Democrats Are Considering ‘Nuclear Option’ for Kamala Harris

What to do with Kamala Harris?

With President Joe Biden at 79, already 82 by the time the next presidential election in 2024 and already in doubt, there is growing consensus that he will not run for re-election.

In a normal world, the cape would be taken over by vice president Kamala Harris. But with dismal polling numbers and no clear knack for her work, the buzz in Washington is Harris has to go.

There has been talk of a “nuclear option”, defined as removing Kamala Harris by taking her to the US Supreme Court, according to UK’s newspaper. Telegraph.


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Such a move was reportedly admittedly “impossible,” but reflects the desperation of the Biden administration, which is grappling not only with its own low poll numbers but also with Harris, even lower.

Which begs the question: How did Harris get to be vice president to begin with, especially when her presidential campaign in 2020 was so poor that she had to withdraw early from the campaign?

You know the answer – and it was voiced by Larry Elder, talk show host and unsuccessful Republican candidate on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show.

Will Kamala Harris be nominated to the Supreme Court?

“The only reason, in my opinion, she became vice president is because she checked all the boxes. Democrats in this waking age will no longer have two white men on the ticket,” Elder said.

“At least it has to be a person of color, hopefully a person of color is a woman. Therefore [Biden] checked all the boxes. It has proven to be essentially completely incompetent,” he continued.

“She even accused Joe Biden of being racist. She doesn’t want to draw a race card in self-defense. That upset a lot of people.”

Given the usual incompetence of the vice president’s office, there isn’t usually much of a need for the occupants.


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In recent years, however, presidents have called on their political staff to take on more important roles: former Vice President Mike Pence served then-President Donald Trump during the crisis COVID-19, Biden has used his longtime congressional connections to support former President Barack Obama, former VP Dick Cheney playing major foreign policy roles in the George W. Bush administration, etc.

Harris was given an impossible task: to represent the Biden administration on the southern border, especially when the underground government refused to protect it.

Cleverly or unintentionally, for a long time, Harris even refused to go south, no doubt realizing that representing open border policy Democrats and the administration against the televised views of thousands of unvaccinated and unvaccinated people coming to the country.

That boosted perception of incompetence, and coupled with his unconvincing on-camera personality, it reduced Harris’ polling by 28%, according to the report. USA Today, in early November. That doesn’t help Biden, as he struggles with his own 41.8% approval rating, according to Real clear politics average of 15 polls as of Sunday.

Ironically, White House press secretary Jan Psaki has stated that the obvious reasons Harris got her current office – her gender and race – were the reasons she was criticized.

“I think it was easier and harsher for some of the people on the right who went after her because she was the first woman, the first woman of color. I don’t suggest anyone will admit it publicly, but I think there’s no doubt that the type of attack, the attacks on her, which was definitely the first time she’s repeated so much. Times are part of that,” said Psaki in mid-November, based on Town.

However, even the left CNN used the word “dysfunctional” to describe the vice president.

And she has not been supported by reports of internal struggles with the Biden Team and with the mid-November announcement of her communications director’s resignation, Ashley Etienne.

So what to do with her? It is unlikely that she will resign, unless she can be convinced that she has no chance of winning the election. 2024 president.

Perhaps a modest ambassador could seduce her to give up, but in the long run that will depend on the Democrats’ re-election as president in three years, which is hard to imagine without a candidate. Dynamic new candidate or voter fraud on steroids.

So maybe, for Democrats, the nuclear option – Harris for the Supreme Court – won’t be so far-fetched. She could replace Judge Stephen Breyer, who, at 83, is the oldest member of the court. So far, he has against the Democratic Party’s emergencies retired while Democrats have some advantage in the Senate.

But consider this: If a confirmation vote for Harris for the Supreme Court goes the way of the party with a 50-50 split between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, who will break? attachment?

Vice President Kamala Harris!

Every day becomes strange and strange… Democrats Are Considering ‘Nuclear Option’ for Kamala Harris

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