Demon Slayer introduces ‘Gyutaro’, power and plot revealed

Demon Slayer season 2 episode 14 introduced the new ‘Gyutaro’, but where does this new enemy come from and what is his strength?

Demon Slayer is known for its excellent villains, from the overshadowed Master Muzan and the late Akaza, to the Nightmare Spider-Man family from season 1.

However, the most terrifying Demon just got his big introduction, a blood brother to Daki… the infamous Gyutaro.

Now, as fans around the world patiently await episode 15 of Demon Slayer 2, we explore Gyutaro’s past and powers.

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba | Arc KV 2 Entertainment Park Trailer





Who is the new devil?

In season 2, episode 14 of Demon Slayer, a new Demon appears behind Daki’s back after Tengen realizes that she’s not dead, even after being decapitated.

The new demon is called ‘Gyutaro’, he is Daki’s older brother and a team member of the Sixth Superior, also part of the ‘Twelve Kizuki’, i.e. the 12 strongest Demons in existence.

He appeared as a relatively tall man with a hunchback build, fair skin, and messy black hair. Gyutaro is extremely muscular and toned, with a torso marked by an extremely thin waist – seemingly having his hip joints grow inward.

Although highly praised Tengen in season 2 episode 14, Gyutaro is extremely self-centered and jealous of other people’s traits – especially those around him. When Tengen reveals that he has three wives, Gyutaro swipes his own face and rips off his torso out of jealousy.

While he was clearly a very evil Demon; His love for his sister Daki is one of the strongest aspects of the character. His first instinct when he emerged was to comfort her, even to acknowledge her feelings during his battle with Lord Tengen.

What is Gyutaro’s strength?

Gyutaro is a member of the superior demon and as such, has superior physical attributes and strength suitable for combat.

His Blood Demon Art allows him to manipulate his blood in a variety of ways, including creating solid objects that can be used as weapons.

Follow Demon Slayer Fandom page, implying that his regenerative ability, he never runs out of health and could theoretically generate infinite attacks from his body.

His most used weapons are two crescent-shaped objects, which he can throw and manipulate mid-air – making his ranged attacks just as deadly as in melee.

Gyutaro’s other main ability is ‘core separation’, where he can remove his Demon core from his own body, making the threat of fighting both him and Daki all the more terrifying.

He also has the following additional abilities, with many of the same traits as those of the higher-ups:

  • Immune to beheading
  • Psychic
  • Shared biology
  • Increased durability
  • Increased regeneration
  • Poison generation
  • Increase movement speed and reflexes
  • Unlimited Durability

He is also said to have killed and eaten 15 Hashira at the time of his introduction in the recent anime episode.

What is his background like?

Before being turned into a Devil at the age of 13, Gyutaro lived a life of poverty and abuse as a child in the Yoshiwara Recreation Area.

He was bullied and brutally beaten because of his unusual voice, unusual appearance, and position in the wider society.

His mistreatment at the hands of humans is why he is so cruel especially in the Entertainment Section, as well as why he becomes very jealous of the good-looking Tengen and the three. wife.

According to the Demon Slayer timeline, Gyutaro is 126 years old.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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