Destiny 2 Players List The Worst In-Game Actions Before the Witch Queen

Destiny 2 players list what they believe to be the worst Exotics in the game across all three classes in preparation for The Witch Queen.

Destiny 2 player lists the worst looks in the game witch queen expansion eternal warrior apotheosis radiant veil jumping machine

The Witch Queen expansion is fast approaching, it’s only a month away from the official release and there’s still a lot of work to be done in the future. Fate 2 if players want to fully prepare for the launch. One example is collecting bounties and keeping them completed in inventory, which can provide a significant boost to the new Artifact and Season Pass rankings and that’s where players can start. Do it now to get ready for The Witch Queen. Another example comes from collecting all the discarded weapons, even for a moment, such as Fate 2Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale.


Speaking of Exotics, another form of preparation that players often choose to go through is clearing their vault because of the limited space and overwhelming amount of new loot that comes with The Witch-sized expansion. Queen. Unfortunately, some Fate 2Weird items of not great on the whole, maybe because of outdated perks that add nothing to the game, or because of the nerfs and other changes they’ve gone through in the past. Therefore, some are said to be unusable.

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A Reddit user named ProxyknifeIsKing shared a post asking fellow Guardians which Exotics they believe are the worst in the game and why, with their personal choice being Radiant Dance Machine for Masters. hunt. Others Fate 2 player agreed, and unsurprisingly Exotic was introduced in Season of the Lost and was immediately nerfed into a useless state. This isn’t the only Hunter Exotic to make the list, as multiplayer has included games like Stasis-recommended Sealed Ahamkara Grasps Whisper of Impetus and Oathkeepers which fall outside of some very niche uses in PvP.

As for the Titans, the choice is fairly unanimous in saying that Eternal Warrior is the worst Exotic for the class, as it offers very little benefit to an already well-suited subclass. Warlocks makes it difficult for Apotheosis Veil, as it activates its effect after a Super has been cast, and that has been nerfed further with adjustments to skills made through Fate 230th Anniversary Package.

For weapons, Fate 2 players want to make changes to Eyes of Tomorrow after the release of Gjallarhorn. All in all, these are just some of the worst Exotics, and while a few are worth more because of the class or subclass they’re associated with, most just need a complete overhaul. Thankfully, Bungie has made changes to Exotics in the past, and there’s likely to be more changes coming to The Witch Queen.

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