Dead By Daylight Chapter 21.5 Update Patch Notes Today (October 19)

A model new Useless By Daylight replace is ready to go reside at the moment (October 19), and can mark the start of the 21.5 Mid-Chapter Replace, often known as ‘Hour of The Witch’.

Chapter 21.5 was beforehand launched for the Steam PTB model of Useless By Daylight, however will obtain a full launch for all supported platforms later at the moment. As many Useless By Daylight followers will doubtless bear in mind, Hour of The Witch contains the model new Survivor, Mikaela Reid.

Take a look at the complete particulars and patch notes for all the things new within the October 19 Useless By Daylight replace proper right here on this article. Plus, particulars on what has modified between the PTB and full launch.

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Useless by Daylight | Chapter 21.5 Teaser



Useless by Daylight | Chapter 21.5 Teaser





Chapter 21.5 PTB To Full Launch Adjustments

As talked about beforehand, Chapter 21.5 went reside on the Steam take a look at servers again in September. Now with the complete launch arriving at the moment, the developers have detailed a number of the most vital modifications which have been made for the reason that PTB launch.

Followers can count on the next modifications to be made, plus loads extra that may doubtless be detailed within the full patch notes:

  • Boon results now not stack
  • Blessing a hex now takes 24 seconds
  • Boon radius decreased to 24m
  • Hex: Blood Favor now prompts on injury states
  • Hex: Blood Favor is now primarily based on the Survivor’s place
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DBD Replace 5.3.0 Patch Notes (October 19)

Beneath you can see the official patch notes for the October 19 Useless By Daylight replace, which brings the sport to model 5.3.0 and marks the start of Chapter 21.5 ‘Hour of The Witch’.


  • System to help occasion content material inside The Archives

Content material

  • Added a brand new Survivor: Mikaela Reid.
  • Up to date the Character Choose portraits for a number of Survivors. (David, Jake, Nea, Kate, Quentin, and Feng)
  • “The Midnight Grove” Halloween limited-time occasion (begins Oct. twenty first 11AM ET)
  • Tome IX of The Archives (begins Oct. twentieth 11AM ET)


  • Merchandise and Add-on descriptions have been rewritten
  • “Significantly” and different imprecise phrases have been changed with quantity values
  • Added in reminder textual content for Standing Results: Any Add-ons that set off standing impact additionally embody a short description on the standing impact
  • The hatch will now solely seem when one survivor is left alive
  • Survivors can open the hatch after it has been kicked shut through the use of a key
  • Key interplay takes 2.5 seconds, and doesn’t lose progress when interrupted
  • The achievement “The place Did They Go!?” has been modified to “The Key to Escaping”

The Trapper

  • Base lure carrying capability and beginning traps elevated to 2 (was 1)
  • Lure aura coloration modified from pink to white to be according to different killer object auras
  • The variety of traps spawned on a given map is now all the time 6 (was random 4-6)
  • Add-on – Trapper Gloves: Setting velocity bonus elevated to 30% (was 20%)
  • Add-on – Wax Brick: Lure escape modifier eliminated. Added impact: 33% enhance to rescue and escape time. Rarity decreased to Unusual (was Uncommon)
  • Add-on – Trapper Bag: Decreased variety of further traps to 1 (was 2). Rarity elevated to Uncommon (was Unusual)
  • Add-on – Secondary Coil: Elevated lure disarm time to 50% (was 43%)
  • Add-on – Fastening Instruments: Lure escape modifier eliminated. Added impact: 25% enhance to rescue and escape time. Rarity decreased to Uncommon (was Very Uncommon)
  • Reworked Add-on – Oily Coil: When resetting a Bear Lure, reveal the aura of the newest Survivor to disarm it for five seconds
  • Reworked Add-on – Trapper Sack: Bear Traps are carried at first of the trial as a substitute of spawning on the map. Bear Traps can’t be picked up
  • New Add-on – Bear Oil: Setting a Bear Lure is silent
  • New Add-on – Makeshift Wrap: The Trapper can’t be caught by his Bear Traps. The Bear Lure will likely be disarmed if The Trapper steps on it
  • New Add-on – Espresso Grinds: Acquire a 5% Haste standing impact for five seconds after setting a Bear Lure
  • New Add-on – Lengthened Jaws: Bear Traps inflict Deep Wound on Survivors
  • New Add-on – Rigidity Spring: The Bear Lure resets 2 seconds after a Survivor escapes from it
  • The next add-ons have been eliminated: Sturdy Coil Spring, Lure Setters, Logwood Dye, Setting Instruments, Stitched Bag
  • New Bear Lure SFX when utilizing Padded Jaws add-on

