Death Stranding: 8 Best Projectile Weapons

Video games made by Hideo Kojima, such because the Steel Gear Stable franchise, usually have a tendency to supply the participant a veritable buffet of weapons/instruments to make use of. It appears Kojima hopes that gamers will fiddle with all of them, and discover all of the hidden gimmicks related to every one.

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Death Stranding, in addition to Death Stranding: The Director’s Cut, is much the same within the sense that Sam has many alternative methods to strategy fight (and even the avoidance of fight). However, only for at this time, let’s concentrate on the projectile weapons particularly. Listed below are a couple of the reason why every one listed under is extra helpful than gamers would possibly suppose.

Maser Gun: A Literal Lightning Launcher

Death Stranding - Sam Using The Maser Gun In The Director's Cut Trailer

First up is the Maser Gun, added within the Director’s Minimize along with a slew of new combat options. Gamers shouldn’t sleep on this weapon, as it is a fairly helpful backup to the Bola Gun, particularly for brand new gamers because it takes fairly a bit earlier than the Bola Gun really turns into unlockable.

That mentioned, the Maser does require correct taking pictures (thankfully the game has been on PC for a while now). The weapon takes a couple of seconds to neutralize a MULE, does nothing to BTs, and doesn’t have a lot vary, so there are clearly drawbacks right here.

MA-STG Sticky Gun: A Cargo Retrieving Godsend

Death Stranding - Sam Using The Sticky Gun To Pull Cargo To Him From Very Far Away

The Sticky Gun is the last word comfort software for wandering the oddly picturesque wasteland that’s Demise Stranding. Certain, it has nearly no function as a “projectile weapon” for use on enemies, however gamers can apply it to objects hooked up to enemies to be able to take them down.

Regardless of the Sticky Gun is locked onto shall be pulled towards Sam, whether or not that is a little bit of coiled rope that some on-line participant forgot to let down from a climbing anchor, or some misplaced cargo caught in a rampaging stream. Not solely that, this factor has use in fight as properly. There are many BT encounters and boss fights the place Sam is trapped on a bit of terrain above tar, with tons of helpful tools sitting on a close-by piece of mostly-submerged terrain.

Bola Gun: The Closest Factor To The MGS Tranq Pistols

Death Stranding - Sam Aiming The Bola Gun

In comparison with the Maser Gun, the Bola Gun is so much goofier, but in addition in all probability twice as versatile. Certain, the MULEs hit with this are nonetheless aware and tied up on the bottom till Sam provides them a pleasant kicking. Nevertheless, if he hits them within the head with a Bola, they’re out like a lightweight.

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Greater than that, the Bola Gun (particularly the LVL 2 variant) is absurdly helpful on BTs provided that the fibers of the Bola have Sam’s blood woven into them. Plus, as soon as a participant unlocks the Twine-Cutter weapon, utilizing it together with the Bola Gun principally nullifies any problem of BT encounters from that time on.

The MA-BIS Anti-BT Handgun: A Blood-Based mostly Tremendous Soaker

Death Stranding - Sam Using The Anti-BT Handgun Against A Visible BT

This subsequent one is type of the alternative of the Maser Gun. Whereas the primary weapon on this listing is beneficial in opposition to people however ineffective in opposition to BTs, the Anti-BT Handgun does nothing in opposition to dwelling targets however is extremely helpful in opposition to BTs. Consider it as a paintball gun, however the paintballs are manufactured from Sam’s blood. The longer a participant fees their shot, the extra blood it makes use of, and the extra harm that blood paintball will do.

Fairly frankly, this weapon is a crucial a part of Sam’s arsenal, even after he will get extra BT-specific weapons. Its principal disadvantage, although, is the truth that it wants Blood Luggage to be able to be used to the fullest. Certain, Sam can use his personal blood to shoot it, however that pulls from his well being, so it’s fairly dangerous to do throughout one of many huge boss fights in opposition to the bigger BTs. It is a disgrace there is not any variant of this gun that used Monster Power as a substitute of blood — but then again, Monster Energy Drinks aren’t even in the game anymore.

