Destiny 2: Beyond Light has set up a compelling political allegory

Since 2017, Destiny 2 gamers have needed to deal with a sport that by and huge nonetheless silos off probably the most colourful facets of its fiction in dense lore books; story moments are relegated to dialogue within the comms channel, the explosive defeat of Large Enemies, and the cameo look of NPC fashions who by and huge simply stand there, ship exposition, then transmat out of the sport area earlier than we transfer on to the following weekly area wizard chore.

This can be a downside that’s clearly on the minds of Future 2’s creators.

In Luke Smith’s 2019 blog post at, “Director’s Cut — Part III,” the Future 2 director lays out his imaginative and prescient for an “evolving” sport world.

“We would like taking part in Future to really feel such as you’re taking part in in a sport world with true momentum, a universe that’s going someplace,” he wrote. “A sport the place issues are taking place –– not simply when it comes to new gadgets and actions but additionally when it comes to narrative.”

This case has been slowly bettering since 2019’s Shadowkeep and 2020’s Beyond Light expansions. Lore and story are steadily synchronizing, migrating out of the enlargement marketing campaign and into the seasonal content material. As we careen towards the following enlargement due out in 2022, tentatively known as The Witch Queen, the implications of our actions in every season are beginning to stick round.

See, we’ve been busy out within the Photo voltaic System. We’ve allied with enemies and made enemies out of former allies. We’ve gone from being avatars of the purest Mild to beings that can often take pleasure in Darkness. Now, in Season 14, Season of the Splicer, our Guardian is confronted with a never-before-seen problem: native politics. And the imbroglio we discover ourselves caught up in is far more severe than a easy Metropolis council election.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the narrative beats of Destiny 2: Beyond Light — Season of the Splicer.]

The Vex walk through a field in this promotional image for Season of the Splicer

Picture: Bungie Inc.


In Season of the Splicer, the Vex have taken a web page out of The Matrix’s handbook and, by means of one in every of their simulations, scorched the sky into an “Limitless Night time.” Vanguard Warlock Ikora Rey can’t disperse the simulation, even with former Vanguard Commander (and Vex knowledgeable… Vexpert?) Osiris’s assist, so she deploys our Guardian to Europa. As soon as there, our Guardian has a rendezvous with Mithrax, the newly-minted Kell of Home Mild, an Eliksni faction that seeks to coexist with humanity within the Mild of the Traveler.

Ikora desires to enlist Mithrax’s assist in stopping the Vex as a result of, as he confirms with us, Mithrax is a Sacred Splicer, a category of Eliksni hacker whose particular purpose is infiltrating the Vex community. When he begins to say no her plea, citing his obligation to guard his individuals, Ikora does the unthinkable: she provides the Home of Mild asylum inside the Metropolis’s partitions.

Determined instances name for determined measures, however this straightforward gesture virtually single-handedly flips the dynamic between humanity and the Eliksni on its head.

Anti-Eliksni dogma is particularly robust amongst Guardians and residents of the Metropolis. Our Guardian has been advised for practically seven years that the Fallen are without delay probably the most pitiful scavengers and most harmful menace to humanity within the universe. Lore from the post-Collapse interval often called the Darkish Age describes them as baby-eaters; our experiences have proven them to be both sniveling and cowardly or scheming and thieving. Even after we’ve labored alongside Eliksni prior to now, it has all the time been a begrudging place on the a part of the Vanguard, taken with the intention to defeat a larger enemy down the road.

Some of the Fallen, including their babies, in Season of the Splicer

Picture: Bungie

Hatred of the Fallen is even constructed into the lore of a few of the biggest legends in Guardian historical past: fighters like Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and Saint-14 are principally identified amongst Guardians and Metropolis residents for his or her stoic protection of the Metropolis on the Battles of Six Fronts and Twilight Hole (two main campaigns that includes the Eliksni), and Saint-14 particularly is lionized for his dogged pursuit and killing of any Eliksni he could find.

