Dares of Eternity is a better Menagerie with great loot

Because of Fate 2 As a survival shooter, one of the biggest challenges for Bungie was making the content both engaging if played in a loop and rewarding at all skill levels. A lot of Fate 2Seasons introduce the mechanics and operations that aim to do just that, trying to strike a balance between the quantity and quality of loot and an enjoyable experience. A good example of this logic is seasonal content from Season of Opilities, introduced an activity called Menagerie to Fate 2 where players will encounter a lot of enemies in each run and can choose the loot they want.


This approach is something Bungie has tried to replicate in many ways since Season of Opilities ended, but Menagerie just couldn’t stay in the game as it was originally. Something similar was created with Fate 2Umbral Engrams by Umbral has a number of decoding options for players to choose from, making gaming useful. With 30th Anniversary Package launched yesterday, Fate 2 has finally found the perfect balance between great loot and the fun, varied gameplay it needs after Menagerie, perfecting the formula with the new Dares of Eternity activity.

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Why Destiny 2’s Dares of Eternity Was So Successful


Fate 2Dares of Eternity started out as a kind of game show, with Xur and Star horse (popular horse that has taken over social media) became the host of the show and acted as the participants. In joining Dares of Eternity, it was clear from the start that Bungie put a lot of love into building a vibrant new reference activity. Fate 2 mees while providing many interesting mechanics. There’s a certain allure to Dares of Eternity that keeps players playing for another round.

Dares of Eternity is as good as it is full of secrets, with a map that requires players to see things from a different angle, play with heights, and discover new things. Encounters are randomly played between several different enemy types, and no escapes are exactly alike, pitting players against old acquaintances from the franchise’s past like Hive Prince Crota. Fate 2The season’s activities tried to be more like Menagerie, but they either lacked enemy density, interesting mechanics, or good loot. Dares of Eternity has all three.

The activity itself is more or less rewarding depending on how difficult it is for everyone to play, with Legend Dares of Eternity significantly more challenging but also potentially much more rewarding. Players can clash Lightning Rounds at the end of the activity, leaving them fighting for control of the area against powerful enemies. Completing this bounty encounter will reward the player with three loot chests, all of which can drop new weapons, large scrolling armor pieces, and Strange Coins to use Starhorse’s bounty for even more loot.

At the end of the activity, Fate 2 players also get Treasure Keys, which they can use to get weapons or other awesome merchandise. They also have discretion about what they can get depending on their Dares of Eternity reputation rank. The overall system is created in a way that rewards players the more they play, but also the more they risk their bonuses and the puzzles that work. Dares of Eternity is currently one of the most interesting pieces of content in Fate 2and luckily it’s also free to play for everyone.

Fate 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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