Distant-Detonation Grenade Launcher: The Swiss Military Knife Of Grenade Launchers

Death Stranding - Sam Using The Remote Detonation Grenade Launcher Slip Rounds To Trip Up MULEs

The place the Sticky Gun is probably the most useful and versatile “software” Sam has at his disposal, the Distant Detonation Grenade Launcher is probably the most versatile and useful “gun” Sam has. This weapon is sort of all the time carried by an skilled Demise Stranding participant, just because it has 4 totally different ammo varieties that may all be used on the fly. These ammo varieties are:

  • Anti-BT Hematic Rounds: Blood-based sticky grenades.
  • Grenade Rounds (Deadly): AoE explosive rounds.
  • Slip Rounds: Oil rounds, trigger MULEs to slide and slide round.
  • Tranquilizer Rounds (Non-Deadly): Create clouds of knockout fuel that put any dwelling goal to sleep immediately.

Because the title implies, all of those rounds are Distant Detonation and stick with no matter they’re shot at, that means a participant can use them like bullets, or they’ll use them like expertly positioned traps, it’s fully as much as them.

The SLW-X04 Quadruple Rocket Launcher: A Weapon Of Mass Blood-Struction

Death Stranding - Sam Using The Quad Rocket Launcher Against The Gigantic BT In Edge Knot City

There’s a commonplace Rocket Launcher in Demise Stranding, however why use that when this one launches 4 rockets directly? That will sound like a nasty thought, given how dangerous it’s to make use of deadly drive in Demise Stranding, however this weapon is definitely primarily used in opposition to BTs. That’s proper, the Quadruple Rocket Launcher will be outfitted with Hematic Rockets, every with 1000ml of blood in them.

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Throughout mini-boss encounters or particularly in opposition to that big BT holding Amelie hostage close to the end-game, it is an enormous assist. That mentioned, the Quadruple Rocket Launcher is absurdly heavy, and it solely fires 8-rockets complete earlier than being fully spent. And, not like many different weapons, these rockets aren’t replenished upon visiting a Personal Room. As a substitute, gamers need to fabricate a completely new Rocket Launcher.

Shotgun: Extra Helpful Than One Would possibly Suppose

Death Stranding - Sam Using The Shotgun Against Some MULEs

For probably the most half, Deadly Weapons in Demise Stranding not often really feel price it to make use of. Often, they actually feel more like a mistake than an intentional choice. Bringing our bodies to the incinerator earlier than they Void Out is a chore, and it is simpler to only hit them with a Bola Gun from afar and kick them into unconsciousness.

Plus, it’s not like Deadly Ammo does harm to BTs, proper? Nicely, not essentially. If a participant hits a BT with a Hematic Grenade, then shoots their lethal-type weapon by way of that cloud of blood mist, bullets will principally change into Hematic Rounds. Utilizing hematic-type weapons is usually the higher choice, however within the early to mid-game, there are far more deadly weapons than Anti-BT weapons. In that situation, the Shotgun is a godsend. Having the ability to get proper up in a miniboss BT’s face, hit it with a hematic grenade, then unload with the common shotgun is extremely empowering for the early recreation, the place BTs really feel invincible.

(HG-Customized) WM.556 Non-Deadly Assault Rifle: However Solely The Golden One

Death Stranding - Sam Using The Assault Rifle With Hematic Rounds Against One Of The BT Bosses

Basically, Non-Deadly Assault Rifles are utilized in the identical approach because the Shotgun, however with extra vary and with the choice of with the ability to be used in opposition to MULEs to knock them out with out killing them. However, the first purpose this weapon is on right here is due to the HG Customized variant of the Assault Rifle, unlocked from getting Max Connection Rank with one Peter Englert (the pizza supply “man”).

The HG Customized variant is able to firing gold rounds made out of Chiralium as a substitute of hematic ones, making it a ridiculously good weapon to make use of in opposition to BTs. Moreover, it now has a grenade launcher attachment that may fireplace each deadly and non-lethal grenade rounds, increasing its versatility. It’s a disgrace this isn’t unlocked till late into the sport, however with that harm output, it is sensible.

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