De Blasio’s New York Should Be A Warning To Democrats

NSDemocrats have good reason to fear a midterm exam failure next year — and Bill de Blasio’s New York City helps explain why.

Party defeats up-and-down vote in Virginia not once. A red wave also swept over Long Island, just east of New York City. There, Republicans recaptured the Nassau County executive and the district attorney’s office, and stripped the incumbent Suffolk County DA from running. With polls showing Republicans supported by an unprecedented 10 on the general congressional ballot, there is no question that the suburbs are back to work without Trump on the ballot.

Virginia voters refuse Statement by Terry McAuliffe that parents shouldn’t “tell schools what they should teach” is a reminder that tax-paying parents are not witnesses to their children’s upbringing. Two plus two equals four is an objective truth — a few outside of the academe believe that the equation is a construct created by an oppressive patriarchy. At the end of the day, it sucks to pay if the family’s checkbook or Wall Street ledger doesn’t add up.

Right now, the Democrats are sounding casual and out of tune. Nationwide, they swore to “strongly” push back against Republican accusations that progressive school systems have introduced important racial theory and white privilege underpinning the educational experience. Skepticism is warranted as Democrats grapple with the competing demands of their upper- and lower-tier coalition, a coalition also forced to worry about What is AOC thinking?.

Despite increased crime, Biden administration attacked cash bail in the name of racial justice. Just remember, it was James Clyburn of South Carolina, the 3rd Democrat in the House of Representatives, who lamented his party’s leftist side of making “the police lose face” in their battle.

Meanwhile, Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is expected to bring comprehensive defense of affirmative action based on race before the US Supreme Court in the Harvard admissions case. In case anyone forgets, California voters immediately rejected that path at the same time they said “no” to Trump’s second term.

Meanwhile in the Bronx and Westchester, Jamaal Bowman, the newest addition to Squad, had trouble explaining how he simultaneously voted against the infrastructure bill, but supported local funding from the BIF, and advocates raising the limit on property tax deductions paid by higher earners. For a Democrat to let the hard-working and middle-income voters but give the rich a tax break is, to say the least, politically unselfish.

Given this record, don’t be surprised if the Democrats’ strategy for 2022 doesn’t work out. Heck, Bill de Blasio, the brilliant mayor of the city who made his own pathetic presidential bid in 2020, is showing nothing. As he prepared to run for governor, the city’s Ministry of Education announced that students will not be guaranteed a place at their local high school.

So much for seeing parents as stakeholders, or local public schools as part of the surrounding community. In a word, what the suburbs take for granted will be taken as jewelry in the five boroughs.

To be sure, the DOE’s statement is something less than final and in the face of parental objections even de Blasio can get cold feet. In the end, Eric Adams, the city’s incoming mayor, is likely to make the final decision, and from the looks of things he “gets”.

However, de Blasio’s signal is consistent with his previously published opposition to rigorous merit-based admissions at New York’s elite public high schools. There’s a reason families with school-age children are dropping out and enrollment has dropped so drastically the city is desperately hiding those numbers and declined to provide a breakdown of each class.

All of this was precisely a political amount. Although New York City is overwhelmingly Democratic, Asian-American communities appeared tense during the recent mayoral election. Curtis Sliwa, Republican opponent of Adams, give an embarrassing 29 percent of the vote, but still able to land “44 percent of the vote in precincts where more than half the residents are Asian — surpassing 40 percent of his vote in white, 20 percent in Hispanic majority counties House and 6 percent in black majority counties.”

In addition to New York’s high murder rate, a biased criminal record amount against Asians (124 in 2021 and 28 in 2020) and Jews (164 in 2021 and 111 in 2020), education played a role in Sliwa overcoming his weight in Asian lands. His support for the “performance-based SHSAT,” the entrance exam to academic powerhouses like Stuyvesant and Bronx Science, along with his plans to expand gifted and talented programs, have helped him avoid total electoral disaster.

And there are more storm clouds. Based on a new report from the city controller, “Excluding moves marked ‘temporary’, the net outbound migration is estimated to increase by 130,837 people between March 2020 and June 2021, compared with pre-pandemic trends. In other words, COVID has caused some of New York’s wealthier residents to reassess their surroundings and realize they don’t like what they’re seeing.

On that score, an expected change to the rules governing home mortgages is likely to reinforce this trend. Recently The Wall Street Journal title blared: “Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac for nearly $1 million worth of back-to-home loans as prices soar.” Larchmont offers great schools, sports and less crime.

As always, culture matters. These days, just over half of Americans (52%) believe the Democrats have gone too far to the left, but only 35% think the Republicans have gone too far to the right. Right now, Democrats need to wake up and smell the coffee: It’s on fire. De Blasio’s New York Should Be A Warning To Democrats


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