DC movies are better suited to comic book storytelling than Marvel

A question as old as time (or perhaps the 1930s): DC or Marvel? On the silver screen, critics, fans, and markets all agree: Marvel wins. However, the same is not true when it comes to comic books. Marvel has had multiple reboots over the past decade and struggled to find a foothold at times. There have been several iterations Avengers books since Jonathan Hickman left the following title Secret War in 2015.

However, when it comes to who is better suited to comic storytelling on the big screen, that company has to be DC. Overall film quality may not be as top-notch as Marvel’s movies. But DC’s movies reflect comic book continuity, have Zach Snyder at the helm (for better or worse), mirror the comics market, have the edge when it comes to selection and more accurate comics. .


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Robin and Batman comics were cut

At any given time, there’s a lot of current Batman and Spiderman manga on bookshelves at comic book stores. Besides the main manga volumes, there are major comic book crossover events and stand-alone books. Batman in particular has saturated the market, taking up huge amounts of physical space in major online TV and comic book stores.

For example, while Tom King runs on Batman, Jeff Lemire wrote an indie graphic novel about the Joker called Joker: Killer Smile. It’s completely different from Tom King Batman , although it does feature Batman in the story and takes place in Gotham City. This is extremely common in the comics space.

Ben Affleck has been Batman on the big screen since 2016. He’s reprising his role as the gritty, grizzly Batman in 2022. The Flash. That movie will almost certainly make some time jumps, though, as Michael Keaton will reprise his Batman role in the same movie. It’s been 30 years since Keaton last wore the cape and trousers.

Furthermore, Robert Pattinson will be starring in his first role in Batman, which will premiere in March 2022 and will be completely unrelated to the Batman films in which Affleck stars. This mess reflects the growth of the comic book industry. Writers and artists sometimes leave books unpredictably or juggle multiple books at once which can lead to publication delays. The same is true for actors, directors, and studios.

Man of Steel Cropped

Zack Snyder famous director The guard four years before the birth of the DC Cinematic Universe (DCEU). The film was not particularly well received, but nevertheless it was a near-normal role on the silver screen. Four years later, Snyder will direct Man of Steel and push the DCEU into the movie space. The movie is completely dark when it comes to Superman. The film received warm support from fans as well as critics, despite it being a box office success.

This way, Man of Steel mirror of the year 2011 Superman runs during DC’s New 52 reboot. This Superman race is darker than the usual stories of Krypton’s Last Child. It was also not particularly well received by readers.

Man of Steel Flying Cropped

With very few exceptions, Marvel’s films have been wildly successful with fans, critics, and the box office since 2012. The Avengers. That film cemented Marvel Studios as the leading producer of comic books in the market.

With very few exceptions, DC movies have been a decisively mixed bag with fans, critics, and the box office since 2013. Man of Steel. That movie solidified Warner Brothers as an inconsistent producer of comic books.

The second season more accurately reflects the state of superhero comic books on the market at any point in history, especially this one. Some books are wonderful, some are good, and others are absolutely terrible. Just like with DC’s movie rolodex.

Batman Vs. Superman is cut

Henry Cavill Described Superman in 2013 Man of Steel, 2016 Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justiceand of 2017 Alliance justice. Relatively tall and extremely good man. With the right good looks, he’s a great choice to play everyone’s favorite alien superhero.

Ben Affleck is 6’4 years old and built like a brick house, especially in his role as a The Dark Knight Returns-style Batman in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. One would say what one would say about his role and the movies he played in Batman, but looking closely, he resembles an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Wayne’s comic book images. The same can be said of Gal Gadot as the Amazonian, Wonder Woman. Ditto for Jason Mamoa and his 6’4 frame in his portrait of Aquaman (It should be noted that DC comics are actually copied his , especially his beard, shortly after he was cast as Aquaman).

Compare this cast to Marvel’s. Robert Downy Jr. To be Iron Man as far as the public is concerned. However, when in 2008 Iron Man launching and giving birth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Downy is considered a curious choice. He’s a troubled actor who just recently served time in prison, and is over 40. Furthermore, he’s a far cry from the muscular 6’5 body that Tony Stark is portrayed in the Marvel comics.

Alternatively, the same could be true for Jeremy Renner’s role as Hawkeye. Archers wear purple coats and

Avenger is a large man in the comics, also said to be 6’5. Renner was under 6 meters tall and 40 years old when he was cast as Hawkeye in 2011 God of thunder.

Wonder Woman is cut

The two movies that are sometimes compared are 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger and 2017 Wonder Woman. Both films are historical works featuring healthy, shield-wielding superheroes. However, the latter a more faithful adaptation than before. This is mainly because Steve Rodgers and Bucky Barnes are colleagues in the Captain America: The First Avenger. This is a big difference from the comics, where Bucky is Steve’s guardian and is definitely younger than Steve.

What’s more, the current Batman movie is more like the comic book than the current Spider-Man movie. Tom Holland is a great Spider-Man, and looks like he was a teenager (he really was one when he was first cast as the Wall Crawler). However, in the movies, he is sillyly dressed in technologically advanced suits by Tony Stark (Iron Man). So while this Spider-Man looks and acts like a kid, he has the abilities of a much more seasoned Spider-Man. In the comics, Peter Parker made his own Spider-Man costume. However this is not realistic, which is what Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created in the comics.

By contrast, Ben Affleck’s Batman is a courageous and even ruthless take on the character. While it’s superior in terms of violence, it’s still a relatively accurate depiction of Batman from Frank Miller The Dark Knight Returns. This is a Batman that has been through many tragedies, and is extremely seasoned. The suit he wears to face Superman Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice pulled straight from The Dark Knight Returns. DC’s movies simply parallel the comic storytelling, the market, and some characters.

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