DeSantis Spokesperson Releases Allegations Against Psaki Tweet Calls Harris ‘Key Partner’

With defenders like Jen Psaki, Kamala Harris doesn’t need enemies.

Having been the target of conservative criticism for her leftist politics and underperforming results during the term, Harris over the weekend was the subject of a painful story on CNN about the strained relationship between her staff and President Joe Biden.

When Psaki decided to take to Twitter Sunday night to allegedly support Harris, it sounded half-hearted at best. But for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spokesman, it was worse than that.

“For anyone who needs to hear it,” Psaki wrote. “@VP is not only an important partner of @POTUS but also a bold leader who has taken on the key, important challenges facing the country – from voting rights to addressing political issues. root cause of the migration to broadband expansion.”


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The post does nothing to strengthen the vice president’s case, judging by the many reactions in the political world. The fact that it was published seems to add further evidence that Harris is confused.

Is a free website Mediaite note, while the tweet was supposed to be supportive, it only drew more attention to the CNN story.

Then, on Monday night, Psaki was interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and asked to explain her post on national television. Psaki’s words were commendable, but her demeanor was strange… giggling.

Check it out here. Is this sincere to you?

“I’ve watched the president and vice president in meetings and watched them work together up close and I just wanted to be clear on what I’ve seen,” Psaki said. “It’s my role as press secretary in this White House, to send a clear message to the American people.”

But whatever damage Psaki is trying to control (if she’s really trying) has already been done.

Sean Spicer, former White House press secretary in the Trump administration, wrote on Twitter:

“You know it’s really bad… Concerned about the perception of @vp (even @CNN is covering it), the White Press press office had to release this statement to reassure people that on the fact that @KamalaHarris is a ‘important partner’ – often the actions speak for themselves. ”


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Spicer’s comment is typical of the number of people who viewed Psaki’s tweet.

That negative reaction may have backfired, but for DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw, it’s exactly what President Joe Biden’s team wants.

A media expert himself, Pushaw wrote in a Twitter post that Psaki’s tweet was actually intended to make Harris look bad.

“My 2 cents as a comedian: Psaki knows EXACTLY how her Tweet about Kamala Harris came about,” Pushaw wrote. “The Biden administration is trying to use Kamala as a scapegoat for all of their failures. They are spreading negative stories about her. Obviously I don’t pity her, but I feel sorry for Biden.”

The White House is using Harris as a fall for its own failures, Pushaw writes.

Of course, there’s no way from the outside to know if Pushaw’s actions were correct. But if that’s true, it will be explosive.

This is not a high school election we are talking about. And those aren’t some of the hit shows streaming on Netflix that Washington’s elite enjoy chatting about.

It is the president and vice president of the United States, with the power to affect the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, not to mention the rest of the world.

Yet as a woman now spending her career in a pivotal role in contemporary politics, Pushaw has an vantage point that most Americans don’t.

And since she’s seen her own smears from the mainstream media since her boss become an opponent for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination – and thorns on the side of the Biden administration – bet she has a pretty good idea of ​​how liberal media thinking works.

Plus, there’s the inevitable fact to Biden’s camp that the president is in a precarious position.

At home, the twin crisis of rampant inflation and a illegal immigration aggression – both exacerbated by Biden’s policies – is damaging Biden’s political standing and his party’s prospects mid-term 2022.

Internationally, after the disappointing Afghan withdrawal, the president lacked both moral authority and military credibility, a disastrous combination for the leader of the free world.

Do you think the Biden White House is throwing Kamala Harris under the bus?

As Pushaw pointed out, putting Biden in charge of that job status would fly by much of his performance during his tenure so far.

“He is NEVER responsible for ANYTHING, always blaming others, whether he is blaming the governor, the former president or his own team. He knows the media won’t hold him accountable,” she wrote.

The mainstream media will not hold Biden accountable, as their media – many of which include CNN – are responsible for bringing him into office.

So firing a vice-president who proved to be incompetent at every turn would be a way to cool the White House.

And letting the White House press secretary take to Twitter on his own on Sunday night seemingly ignited with a desire to jump up and speak on behalf of Harris would be one way to provide for Biden’s team while ensuring guarantee that anyone who has not heard of the story will know that it has been read at the highest levels.

No conservative needs to shed tears when Kamala Harris is in a difficult situation. She is a partisan hitman who has no business just a heartbeat away from the US president. Her Conduct in the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing alone should have disqualified her from higher office.

She is ridiculous low polls now just a reflection of the lack of support she has even within her own party during the Democratic primary campaign, when she dropped out December 2019 before a caucus is assembled or voted on.

And now it looks like she could be thrown under a bus by a White House that needs to give Washington something to say about her own incompetence.

Are not. Kamala Harris doesn’t need enemies. In today’s Biden administration, apparently, that’s what friends are for. | DeSantis Spokesperson Releases Allegations Against Psaki Tweet Calls Harris ‘Key Partner’

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