Deep Rock Galactic’s space rig hub area is great, but could be even better

After launching on PlayStation Plus, Deep Rock Galactic has grown dramatically, reaching a larger audience than ever before. Deep Rock Galactic‘s journey From an indie title made by a small team to a massive game-as-a-service project with Seasonal content is an incredible story and this success could not have been achieved without a excellent round. However, while mining and shooting feel great, so does the time between missions.

Deep Rock Galactic Seeing players select missions and prepare on Space Rig, a memorable central area is an absolute joy to return to. There’s a lot going on in this area, and it’s a piece of the game that absolutely deserves some praise. However, there are some additions that developers Ghost Ship Games and Coffee Stain Studios could improve this area further, taking it from a lovely centerpiece to one of the best the game has to offer.


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What makes Deep Rock Galactic’s Central Area so great

deep rock-galaxy-forge

A great aspect of the downtown area that Deep Rock Galactic players will immediately realize that it is very easy to navigate. From the Forge and Abyss Bar to the player load and Memorial Hall, everything is easily accessible and achievable quickly. Players can check out the item shop, trade some minerals and check their battle progress within seconds, wasting very little time before starting their next dive and moving on. play. With central areas like Borderlands 3Holy Land 3 Memorable yet difficult to navigate, the Space Rig’s clear roads and uncluttered look deserve some love.

Another aspect of Space Rig that deserves praise is how much entertainment there is. Whether players are dancing at the Abyss Bar, launching crates for a high score in a mini-game, or messing with gravity, there’s always something to do when teammates AFK. Likewise, when other players are around, minigames like Space Ball provide a pleasant distraction from the usual co-op gameplay seen when players mining on Hoxxes. With these options, the Space Rig is still fun when it’s up and running.

The additions will make Deep Rock Galactic’s Central Area even better


However, the Space Rig has the ability grow like Deep Rock Galacticaudience of yes, with Ghost Ship Games expanding this area over time. A small addition will see a few audio recordings scattered across the ship, allowing smart players to follow them for a bit of character lore like mission control. While Deep Rock Galactic There’s certainly no most profound story in a video game, gamers still want to know more about mysterious characters like Karl, and the hidden recordings on the Space Rig may provide that answer.

Another good addition would see something like Borderlands 3Customize your room added to the Space Rig. While an in-depth system is unlikely, being able to decorate the walls with a few items can make all the difference. Currently, the player rooms are too small and there isn’t anything to distinguish them, with the only difference being the change of posters for each room. The update expands the size of the rooms and gives players several locations to place decorations that will give players a reason to visit other players’ rooms from time to time. From the heads of special bosses to the plaques detailing the player’s achievements, there are a few choices of decorations. Props from events like the Lunar New Year celebrations can be another decoration option for players.

One final way to rock the Space Rig is unlikely to come to the game, but could be fun. Like Warframe, Deep Rock Galactic may allow players to keep pets on their ships. The Beast Master’s perks have allowed the player to tame Glyphid Grunts, with the enemies renamed Regive. Being able to visit and nurture Dietve at the Space Rig House can be another way to pass the time, and players can use their special armor paint job to customize his appearance. You can buy creature food at the Abyss Bar, another fun hit to such an addition. If Ghost Ship Games wants to go a step further, an incubator can be added to take advantage of all the alien eggs the player has collected during their missions. They can then hatch into Lootbug, Mactera, or Glyphid on their own.

Regardless of which path Ghost Ship Games takes, there are ways to make Space Rig even more vibrant than it is today. While improvements to The core gameplay of Deep Rock Galactic likely to come, such as more regions and mission types, Space Rig will also continue to improve.

Deep Rock Galactic currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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