Denis Villeneuve on the importance of realism in his adaptation of the dunes

With Sand dunes Now in theaters, screenwriter and director Denis Villeneuve shared behind the scenes how realism has been a major contributor to his sci-fi epic.

Sand dunes follows the Atreides family tasked with managing the dangerous desert planet Arrakis (also known as Dune), contains the most valuable substance in the universe called “spice”. Control of Arrakis meant wealth and power, but it also meant greater enemies, a conflict the Atreides family would face.

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Villeneuve and producer Mary Parent joined Deadline Sunday at the Warner Bros panel for Sand dunes at the Contenders Film: Los Angeles awards season event at the DGA Theater, where the two delved deeper into their work and how they adapted a film based on such a beloved novel by Frank Herbert. “It all started, obviously, with Frank Herbert writing an important piece of work. “I think it was around 2013 when me and my fellow producer Cale Boyter started pursuing copyright.” After years of waiting for the right to be secured, Parent read an article that “Denis’s dream is to make a movie”. “It was the fastest meeting of my life, about 45 seconds,” Villeneuve said. I dreamed of working on these books for 40 years, and we just shook hands and that was it.”



While there have been many attempts to adapt Herbert’s work (which many previously believed that an adaptation of Villeneuve was impossible due to the complexity and expense of the original material), Villeneuve ultimately seemed to have mastered the art of adapting the work. catch The spirit and tone of that 1965 Sand dunes Novel. A major contribution in achieving such a feat is due to Villeneuve’s goal to bring a sense of realism to the film. “I remember saying, as a joke, they didn’t Jaw Villeneuve said. “This movie is called Sand dunes, I want it to be in a real desert. For me, the important thing is the art of the book, nature, religion and biology… I want it to be close to life. I wanted the film to be as grounded with reality as possible, to capture the power of nature. “

The director will continue to discuss his thinking in approaching a story like Sand dunes, as he mentioned how biology and ecology were important aspects that he felt needed to be explored further. Villeneuve said: “The book is the Bible. “The first thing we said to each other was we’re not doing a remake here, we’re working on a new adaptation. We’re going back to the source, the book. For the design, we did like Frank Herbert, we took inspiration from biology and ecology. Things have been created in relation to the ecosystem they are these things. There is a scientific logic to everything. “

Sand dunes opened to much critical acclaim from fans and critics (earning an estimated $352.1 million worldwide to date) and thankfully, it was released. announced shortly afterwards that the film’s success had shed light on its worthy sequel, Dune: Part Two. The sequel, which will cover the second half of the novel, will begin filming on July 18, 2022, about a year before hitting theaters on October 20, 2023.

Sand dunes Currently showing in theaters.

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