The Wraith

  • Uncloaking velocity increase length decreased to 1 seconds (was 1.25 seconds)
  • Add-on – All Seeing: Blood: Aura reveal vary decreased to eight meters (was 12 meters)

The Hillbilly

  • Add-on – Dying Engravings: Added impact: Decreases warmth generated whereas charging by 14%
  • Add-on – Doom Engravings: Added impact: Decreases warmth generated whereas charging by 14%
  • Add-on – Mom’s Helpers: Cost velocity bonus after being shocked elevated to 18% (was 12%)
  • Add-on – Tuned Carburetor: Cost velocity bonus elevated to 25% (was 20%)
  • Reworked Add-on – Black Grease: Will increase Chainsaw cost velocity by 18% for 30 seconds after being blinded
  • Reworked Add-on – Pighouse Gloves: Whereas overheated, will increase motion velocity by 20% when breaking pallets or partitions, or damaging turbines. Whereas overheated, decreases length of pallet stuns by 50%

The Nurse

  • Add-on – Torn Bookmark: Eliminated line of sight restriction. Added impact: Will increase Blink recharge time by 50%

The Form

  • Add-on – Memorial Flower: Rarity decreased to Widespread (was Unusual)
  • Add-on – Self-importance Mirror: Eliminated velocity penalty
  • Add-on – Judith’s Tombstone: Velocity penalty now solely applies to Evil Inside III

The Hag

  • Add-on – Waterlogged Shoe: Elevated velocity bonus to 4.5% (was 2%)

The Pig

  • Add-on – Bag of Gears: Elevated Reverse Bear Lure setting velocity bonus to 50% (was 20%)
  • Add-on – Crate of Gears: Decreased Jigsaw Field search penalty to 33% (was 43%)
  • Add-on – Tampered Timer: Decreased Reverse Bear Lure loss of life timer modification to twenty seconds (was 30 seconds)
  • Add-on – Rule Set N.2: Decreased rarity to Uncommon (was Extremely Uncommon)
  • Add-on – Amanda’s Letter: Jigsaw Field discount eliminated. Aura reveal vary elevated to 16 meters (was 12 meters)
  • Reworked Add-on – John’s Medical File: Will increase crouched transfer velocity by 6%
  • Reworked Add-on – Razor Wires: Failing a Jigsaw Field talent test whereas unhurt will injure the survivor
  • Reworked Add-on – Workshop Grease: Will increase Ambush assault cost velocity by 50%. Decreases Ambush assault miss cooldown by 25%. Elevated rarity to Unusual (was Widespread)
  • Reworked Add-on – Final Will: Will increase Ambush assault motion velocity by 6%. Will increase time to cost Ambush assault by 66%
  • Reworked Add-on – Interlocking Razor: Failing a Jigsaw Field talent test whereas injured will inflict Deep Wound on the Survivor
  • Reworked Add-on – Jigsaw’s Annotated Plan: Will increase accessible Reverse Bear Traps by 1. Will increase Reverse Bear Lure loss of life timer by 10 seconds. Every time a generator is accomplished, 10 seconds is faraway from the loss of life timer of all lively Reverse Bear Traps
  • Reworked Add-on – Jigsaw’s Sketch: Will increase accessible Reverse Bear Traps by 1. When a Survivor with a Reverse Bear Lure is engaged on a generator, that generator’s aura is revealed to you
  • Reworked Add-on – Video Tape: Survivors start the trial with Reverse Bear Traps put in. Rarity elevated to Extremely Uncommon (was Unusual)

