Deep dive into Japan’s Eorzea cafe

Final Fantasy 14 is at the peak of popularity since more than World of Warcraft players have moved in and the latest expansion Endwalker has been released. However, the game was popular enough in 2014 to warrant the whole Final Fantasy 14– themed cafe opened in Tokyo’s Akihabara district. The cafe is any player’s dream to visit, as both its decorations and food are inspired by MMORPGs.

The architecture of the cafe itself is based on a in-game location in New Gridania called Canopy Carline. It’s a location all players are familiar with as it’s located in one of the starting cities and is home to one of the inns their characters can rent out. Like the in-game location, Eorzea Cafe has stained windows and wooden floors. All it lacks is a real Mother Miounne, but the food makes up for it.


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What does the cafe look like?

ultimate fantasy themed dining explanation 14

The cafe may not look like Carline Canopy on the outside, there’s a lot to see inside of this second-floor cafe. The walls are covered with replicas of items from the game and posters of various characters. Yes moogle’s statue party and high end sabotender from Gold Saucer. Most of the replica items are weapons such as bows and arrows, knight swords and shields, warrior axes, and white mage staff.

While the place serves as a cafe, there are also computers so customers can play MMORPGs during their visit. There’s a giant map of Eorzea on the wall and some windows framed with the Twin Adder banner. There is a bar where customers can sit there Dragoon spear hanging above. Of course, this is simply a place to decorate. The most dazzling display of all is in the food that fans can order.

Food and drink of the cafe

Eorzea Cafe's menu.

The food menu is divided by theme. There is a monster menu based on the monsters found in Eorzea. Such items include “Demon Wall’s Honey Toast” and “Dodo Fried Chicken.” Another themed menu is the character menu featuring “Soup of Haurchefant” and “Curry Rice of Fat Chocobo“For primate fans, there’s a primitive themed menu as well as ‘Big Hamburger of Titan’ and ‘Pizza of Ifrit with Hot Sauce. “However, the themed menu may be the most popular. -themed. Fans can have a dish that suits their favorite class, enjoying the ‘Sausage Platter of Gladiator'” and “Dragoon’s Pasta Sakura Style.”

Thematic names are just a hint of how themed these foods really are. The different foods are creatively designed with familiar faces like chocobo, moogle and cactaur. Some have flags to show that the food comes from their country Limsa Lominsa or Ul’dah. The food isn’t everything, however, as the drink menu is also lavish with a range of cocktails and soft drinks. Like food, drinks have a variety of themed menus such as protozoa, jobs, and characters. There is also a special Alchemist menu for fans who want a taste of Potion and/or Elixir. In total, the menu has 35 types of food and 55 types of drinks. The drink itself is known to be quite sugary.

Behind the scene

ultimate fantasy themed dining explanation 14

Because the restaurant is so special, booking a visit requires some planning in advance because this cafe is small and popular. The cafe is open from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. with four regular visits for patrons, so customers can’t stay more than two hours at a time.

For fans who haven’t run out of food yet, there’s also a gift shop with fluffy cat cakes, socks, pins and various keychains. One clever way the restaurant got fans to order a lot of food and drinks was by giving them a stamped card. Customers receive a stamp for each item ordered and a fully stamped tag that can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise Final Fantasy 14 goods.

Final Fantasy 14 Available now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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