Destiny 2 Legendary Campaign Details and Rewards Revealed

The creative director of Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen Expansion revealed new gameplay and story details in an interview.

Guardians go through the swamp

Expectations are increasing upon release Fate 2: The Witch Queen extend closer. The legend inside Fate 2 has inched up to this point, and fans can’t wait to get their hands on the new expansion. In an effort to rekindle the flames in Guardians further, Creative Director of Witch Queen expansion expands on things seen in the trailer and reveals new information.

James Tsai sat down with Game Informer for an exclusive interview and continues to plant the seeds for Witch Queen expansion. Bungie set the table and left the crumbs for the Guardians who coveted the lore of this expansion’s major villain, Savathun. The hype for The Witch Queen has reached over 1 million pre-orders and more players likely to return or become the New Light prior to release. He claims that the campaign will be much different from anything Bungie has done in the past with its annual campaigns.


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Tsai detailed that Witch Queen Expansion brings new challenges and mechanics for Guardians of any experience level to get used to. Tsai specifically said there will be game mechanics that were previously only found in raids and other content after the campaign was introduced into Savathun’s World of Throne and other content Witch Queen play areas will cause Guardians to throw away old notions of how they have defeated previous campaign story missions. The keywords in the interview are often given as “conspiracy” and “mystery” when describing this field that arose from intrigues in her mind.

We call it the Clear Fate campaign,” said Tsai. “It was about bringing some great sense of grandeur of some of our last-game aspirational sensibilities into the campaign itself. Soar through these truly amazing environmental settings. Memorable encounters require a lot of thought and understanding. Bring puzzles into the campaign for players. There’s a really revived focus on the campaign in this release.

With these new challenges come new rewards as Tsai has also stated that the new versions of the campaign will drop Legendary armor and weapons and even potentially allergenic in the Throne World region. Classic and Legendary campaign missions will entice the Guardians to keep farming for more powerful weapons and gear for the impending raid and challenging Nightfall operations after the campaign . These modes have increased the number of enemies, many stacks of boosts, and will also adapt to the size of the small group as Tsai said, with the aim of providing rewarding experiences whether Guardians play nice solo with Fireteam.


All of this with the threat of new Hive enemies with Resurrection and other abilities previously available only to Light-Bearing Guardians, Savathun’s Lucent Brood set to change Life universe forever. All these new game elements are setting Witch Queen The expansion becomes the new high point in both the storytelling and new gameplay mechanics that The Taken King and Forsaken expansions have done for the game in the past.

Fate 2 Now out on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S with Witch Queen The expansion will release on February 22nd.

THAN: The Witch Queen will forever change the player’s understanding of fate 2

The source: Game informant

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