The Spirit

  • Whereas part strolling Survivors inside 24 meters of The Spirit (not the husk) hear a directional audio cue that beneficial properties quantity with proximity
  • Add-on – Juniper Bonsai: Added impact: Will increase Passive Phasing length by 50%
  • Reworked Add-on – Dried Cherry Blossom: Survivors set off Killer Intuition once they come inside 4 meters of The Spirit whereas she is phasing. Scratch marks are now not seen whereas utilizing Yamaoka’s Haunting
  • Reworked Add-on – Wakizashi Saya: Throughout Yamaoka’s Haunting, use the Lively Skill button to return to the husk and finish the haunting
  • New Add-on – Mom’s Glasses: Survivors set off Killer Intuition once they come inside 2 meters of the husk. Scratch marks are now not seen whereas utilizing Yamaoka’s Haunting
  • New Add-on – Uchiwa: Immediately recharges Yamoka’s Haunting when shocked by a pallet
  • New Add-on – Senko Hanabi: When Yamaoka’s Haunting ends, The Spirit’s husk explodes and any vaults inside 4 meters are blocked for five seconds
  • New Add-on – Furin: The phasing sound is heard by all Survivors
  • New Add-on – Kintsugi Teacup: Immediately recharges Yamaoka’s Haunting after breaking a pallet or wall
  • The next add-ons have been eliminated: Bloody Hair Brooch, Soiled Uwabaki, Katsumori Talisman, Prayer Beads Bracelet, Father’s Glasses
  • New Terror Radius music

The Plague

  • If the ability button is launched early, Vile Purge will proceed charging to the minimal threshold as a substitute of cancelling and getting into cooldown
  • Vile Purge cooldown transfer velocity elevated from 2.3m/s to three.6m/s
  • Base object an infection time elevated to 40 seconds (was 35 seconds)
  • Interacting with contaminated objects generates 2x extra illness over time than interacting with non-infected objects
  • Time to cleanse at a fountain elevated to eight seconds (was 6 seconds)
  • Add-on – Limestone Seal: Object an infection bonus elevated to twenty seconds (was 5 seconds)
  • Add-on – Emetic Potion: Elevated Vile Purge effectiveness bonus to 30% (was 25%)
  • Add-on – Hematite Seal: Object an infection bonus elevated to 30 seconds (was 10 seconds)
  • Add-on – Contaminated Emetic: Decreased Vile Purge effectiveness bonus to 40% (was 50%)
  • Add-on – Ashen Apple: Eliminated object an infection length modifier. Added impact: Will increase the variety of Swimming pools of Devotion within the trial by 1
  • Add-on – Rubbing Oil: Decreased Vile Purge cost velocity bonus to 50% (was 100%)
  • Add-on – Exorcism Amulet: Elevated Corrupt Purge length bonus to 10 seconds (was 6 seconds)
  • Add-on – Devotees Amulet: Elevated Corrupt Purge length bonus to twenty seconds (was 8 seconds)
  • Add-on – Black Incense: Decreased survivor aura reveal length to three seconds (was 5 seconds)
  • Add-on – Iridescent Seal: Eliminated velocity penalty whereas holding Corrupt Purge
  • Reworked Add-on – Prayer Pill Fragment: Vile Purge now not impacts Survivors. Will increase object an infection length by 40 seconds. Will increase an infection from contaminated objects by 100%. Will increase Devious Bloodpoints by 100%
  • Reworked Add-on – Olibanum Incense: Survivors who cleanse at fountains have their auras revealed for 4 seconds
  • Reworked Add-on – Prophylactic Amulet: Decreases the variety of Swimming pools of Devotion within the trial by 2
  • Reworked Add-on – Incensed Ointment: Ingesting the corruption at a Pool of Devotion causes all Survivors inside The Plague’s Terror Radius to scream and reveal their areas
  • Reworked Add-on – Vile Emetic: Will increase velocity of vomit projectiles by 10%

The Deathslinger

  • The Deathslinger should now await the Enter Intention animation to finish earlier than having the ability to fireplace (0.4 seconds)
  • The Deathslinger should now await the Exit Intention animation to finish earlier than having the ability to assault (0.6 seconds)
  • Elevated motion velocity when aiming down sights to 85% (was 75%)
  • The cooldown when a survivor breaks free is now the identical length as a profitable hit cooldown
  • Elevated terror radius to 32 meters (was 24 meters)
  • Add-on – Gold Creek Whiskey: Eliminated motion velocity penalty
  • Add-on – Marshal’s Badge: Eliminated motion velocity penalty
  • Add-on – Iridescent Coin: Decreased vary requirement to 12 meters (was 15 meters)
  • Add-on – Wished Poster: Decreased motion velocity whereas aiming to 2.5% (was 10%)
  • Add-on – Jaw Smasher: Decreased motion velocity whereas aiming to 1% (was 5%)
  • Reworked Add-on – Hellshire Iron: When a Survivor is speared, acquire Undetectable. The impact persists for 10 seconds after the Survivor is now not speared.