So this determination — inviting the supposedly villainous Home of Mild to stay beneath the safety of the Traveler, which they (paradoxically) worship — feels extraordinarily uncommon from a mere tactical consideration. Not solely that, but it surely’s wild that the invitation comes from Ikora. Prior to now, her espionage group, the Hidden, produced a report that concluded, partially: “It needs to be careworn that one or two sympathetic outliers [among the Fallen] can’t be relied upon to erase the wrongs of previous centuries, nor ought to their good-faith efforts to appropriate the sins of their forebears be taken as ample symbolic reparation.

Future Warfare Cult

The stress between humanity and the Eliksni is so thick you’ll be able to minimize it with a knife, however although struggle between the 2 species has lasted by means of the centuries, the Eliksni hardly pose a lot of a menace to our Guardians at this level, scattered, disoriented, and morally conflicted as they’re.

Portraying the strain between Eliksni and the Metropolis’s political representatives is the place Bungie’s writing actually shines compared to earlier seasons. It fashions this new battle between the residents of the Metropolis and the Home of Mild not on particular real-world conflicts, however on a common template: a bunch of individuals immediately discover that the Different is of their midst, they usually attempt to oust the Others primarily based on prior fears and new ones stoked by notably demagogic opportunists. In terms of bigoted grifting, Lakshmi-2, chief of the Metropolis-based techno-millenarian demise cult, Future Warfare Cult, is joyful to play the function.

Future Warfare Cult is without doubt one of the three principal Guardian Factions within the Metropolis, alongside New Monarchy (led by Executor Hideo) and Lifeless Orbit (led by Arach Jalaal). Every Faction has an overriding, if simplistic, ideology: Lifeless Orbit believes the one future for humanity is outdoors of the photo voltaic system, which is on the trail towards extinction; New Monarchy believes {that a} single dictator ought to rule all of humanity as a substitute of the present Consensus’s ostensibly democratic construction; and Future Warfare Cult’s total deal is their declare to have the ability to see the longer term, which is rife with battle and struggle and requires everybody to be always ready to struggle at a second’s discover.

Destiny 2 characters stand on the Tower

Picture: Bungie

In Season of the Splicer, Future Warfare Cult’s Lakshmi-2 claims to have seen a vision of the future the place the “Skies [are] darkish with smoke. [There is] capturing. Gunfire. And within the middle of all of it, standing in our Metropolis… A gaggle of Fallen. The identical Fallen I noticed earlier.” Her implication is that the Eliksni of the Home of Mild are the first trigger and catalyst of a Metropolis torn aside. She claims the Vanguard has heard her report. However they refuse to pay attention, she says, as a result of they’re extra concerned with defending their picture than the lives of the Metropolis’s residents. She positions herself as the one one keen to take motion. Even in these preliminary non-public communications between her and our Guardian, Lakshmi-2’s rhetoric is that of a demagogue seeking to additional her ideology on the expense of peaceable coexistence.

Visions of catastrophe

On this means, Future Warfare Cult is singing the identical tune as a bunch of precise millenarian cults. Millenarianism, in short, is an apocalyptic ideology involved with the notion that the world is about to be considerably reworked by an abrupt and cataclysmic occasion. The concept, whether or not embraced by a mainstream church or secular cult, is that humanity can be formed by no matter crucible this occasion brings with it, and your favourite millenarian cult, like Heaven’s Gate or Aum Shinrikyo, will emerge on the opposite aspect to steer the chosen ones who survive onward to a golden age. There are solely two minor variations between Future Warfare Cult and real-world cults: a cataclysm has already occurred within the Future universe (the Collapse), and the arrival of one other one isn’t far-fetched; and Future Warfare Cult makes use of superior know-how to, they declare, truly look into the longer term.

We don’t know a lot concerning the so-called “Gadget” Lakshmi-2 makes use of to see the longer term, however we do know one factor: the know-how to construct it’s Vex in origin and design. Astute readers will do not forget that the enemy we’re specializing in in Season of the Splicer is… the Vex. There’s purpose to imagine this system doesn’t work, however Lakshmi-2 maintains that it does. In spite of everything, as she’s going to inform you repeatedly, she supposedly predicted the Cabal invasion that may set off the Pink Warfare that kicked off Future 2.

