Destiny 2: How to get Gjallarhorn

Bungie has had a long history in the game industry, producing several major franchises from Marathon come Fiction, cooperate with Microsoft for Halo, to the present era with Life Franchising. With 30 years of existence, the company is celebrating its legacy and has many gifts for current fans of Bungie’s games, Fate 2.

As part of its 30th Anniversary, Bungie released new content on Fate 2, both of which are part of the free update and the special paid DLC pack. While the content features new dungeon called Grasp of Avarice and a free 6-player activity centered around Xur and his treasures, fans are also excited to see all the new weapons and gear that come with this update. Bungie not only confirmed returning favorites like the Matador 64, but also special Halo-inspired weapons including an eerie Sidearm.


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However, most high profile weapon included in Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Pack is the strange rocket launcher Gjallarhorn. A big fan favorite weapon from the original Destiny, here’s how it is Fate 2 the player can touch it.

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How to get Gjallarhorn

First thing, the only way to get access to Gjallarhorn is now for the possession of the 30th Anniversary Pack. This will set the player back $24.99 but give them access to the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, Thorn Armor Set, return legendary weapons like Eyasluna, Bungie Streetwear armor, etc.

With purchased DLC, players will need Cosmodrome from Fate 2 directed and spoke with Shaw Han. He’ll get through the odd quest “And Out Fly the Wolves,” which begins by tasking the player with completing the Grasp of Avarice dungeon to find a Wolfpack Round.

After returning to Han, the player will need to defeat the powerful Fallen inside the Cosmodrome to continue the quest and collect more Wolfpack Spins. With enough collected, the player will need to see Shaw Han and Banshee-44 at the Tower. Before weapons are handed over, Banshee will take the player to a lost area called Exodus Garden 2A to find the last ingredient needed to regenerate the launched rocket.

Once the lost area has been completed, the player should return Shaw Han’s Camp at the Cosmodrome and use a tool chest in his hideout to complete the reconstruction. Finally, talk to Shaw Han to complete this strange quest.

Gjallarhorn returns in Bungie's 30th anniversary Destiny 2 bundle.

What does Gjallarhorn do?

With a near-maximum blast radius, Gjallarhorn is bringing destruction along with it Fate 2. Wolfpack Rounds is once again its passive perk, splitting projectiles fired from rocket launchers into cluster missiles that track on detonation.

However, big difference between Gjallarhorn’s Destiny 1 counterpart legendary feature. Because the Fate 2, Gjallarhorn has the Pack Hunter trait, which not only increases processing speed and reloads near allies, but it also grants wolf bullets to nearby allies who are also using unnatural rocket launchers. strange. Naturally, this would lead to mass destruction, leaving all allies to track the cluster missile.

fate 2 gjnkr

Eververse content

Specialized review Halo-vibes for some weapons like the energy sword, secondary weapon and battle rifle, Bungie also added a bit of Halo to Gjallarhorn. For players who want to spend some silver, Fate 2is the premium currency in the game, they can go to Tess Everis and she has a special ornament that is sold to Gjally.

Called the GJNKR, the Gjallarhorn has a more modern military look, complete with a red tracking laser and the familiar black and green color scheme. Apparently this is based on HaloThe classic rocket launcher of, called SPANKR in Halo Infinite. Interested players will need to deposit over 700 Silver inside the Eververse Store.

Fate 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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