Democrats make damn big deals, the GOP fakes Big Dick Energy

It boils down to BDE (Big Dick Energy) vs. BFD (Big Fucking Deal). That is today’s American politics in a nutshell.

Last weekend, former local TV host-turned-Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake praised both former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for their BDE — a reference to the online discourse that the perceived Comedian Pete Davidson’s “Big Dick Energy” describes (as and a popular 2021 song by rapper Latto).

Lake said it’s what she wants to see in every leader, and characterized it as a reference to “a backbone of steel.” It was a special moment when you avert your eyes, in GOP politics, which is traditionally something you don’t want your kids to see because of violence, crime, or stupidity, not hatching. But sooner or later, when we referred to the “grab her pussy” president, we were bound to come back to that particular kind of smut, and in some ways we should be reluctantly grateful to Lake for leading us there.

That’s because the phrase meaningfully captures aspects of how Trump and DeSantis are perceived by their supporters — though those aspects are almost certainly not what Lake wanted to communicate.

Because let’s face it, there are people with BDE’s “quiet confidence” because they know what’s in their favour. And then there are people who just do front and try so hard that they actually make what you could call LDE.

You know these people. The guys who have to do everything about her. The ones who have to show up in the flashiest cars, the ones with the most overdone houses, the ones who talk about their path with the opposite sex (“If you’re a star, they just let you do it”). If they happen to be a world leader, they would try to send the world a message about the potency of their missiles (“We have missiles that can knock out a missile in the air 97 percent of the time”).

Or they’re just tyrants, so insecure that it’s always their way or the highway for their opponents. They will even go so far as to intimidate children, or they will try to flex their manly muscles by abusing popular children’s characters.

Now we could spend a lot of time analyzing why Kari Lake is attracted to this type of energy (during her remarks, she equated BDE with “brave,” while noting that her co-workers told her to use the word “balls.” ” do not use). . But don’t let us.

Former President Donald Trump (L) hugs Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake at a Save America rally in support of Arizona GOP candidates July 22, 2022 in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Mario Tama/Getty

Instead, let’s observe that she is not alone. The current GOP is so busy shedding WWE-style manhood and talking about it that most Trump rallies these days seem to exude a strong whiff of AX deodorant.

Josh Hawley. JD Vance. Madison Cawthorn. They’ve all pounded themselves on the chest so badly that we have experts offering an in-depth analysis of their reasons. Noted Texas macho Ted Cruz revealed another aspect of this impulse when he argued that the left’s “alertness” was so emasculating it was turning even the US Army into “pansies.” Trump regularly attempted to appear like the toughest beast in the woods (except when he faced a true shirtless, bear-fighting alpha like his compatriot Vladimir Putin). There are even people who feel that Trump has held on to top-secret documents just to demonstrate his immense power (that is, to desperately compensate for something that was missing in his childhood or elsewhere).

So what are the shortcomings that these masculine men are trying to compensate for?

I would argue that this stems from the realization that they actually don’t have any of the other things that political parties typically depend on to be successful. You have no ideology. You don’t have a platform. You don’t have an agenda. You have no achievements. And they fear that what they once had – power that automatically went to the white men who formed the core of their base and the bedrock of their worldview – is gradually shifting in a more equitable direction – to the majority population (women) and the emerging majority population (non-whites).

“The current GOP is so busy shedding WWE-style manhood and talking about it that most Trump rallies these days seem to exude a strong whiff of AX deodorant.”

In fact, among the few things the GOP has actually done in recent years are efforts to eliminate the rights of women (to control their bodies) and people of color (to vote). And we know that Republicans’ next targets are the LGBTQ community, contraception and affirmative action — all of which represent the insecurity of the white cis men who used to rule the Quarter and therefore need to be targeted with state power.

In other words, GOP BDE is a sign of weakness, not strength.

The Democrats have since taken a very different approach.

In fact, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democratic leadership are very much the opposite of that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Testosterone-infused Republican Party approach.

They are often not conspicuous. They are often spoken softly. They’re often the nerdy students who studied hard. Among them are many women and people of colour. In fact, they take it as a compliment to be called inclusive or “woke up.” (Note: Because they are.) They’re exactly the kind of people Mr. BDE—even Donald Trump—would call “low energy” or, in the current president’s case, “Sleepy Joe.”

All these Democrats do in their boring, gray way is the work of governing. All they do is produce the kind of work of consistency, day in and day out, that Joe Biden could well call BFD — a damn big deal.


President Joe Biden, center, flanked by (L to R) Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC), Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ ) and Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL) delivers remarks and signs HR 5376, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, August 16, 2022 in Washington, DC

Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty

Instead of greasing their bodies and swinging into battle on the nearest vine, the Biden Dems have racked up real accomplishments. The American rescue plan. The non-partisan infrastructure law. This week’s anti-inflation law. The CHIPS and Science Act. The most important gun regulation in decades. Help for veterans who have been victims of fire pits. enlargement of NATO. Rejoining the Paris Agreements. (Did I mention that the IRA includes America’s largest initiative to combat climate change?) Restoring American leadership around the world. Appointing more judges faster than any administration ever. Created 10 million jobs in less than two years, more than any administration ever before. Historical economic growth. End America’s Longest War. Elimination of the leader of Al Qaeda. Groundbreaking for a global and a national minimum tax for companies. reducing health care costs. Reducing energy costs despite global inflation. The most versatile closet of all time. Heal the wounds and prosecute those responsible for the first attempted coup in US history – the largest investigation ever conducted by the Justice Department and the FBI.

The result is that one party has a very well developed résumé with bulges indicating big hits in all the right places, while the other has posers and wannabes who make up for their shortcomings with big guns and oversized ammo magazines.

The GOP is all talk, but actually achieved little during the Trump era (except for an ill-conceived bill that contributed almost exclusively to the bottom line for the already wealthy). And Democrats have managed to outsmart and overwhelm their big-talking opponents to achieve far more than anyone thought possible despite (as President Biden noted at Tuesday’s IRA signing ceremony) little to no GOP support for is one of the most important laws that have become law.

So this is the choice: false BDE, driven by insecurities and inadequacies, translated into a desire to strip away fundamental rights from anyone who threatens them BFD (Big Fucking Deals) a Democratic Party that cares much more about results than looks. Democrats make damn big deals, the GOP fakes Big Dick Energy


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