Because the season progresses, Lakshmi-2’s messages to us and to the individuals of the Metropolis intensify each of their demagoguery and of their xenophobia. Primarily based on a imaginative and prescient of the longer term that she alone has seen, and taking part in on the fears and anxieties of a Metropolis that has traditionally seen struggle with the Eliksni, she riles up the individuals towards each the Vanguard and the Home of Mild. Tensions mount to the purpose {that a} group of residents sneak into the Eliksni refugees’ neighborhood and sabotage their infrastructure until they are stopped by Crow. The Eliksni Mithrax pleads with Lakshmi-2 to cease instructing the Metropolis to concern the Home of Mild; Lakshmi-2 responds by inviting Mithrax to seek out elsewhere to stay if he doesn’t just like the remedy his Home is receiving.

Lakshmi-2 isn’t simply working the individuals right into a xenophobic lather. Behind the scenes, she can also be conspiring with New Monarchy’s Executor Hideo to push a coup d’état towards the Vanguard and radically reshape the ruling Consensus’s authorities. As a result of her imaginative and prescient, because it seems, doesn’t finish with the Eliksni of Home Mild standing in the course of a decimated Metropolis — it ends with Lakshmi-2 standing atop the Tower, sole chief of the Metropolis. Because the season progresses, we uncover the true mastermind behind the Vex’s Limitless Night time. We additionally verify that Lakshmi-2’s imaginative and prescient may not be tremendous reliable.


The lore tab for Stochastic Variable, an Arc submachine gun, contains the complete textual content readout of this imaginative and prescient. It isn’t written like a “prophecy,” however relatively a collection of prospects. That is how Vex prediction engines work; in Season of the Chosen, we uncover that Ixel the Far-Reaching, one of many architects of the assassination try on Zavala, had used such a machine to see whether or not Zavala’s homicide was even attainable. The lore tab for Far Future, a legendary sniper rifle, contains the complete readout of this “prophecy” (for lack of a greater phrase) in a similar way to Stochastic Variable. Evaluating the 2 prophecies, we see an especially related syntax, and crucially, an identical conclusion:

“Ixel : Primus : Far-Reaching : prophet : conqueror : hero”

“Lakshmi-2 : head of state : Exo : prophet : savior”

Speculating a bit, it doesn’t appear to be these prophecies are truly neutral home windows into the longer term. As a substitute, they feed into the needs of the non-Vex viewer. What did Ixel the Far-Reaching need? To be extremely revered in Cabal society. How may they get that? By killing Zavala and currying the Empress’s favor. What does Lakshmi-2 need? Management over the Metropolis. How would possibly she get that? By manufacturing a battle between the individuals of the Metropolis, the asylum-seeking Eliksni, and the Vanguard, then taking energy within the ensuing vacuum.

Destiny 2 characters face off against the Vex

Picture: Bungie

The opposite query to be requested right here is: who does this attainable future actually profit? If the Limitless Night time is attributable to the Vex, and the Vex are basically in charge of these clairvoyance engines (in that they’re in charge of the simulation networks that in the end predict the futures every so-called “prophet” sees), wouldn’t any end result generated by the engines in the end additional the Vex’s end-goals? It will get worse: we discovered mid-season that Savathûn, the Hive Witch Queen, is the true architect of the Limitless Night time by means of her Taken Vex proxy, Quria, the Dreaming Thoughts.

So, on the finish of the day, Lakshmi-2 has been occurring xenophobic tirades and practically inciting anti-Eliksni and anti-Vanguard riots for eight weeks due to a prophecy she obtained from a machine that connects to a community managed by a direct enemy and is on the very least manipulated by the story’s greater unhealthy. Not solely that, however there’s proof to recommend Lakshmi-2 would possibly even be instantly influenced by Savathûn herself.

