DC is a donut. There is no political center in Washington

“Blame the left” is Washington’s latest craze.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it just came from the GOP. But sacrificial process now a The sport is becoming more and more popular among Washington-based experts — and even some Democratic strategists —try to determine who or what? blame to President Joe Biden’s low poll numbers and countless struggles in his first year in office.

Unfortunately, these analyzes are based on a number of fallacies. First, Biden’s poll numbers after a year in office are, without a doubt, basically still ahead by Donald Trump.

Next is the obvious but underrated fact that the poll numbers after a year in office are pretty meaningless. Comparisons with previous decades — when partisan politics were almost non-divisive — are not particularly helpful either.

Biden’s poll numbers cannot be attributed to any specific action he has taken or has not taken. In fact, it’s most likely a combination of factors beyond his control — such as the emergence of a highly contagious and vaccine-resistant strain of COVID-19 and the GOP campaign to deny it. essential public health measures — had more of an impact on his numbers than anything for which Biden was personally responsible.

In fact, President Biden’s accomplishments outweigh his struggles. On his watch, more than 6.5 million new job was added to the economy. More than 200 million Americans have been immunized. The $1.9 trillion rescue package for Americans has lifted half of America’s poorest children Out of poverty. The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed with bipartisan support. Biden Appointment more judges than any previous president and ended America’s longest war. He brought stability to the White House after four years of chaos, absurdity and corruption.

That’s right, the president’s Build Back Better (BBB) ​​spending bill and voting reform have stalled. But there is no reason to identify Biden only in areas where he has faced opposition, especially given the very slim congressional majority he inherited.

Furthermore, the argument that Biden’s legislative program has been co-opted by progressives at the expense of centrist support is misguided.

Nearly everything Biden did in his first year was supported by all Senate Democrats, or all but one or two of them. Does this mean that 48 of the 50 senators are “leftist” and Biden needs to adjust his policies to accommodate the other two? And it means the president should tweak his policies in a futile attempt to win the votes of so-called “centre” Republicans who voted as an opposition bloc. about almost everything Biden sent them?

When it comes to elections – and the politics of the entire nation – there is, of course, a center.

Look at the poll. Consider “progressive” ideas discussed or supported by Biden — from climate protection provided take care of children, better word health care arrive fairer taxation, are from gun control arrive voting rights, from a woman choice arrive education reform—They are all supported by the majority of Americans.

Biden is not promoting a “left” agenda, he is fighting for an authoritarian agenda, for the purposes of which the vast majority of us seek that will benefit the vast majority of us. ta.

But the grim reality that DC is a donut. There is no “center” in Washington politics. There are two factions and a handful of people are caught between them. The only way for Biden to legally win in the nation’s capital is for the Democrats to win a larger majority this November.

The problem is that DC politics is increasingly unpopular with most Americans. A system of superior protection and empowerment for the rightful minority. Legislators representing states or congressional districts lean to extremes or are forced to behave that way.

Some ideas tied to progressive causes aren’t great for Democrats. Beating the police is one such idea. This is not a good representation of the need for police reform. It could have done some damage, in terms of elections. But that’s not an idea endorsed by Biden, his administration, or Democratic leadership in any way.

However, many of Biden’s greatest successes have been seeded by progressives, and thus needing the acclaim is essential to his success. On the contrary, much is opposed by the GOP — as well as the centrist Democratic Organization. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema — truly transcending politics. Ensuring the right to vote or combating the climate crisis or giving the protections to working families and mothers that every other developed country in the world gives them are universal initiatives. widespread among Americans, and not entirely “leftist” initiatives.

But advancing those policies doesn’t require a more centrist president. What is needed is fewer Republicans and their “center” allies in the House and Senate. That means welcoming Democratic candidates who share values ​​and goals that align with their states and counties. Once you’re outside of DC, one scale certainly doesn’t fit all political spheres. In some states, that means more centrist candidates, though it could mean turning away from the more left-leaning Democratic platform.

Of all the national leaders in the Democratic Party, it is in fact the one best positioned to lead the campaign that achieved such success in November. It just so happened to be the one the Democrats. chose as their candidate for president in 2020 and who, thanks to his broad national appeal and commitment to a dictatorial agenda, won eight million votes.

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