Destiny 2 community discusses imbalance in important interests and matchmaking

Destiny 2 players unite to discuss current issues with Crucible matchmaking and the lobby balance that has been in full swing lately.

Destiny 2 most important balance issues in matchmaking lobby

Fate 2 there are several game modes and types of activities to suit the needs of the players, with a wide selection of what they can do to gain better loot or simply play what they like best. Crucible remains one of the activities anyone wants to play as it caters to casual PvP players looking to pick up Pinnacle gear or those who enjoy battling other Guardians as a competitive mode. While Trials of Osiris offers the ultimate competitive mode across the various playlists available in Crucible, Fate 2 players still regularly engage with all other modes.


One of the biggest complaints with Crucible is how unbalanced certain matches can be, with some weapons or abilities overwhelming in damage or performance, and the lack of matchmaking. omission. Bungie usually solves the problem in the past with sandbox patches in between Seasons, but Fate 2 players can still be matched with very different allies or enemies Power level and elo rating.

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A Redditor named Why_Cry_1 shared a post saying that they find the current matchmaking system very unbalanced, as they often play against lower tier allies and against opponents with a higher chance of winning. than. The post gained a lot of interest in the community, and the other Guardians were excited to say that they had a similar experience with it. Fate 2Crucible’s lobby balance, leading them to believe that completely random teams will probably be more optimized than the current system. This issue has been around for a long time and over the past few weeks it has become even more apparent through several posts highlighting many – especially in Iron banner.

There’s also a problem with balancing teams against so-called three-stacks or six-stacks, which are pre-made matches matched with random players who don’t coordinate with each other because they mostly solo players. The problem seems to be based on how the game places players on two competing teams, creating teams that are mostly predicted to win and others that are mostly predicted to lose. This means average Fate 2 Important match It’s not based on a 40% vs 60% chance of winning or losing, but rather the difference between those predictions is much higher.

Recently Fate 2 clip shows a player dominating Control with a powerful SMG, and while rolling around on weapons was one of the factors why they were able to do this, it’s also possible that bad matchmaking also played a part. Here’s hoping that some changes will be made to The Witch Queen expansion, coming out within a month.

Fate 2 Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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