In one in every of her messages to us, she asks if we now have heard the tune of the individuals: “Rise up as one, march towards the sun.” The lyrics to this tune aren’t as essential because the melody. It’s one we’ve heard Lord Shaxx sing, Crow whistle, and Eris Morn hum. It’s additionally one which played on the title screen each time we booted up Future 2 from October 2019 to November 2020. That is Savathûn’s tune, and as Eris explains to the Drifter, it’s a “viral chant” that, as soon as heard, can by no means be unheard. It forges a hyperlink between Savathûn and the listener, one she will be able to use to spy on her enemies, or to manage them. While you take that with this unsettling lore entry from the “Beneath the Limitless Night time” lore ebook, and the invention that Savathûn’s song has been encoded on the Future War Cult transmissions going out to everybody within the Metropolis, this “tune of the individuals” takes on new, sinister implications.

Right here’s the factor, although: because the Season of the Splicer slowly wraps itself up, it in the end doesn’t matter whether or not Lakshmi-2 is being influenced — by a Hive god, a Vex thoughts, or in any other case — or whether or not she totally believes what she says. An excessive amount of demagogues and grifters, particularly politicians, don’t all the time purchase their very own grift in non-public. What issues is that the individuals they’re grifting imagine each phrase. Whereas our Guardian and varied members of the Vanguard may not have been taken for a trip, Lakshmi-2 stays an efficient orator, and her guarantees of safety — once more, whether or not they had been bolstered by Hive mind-control magic or not — did resonate with the individuals of the Metropolis.

A Fallen refugee camp in Destiny 2

Picture: Bungie

What tidings could but come

As of this writing, we’re nearing the top of Season of the Splicer. We’ve defeated Quria, the Dreaming Thoughts, and the Limitless Night time has begun to disperse. The stress is reducing, however there’s nonetheless a bit left to go on this season. Whereas we’re busy with the Solstice of Heroes till August, Lakshmi-2 remains unapologetic in both her demagoguery and her xenophobia. Different outstanding Guardians, in the meantime, have steadily come to change their minds and welcome the Eliksni to the Metropolis, if solely tentatively for now.

Whereas we don’t precisely have a Vex prediction engine to make a prophecy about what’s to return for the remainder of this season, Season 15, or past, our hope is that Luke Smith’s dream is in full impact, and that what we’ve seen — the great and unhealthy — can have lasting implications previous the season’s August end-date. Lakshmi-2 has been such a compelling tertiary antagonist this season partially due to absolutely the grasp class in voice appearing placed on by Shohreh Aghdashloo (The Expanse, Marvel’s The Punisher), and since, whereas Future 2 has all the time straddled the road between science fiction and fantasy, it has all the time not less than tried to floor its character work within the form of interpersonal dynamics we see in actuality. And we’ve completely seen the form of grandstanding xenophobe Lakshmi-2 personifies in actual life.

Future 2 has undergone a pointy evolution in the way it offers with the non-human species in its sport universe even since November 2020, the place one post-campaign mission had Vanguard Commander Zavala recommending ways that seemed an terrible lot like Iraq War-era “shock and awe” strategies towards the scattered and disorganized Eliksni left within the wake of our defeat of Eramis, Kell of the Home of Salvation. With Season of the Splicer, we’ve not solely had the chance to look at legends amongst Guardians (and ones particularly identified for his or her enmity with the Eliksni) forge new relationships with old enemies, however we now have gotten to truly study Eliksni spiritualism, to say nothing of their society as it’s and because it was earlier than their model of the Collapse threw their civilization into chaos.

It will be a real disgrace if, on the finish of this season, or within the transition between Past Mild and The Witch Queen, all of this good narrative work was erased in favor of the following Large Story Beat — of a easier and compelling return to sci-fi abstractions and fantastical justifications for its characters’ human failings. Hopefully, as a substitute, Bungie will use this second as a jumping-off level to forge a brand new narrative in Future, one the place humanity isn’t besieged by each alien species within the Photo voltaic System, and the place our new allegiances with those that should not like us assist in our struggle towards the Darkness. It will be genuinely cool to see a Future the place completely different societies are portrayed not as easy enemies we shoot in droves, however as mates with advanced relationships and others who maintain the brilliant risk of a really multicultural, interstellar, cosmopolitan golden age of their hearts. | Future 2: Past Mild has arrange a compelling political allegory


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