The Ghost Face

  • Evening Shroud restoration time decreased to 24 seconds (was 30 seconds)
  • Add-on – Walleye’s Matchbook: Decreased Evening Shroud restoration modifier to 2 seconds (was 4 seconds)
  • Add-on – Olson’s Deal with E book: Decreased Evening Shroud restoration modifier to three seconds (was 6 seconds)
  • Add-on – Chewed Pen: Decreased Evening Shroud restoration modifier to 4 seconds (was 8 seconds)

The Blight

  • Add-on – Adrenaline Vial: Elevated rush token recharge bonus to 1 second (was 0.75 seconds). Added impact: Will increase Speeding velocity by 10%
  • Add-on – Summoning Stone: Elevated pallet blocking vary to 16 meters (was 12 meters). Elevated pallet blocking length to fifteen seconds (was 6 seconds)

The Oni

  • Add-on – Scalped Topknot: Decreased Demon Sprint activation discount to 0.5 seconds (was 1 second)

The Trickster

  • Add-on – Ji-Woon’s Autograph: Decreased the discount of blades required to 1 (was 2)

Survivor Perks

The next perks have grow to be Normal Perks, and their names have modified:

  • Babysitter is now Guardian
  • Camaraderie is now Kinship
  • Second Wind is now Renewal
  • Higher Collectively is now Situational Consciousness
  • Fixated is now Self-Conscious
  • Interior Energy is now Interior Therapeutic

Perk Balancing

  • Vigil: Restoration bonus elevated to twenty/25/30% (was 10/15/20%). Added Damaged, Uncovered, and Oblivious to the standing results modified by the perk
  • Guardian (previously Babysitter): Added a 7% Haste standing impact for the rescued survivor. Eliminated the Killer seeing your aura. Killer aura visibility for you elevated to eight seconds (was 4 seconds)
  • For the Individuals: Decreased the length of the Damaged standing impact to 80/70/60 seconds (was 110/100/90 seconds)
  • Home windows of Alternative: Elevated efficient vary to 24/28/32 meters (was 20 meters). Eliminated cooldown after vaulting / dropping a Pallet
  • Repressed Alliance: Generator restore requirement decreased to 55/50/45 seconds (was 80/70/60 seconds)
  • Constructed to Final – Reworked: After hiding inside a Locker for 14/13/12 seconds with a depleted merchandise in hand, 99% of its expenses are refilled. Every use of Constructed to Final reduces the quantity of expenses refilled by 33%. Added stinger audio when merchandise expenses are refilled
  • Any Means Vital: Added impact: You may see the auras of dropped pallets
  • No Mither: Grunts of ache discount elevated to 25/50/75% (was 0/25/50%). Added impact: Your restoration velocity is elevated by 15/20/25%

Killer Perks

The next perks have grow to be Normal Perks, and their names have modified:

  • Surge is now Jolt
  • Mindbreaker is now Fearmonger
  • Merciless Limits is now Claustrophobia

Perk Balancing

  • Hex: Retribution: Oblivious situation modified to set off from interacting with any sort of totem (was simply cleaning hex totems): Elevated aura reveal time to fifteen seconds (was 10 seconds)
  • Hex: Blood Favor: Pallet blocking impact now triggers off survivors shedding a well being state (was primary assaults). Pallet blocking radius elevated to 32 meters (was 16 meters). Pallet blocking is now centered across the survivor shedding well being. Cooldown has been eliminated
  • Hex: The Third Seal: Blindness impact now triggers off primary assaults and particular assaults (was simply primary assaults)
  • Hex: Thrill of the Hunt: Survivor penalty now applies to each Cleaning and Blessing actions (was simply Cleaning). Penalty stacks elevated to eight/9/10% per stack (was 4/5/6%). Most penalty elevated to 40/45/50% (was 30%). Loud noise notification has been eliminated
  • Fearmonger (previously Mindbreaker): Now applies Exhausted and Blindness to survivors (was simply Exhausted)

For the complete listing of Bug Fixes included in Patch 5.3.0, be certain to go to the Useless By Daylight web site here.

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