Destiny 2 players share weird combos to try before the Sorceress Queen

Fate 2 is a rather complicated game when it comes to its lore and gameplay, where players often have to research information outside of the game to learn the ropes. Because of Fate 2 is a shooter game, which means that the core mechanic of the game is to gain more and better loot through its many activities, be it in PvE or PvP and one of the unique items The most unique that players can find are Exotics. These items have special attributes that can dramatically change the gameplay of the game, often enhancing specific niche playstyles and making them great picks.


As such, with so many class-exclusive Exotic armor pieces, it’s your responsibility to decide which one should take precedence over the others, especially considering some of them are highly interactive. powerful with Exotic weapons. What are these Fate 2 YouTuber and content creator Marshix tackled in a recent video, showcasing awesome Exotic combos you should try before Witch Queenand can choose a build to start a new campaign.

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One of the most interesting combinations of Exotics in Marshix’s video is Ticuu’s fusion of Divinity and Magic, a Titan-exclusive breastplate that gives melee killers the power to create a blast. explode around the target they defeat. In this case, the build takes advantage of Ticuu’s Divination’s debuffcauses hit targets to explode on death, dealing AoE damage.

Hitting targets with Ticuu’s Divinity and finishing them off with a melee ability will trigger two explosions at once, adding great cleanup potential in low to mid-tier content. For high end operations, such as Grandmaster Nightfalls, it would probably be better to use tested payloads in the face of some of the strongest enemies in the game. Fate 2.

Another item that is often considered one of the Fate 2Worst Exotics of is the Oathkeeper, a pair of Hunter gauntlets that allow the player to remain in perfect shape on the bow indefinitely. This can be especially useful in PvP and to practice timing in PvE with a few bows, but especially with Le Monarque, which applies nasty DoT on enemies hit by perfectly drawn arrows – means every shot by Oathkeeper.

Fate 2 Hunters can also become infinitely invisible with Graviton Forfeit and 100 Strength, but Marshix’s video includes Rat King to increase stealth time when the player kills with this secondary weapon. Overall, out of the nine Strange combinations presented in the video, Fate 2 players are likely to find something they’ve never tried, and as the Witch Queen approaches, it’s best to try them out now, before making any changes to the items. related products.

Fate 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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